What is an elimination diet?

Many food intolerances go undetected or undiagnosed because of…
28 March, 2019/by Jennifer Betesh

Intermittent fasting – What’s the best way?

There's a lot of information on intermittent fasting these days....but…
15 March, 2019/by Jennifer Betesh

How do you know when it’s time to STOP fasting

If you're in the middle of a fast and think you should stop,…
28 February, 2019/by Jennifer Betesh
When is the BEST time to start a detox

When is the BEST time (and WORST time) to START a detox

There is always a reason why it's not a good time to start a cleanse. How is it even possible to fit it in? I've been doing juice fasting, water fasting and various types of cleanses successfully for over 20 years. In this article, I will share with you my top tips for knowing and planning the best time to start your detox...and even better, how you can stay committed to actually following through and doing it!
20 February, 2019/by Jennifer Betesh

How to Ask the Right Questions at a Farmers Market

Buying fresh, organic and locally grown is more popular than…
25 March, 2018/by Jennifer Betesh

Protein Powders containing Mercury, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium: WARNING!

A new study has revealed that even ORGANIC protein powders can…
15 March, 2018/by Jennifer Betesh

DIY Indoor Grow Light Stands for under $100

Early spring is the time of year to start working on your summer…
12 March, 2018/by Jennifer Betesh

Gut-Brain Axis: Probiotics are the Missing Link to Depression

Science has finally caught up to what many of us have been trying…
18 January, 2018/by Jennifer Betesh

Why I worked on an organic cattle farm

Yes, it's true! I worked on an organic cattle farm for 6 weeks…
10 January, 2018/by Jennifer Betesh

Does the Squatty Potty Really work?

If you've never heard of a Squatty Potty, then you are definitely…
19 December, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Feng Shui Your Home for Better Sleep and Good Relationships

The concept of clearing clutter, minimization or tidying up for…
11 December, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

I want to share with you some great gift ideas for your healthy…
28 November, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

3 BEST Detox Bath Recipes to help release toxins

Your skin is your largest organ in the body and it's also an…
23 November, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Are farmers getting CANCER from pesticides sold at Home Depot?

Friends, your health matters, at least to me!  This is something…
2 November, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Knowing Botanical Food Families for Cross-Reactivity Allergies

If you have any food sensitivities, intolerances or allergies,…
23 August, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

The BEST natural remedy for your pet’s health!

In a recent blogpost, I praised the healing powers of castor…
9 August, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

What’s in your drinking water? Enter your zip code and find out!

A new database from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) shows…
2 August, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Can your eyes change colors on a juice fast?

This is a question that I've been asked a lot over the years:…
26 July, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Easy Recipe: Make organic pickles at home!

Are you ready to make your own fermented foods at home? (Answer:…
20 July, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

What your Poop and Pee can tell you about Your Health

With all this talk about detox and fasting, it's inevitable that…
12 July, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

How to make a Castor Oil Pack for Healing, Pain Relief or Detox

Castor oil has been making a huge comeback recently with the…
5 July, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

What is ringworm, how you get it and how to treat it naturally

In the world of rashes, ringworm is an annoying, itchy, hard…
29 June, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

What are the symptoms of Heavy Metal toxicity?

In the last few years, I've been working with clients with heavy…
7 June, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Our Farmhouse Kitchen for under $3K!! Before and After DIY Makeover

If you're like me, then you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.…
1 June, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Is your Olive Oil fake or “cut” with inferior oils? Check this list!

Quality of food is one of the the most important factors in…
24 May, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Why you’re still low in Vitamin D (and it’s not about sunlight)

If you've ever suffered from low energy levels, fatigue, trouble…
2 March, 2017/by Jennifer Betesh

Find out where I moved to….! HINT: It’s a healing place

If you've been following my travels and adventures around the…
13 January, 2016/by Jennifer Betesh

Getting out of the All or Nothing mentality

Do you find yourself swinging back and forth between good and…
26 April, 2015/by Jennifer Betesh

Win a FREE Green Smoothie Starter Kit Superfood Bundle!

It's time for another awesome giveaway! I've been lucky enough…
20 April, 2015/by Jennifer Betesh

Why I don’t add Almond Milk, Soy Milk or Coconut Water to Green Smoothies

The hottest new trend in Green Smoothie recipes is to add either…
13 April, 2015/by Jennifer Betesh
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