Your Symptom: Joint Pain, Body Pain, Headaches or Migraines

Chronic pain is one of the most common health problems in the United States. My approach in helping you eliminate pain is to work on decreasing internal inflammation, taking care of mineral deficiencies through better diet and minimizing any trigger foods that can bring on an episode of inflammation, headache or pain. In some cases, tweaking the diet can work wonders. In other cases, we may have to do more detox protocols. If there have been multiple injuries or surgeries, we will also have to address internal scar tissue with additional protocols. Each step needs to be done in the correct order for optimal healing.

I saw one client who had chronic knee pain and actually had surgery scheduled for a knee replacement operation. After working with me, he made many dietary changes and began a regimen of regular gallstone liver flushes. After one flush, he passed a very large stone and immediately noticed that his knee pain was gone. It never came back! A month later he canceled the surgery. I’ve seen so many success stories just from cleaning the body from the inside out.

I had another client who also had chronic knee pain; in his case the pain went away entirely just from drinking one Green Smoothie per day. Now that is amazing (and 100% true)!

In another instance, I worked with a woman in her 70’s who was suffering from full body aches and pains. She already had one wrist surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome and even though the pain was still there after the surgery, the doctors wanted to operate on the other wrist. Because of her age, they were calling it arthritis and she felt like there were no natural alternatives available. Luckily, her daughter had seen me for Iridology a few years back and contacted me to work with her mom via phone consult. In just one hour, I was able to identify the trigger foods causing her pain and gave her a clear list of what to eat and what not to eat. Within just a few days, her pain went away. A few weeks later, I received a very nice thank you note from her daughter saying that her mother was back in top form and did not have any need for additional surgeries. What a blessing!

I’ve worked with many clients with chronic headaches and migraines. In my experience, I find these are very easy to reverse with diet and supplementation. Usually there are some deficiencies present in addition to food sensitivities.

With chronic pain after accidents or surgery, my approach is to reduce all silent inflammation. I’ve had very good success in eliminating pain after head trauma from falls and car or bike accidents. Back injuries can be more complicated, but I have seen clients make significant progress. I had one client in her 20’s who could only wear certain shoes and could only sit in hard chairs (never on the floor or on a sofa) after a bad fall down a flight of stairs which caused significant back trauma. I worked with her for about a year, and she got better and better and better. She can now wear any shoes she wants, she can dance and sit in any position and I’m so happy to say that she just had her first child!

Gout is a certain type of pain condition related to elevated uric acid levels. It can cause swelling, aches and pain in the hands, ankles and feet. Uric acid is a metabolic waste, meaning it comes from digesting certain foods. If you take those foods (and certain food additives) out, you will no longer have elevated uric acid levels. Gout is actually quite easy to reverse but you have to be willing to change your diet. Supporting the kidneys with cleansing herbs and foods helps too.

Chronic fatigue, chronic pain and fibromyalgia cases usually require their own protocol of detox and high boosting mineral reserve. Often, the small intestine is not absorbing all the nutrients so some detox is focused there. Parasite cleansing and/or heavy metal detox may also be necessary.

Fibroids and ovarian cysts can cause significant pain in women and are an increasingly common pain condition seen today. The protocol on these cases also varies and it helps greatly to do an Iridology Analysis first. I’ve seen many successful reversals of these conditions. The best results are with a combination of detox and supplementation. Healing can occur in less than 3 months. Menstrual pain and PMS are other chronic conditions that can definitely improve with change of diet. In some cases, we may need to focus on balancing hormones too.

Digestive problems come with their own long list of pain complaints. As long as the client is willing to change their diet, I can help. That said, I often find some underlying food addictions, and we have to work together to find a comfortable pace for change. I have a wonderful natural protocol to eliminate hemorrhoids literally overnight. The amount of relief can truly be divine!

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I usually don’t hear back from chronic pain clients after they heal themselves (I give all the credit to them of course!) because after having been out of commission for so long, they’re usually off and running to catch up on life again. It makes me very happy actually because I know that no news is the best news! In this case, I received a kind thank you from a woman about a year after we worked together:

When you work with me, I explain the reasoning for every change so you understand and learn what to look out for in the future. You do NOT have to go on a raw food or even vegan diet to get results.

If your only symptom is pain, I recommend either the Iridology by Skype or the 2-Month Health Coaching Package.

If you have multiple health problems in addition to chronic pain, then my 6-Month Program is perfect for you.

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Note: Iridology does not diagnose disease.
Jennifer is a Comprehensive Certified Iridologist (CCI) through the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA).