Feature Elimination Organ: Kidneys

The kidneys are an important eliminatory organ for overall…
15 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food Recipe – Delicious Waldorf Salad

WALDORF SALAD Recipe – Vegan & Raw (serves 2)


14 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Warnings when doing a Water Fast & Managing Hunger

Water fasting is a powerful and intense experience. When done…
13 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

What’s the best detox retreat for raw food, yoga, juice & meditation in Thailand?

I receive countless emails asking me this question. Choosing…
6 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Organic Vegetarian Food & Raw Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

Yes! You can be healthy in Dubai...I saw it for myself on a…
3 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Inspiring film, but is a 60-day juice fast safe?

Wow! I was so inspired by this movie! Fat, Sick and Nearly…
29 June, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food Slicer Salad Tool – Preparation Made Easy

One of the things that I try to teach in my Raw Food Cooking…
26 June, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Jerry Hicks Has Cancer? Will Leukemia & Chemotherapy affect the future of Abraham-Hicks?

This week it's been reported that Jerry Hicks, the husband of…
24 June, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Sprouting Safety – Preventing e.coli and Salmonella in your Bean & Seed Sprouts

We still don't know for sure what caused the deadly e.coli outbreak…
23 June, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

What do you mean by ‘inner noise’? Love, Gratitude, Calm

The sign that a human being is really evolved, is that he is…
22 June, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food Breakfast: A healthy start = a healthy, harmonious day!

Here's a yummy raw food breakfast recipe I made recently:


22 June, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Symptoms of Inner Peace

Symptoms of Inner Peace...

- A tendency to think and act…
17 June, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Natural Charcoal Fluoride-Free Toothpaste from Korea

As I was traveling around Seoul, South Korea recently, I…
30 April, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food and Green Smoothie Classes in Seoul, Korea

Certified Iridologist, Healthy Living & Raw Food Coach Jennifer…
17 April, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food & Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali, Indonesia

There are many options to choose from these days now that Bali…
12 April, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Importance of Doing a Heavy Metal Detox

A Heavy Metal Detox should be done at some point on your healing…
25 February, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Juice Fasting, Water Fasting or Colon Cleansing? Breaking a Fast on Fruit or Salad?

Which is better?
Fasting Once A Year or Every Six Months?
25 February, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food Recipe: Raw Mustard

Fresh Homemade Mustard, Easy!
This is a great recipe if you…
25 February, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh
Jennifer Thompson & Gabriel Cousens

Interview with Gabriel Cousens on Raw Food & Fasting – Video

Video interview with Gabriel Cousens, author of Conscious Eating,…
22 February, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Hidden Sources of MSG on Food Labels: Video Guide

Jennifer shows you how even so-called healthy and even organic…
30 January, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

New Year’s Resolution: Attract Love, Let Go of the Past

Love is the first ingredient needed and perhaps the only ingredient…
5 January, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

New Year’s Resolution: Daily Meditation Practice

We must eventually address healing on all levels of consciousness.…
5 January, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Jennifer’s ‘Raw Foods for Success!’ Class in Philadelphia, PA

October 2010 found Jennifer in the USA visiting family and friends...and…
19 December, 2010/by Jennifer Betesh
Raw Cacao Treats

Raw Food Classes and Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is the place for sun, beauty, beach,…
19 December, 2010/by Jennifer Betesh
Raw Food Yum

Raw Food Potluck Recipes

A monthly gathering is a great excuse to try new raw food dishes.…
19 December, 2010/by Jennifer Betesh

Detox Your Body with Aluminum Free Deodorant

Did you know...
As much as 1/3 of all personal care products…
27 August, 2010/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food Diet for Detox and Cleansing – Success!

Are you suffering from headaches, constipation, irregular periods,…
23 August, 2010/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food for Weight Loss – Before and After Pictures

Can a Raw Food Diet be the answer?

A Raw Food Diet can be…
21 August, 2010/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food for De-Stressing – The Natural Way!

Top 5 Raw Food Superfoods or Herbal Supplements for De-Stressing:

19 August, 2010/by Jennifer Betesh

Fluoride Free Healthy Toothpaste in China!

For those of you living in or visiting China, keep your eye out…
7 August, 2010/by Jennifer Betesh
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