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Fasting Day 9 in Koh Samui, Thailand

Follow Jennifer’s progress during her most recent cleanse. Hear what type of detox cleanse she is doing and learn for yourself how you can use the Arise and Shine products yourself at home. Some people define a ‘fast’ as a water only fast, but in this case, Jennifer is describing a colon cleanse fast using fruit juice, coconuts, psyllium husk powder, bentonite clay, probiotics, Chomper and Herbal Nutrition herb blends. The island of Koh Samui, Thailand is a great destination for doing your cleanse or detox as the weather is warm, the beaches are nice and there are a lot of detox spas on the island. When you break your fast, you can enjoy lots of fresh tropical fruits and raw foods as well!

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.
It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

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Fasting Day 9 in Koh Samui, Thailand

Follow Jennifer’s progress during her most recent cleanse. Hear what type of detox cleanse she is doing and learn for yourself how you can use the Arise and Shine products yourself at home. Some people define a ‘fast’ as a water only fast, but in this case, Jennifer is describing a colon cleanse fast using fruit juice, coconuts, psyllium husk powder, bentonite clay, probiotics, Chomper and Herbal Nutrition herb blends. The island of Koh Samui, Thailand is a great destination for doing your cleanse or detox as the weather is warm, the beaches are nice and there are a lot of detox spas on the island. When you break your fast, you can enjoy lots of fresh tropical fruits and raw foods as well!

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.
It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

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Eyes – ‘The Mirror of the Soul’ According to Dilbert


Good stuff, thanks @travelhappy! In Iridology, we like to say that the eyes are the ‘windows to your health,’ but the ‘mirror to your soul’ is also a good analogy!

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Day 17: Juice Fast Detox in Samui: from Strength to Strength

Fasting Girl Juicing up a Storm

Fasting Girl Juicing up a Storm

There is a lot to be said for listening to your own body while you cleanse. It’s just so important. I try to feel what my body needs, and I react accordingly.

My body is saying now ‘give us just a few more days we are nearly there.’ So I continue to fast, rest, meditate and be grateful everyday for this opportunity I have to so thoroughly clean out. I am convinced from this fast more than ever before in my history of cleansing that THE BODY DOES HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL ITSELF. Trust me on that one.

I’ve been switching out my bum-washing teas from pau d’arco to milk thistle, mainly because I ran out of the pau d’arco, but it’s fine with me. Also today I started doing garlic enemas. I am still getting loads coming out. What a great feeling to see that much GONE. Just a bit of FYI on the garlic…I’ve been putting 3 to 4 cloves in a processor to chop finely then I add boiling water and let it sit for about 5 or 10 minutes. After I drain the lot using a cheesecloth then add the liquid to my enema bag with more water added to slightly dilute. Doing it that way, I can hold the mixture in for about 5 minutes, which is pretty good for garlic.

What kind of Juice?  Bit of everything!!

What kind of Juice? Bit of everything!!

What else…well lots of rest most importantly, also I’ve been making an effort to get sun every day because I do think it’s important while fasting…helps the body recharge and reconnect energetically.

I also juicing twice a day now which I feel is essential when doing long fasting..the body needs more help to get through the process and it just makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Juices today – watermelon, celery and apple. Verdict – Very refreshing!

This afternoon’s juice – watermelon, ginger, carrot, apple, celery and greens. Verdict – bit of a hodge-podge but anything tastes great after 17 days of not eating!

Thought for the day – Be patient, and enjoy the journey…

Much love to everyone from my little slice of paradise.

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Day 14: Fasting Detox in Koh Samui, Thailand

Fasting Day 14 on Cloud 9!

Fasting Day 14 on Cloud 9!

Been too busy to catch up on the last few days between working and fasting..it’s a hectic schedule to try to get everything done! The fast is going exceedingly well now, and it feels really good to have 2 weeks behind me. Day 1 seems so long ago looking back! So much has shifted; I am feeling clearing and more positive every day, and very focused on my objectives for this cleanse. I’ve had a lot more energy in the second week and for that I am very grateful because I needed it for work! It’s been raining nearly every day but hasn’t bothered me because I don’t feel any pressure to walk the beach and I know that I need to rest so now I do just that with no guilt whatsoever.

It’s so nice to hear the sound of the rain combined with the waves from the sea.

As I suspected I had a healing crisis on Day 9 of this fast which pretty much lasted for about 36 hours. I was in bed all day for Day 10, and I just rested and let my body do what it needed to do. It’s a wonderful experience when you see that your body is finally strong enough to go deeper into the cleanse, so even though physically I felt pretty crap mentally I was really ok. By Day 11 I was starting to feel better and man, that was a good thing because I worked for 6 hours straight without a break. No way I could have done that the day before! Since then I’ve pretty much been smooth-sailing, having high energy and so much positive emotion, truly a natural high. On day 12 I had a 2-hour Thai massage to help recover from the previous 2 days – it was just what I needed to balance the energy again. I really should have a massage every day while fasting, but I just haven’t had the time.. One of the best things about fasting in Samui is that you can go to a spa every day and enjoy a massage for just s few dollars…yes I definitely need to make more time for that!

Today I had to re-stock my water supply so I rented a Jeep for that day and did a big water run at Tesco. Now I am well stocked so I can do another full week if I so choose. I’ve been doing 2 enemas a day at home so I’ve been going through loads of water. I think the Thai family who runs my bungalow place must think I am showering with the stuff!! They just can’t figure out all the empty bottles outside every day- ha! Imagine me trying to explain what I’m really doing!!!

Having a juicer is making this fast so enjoyable.

Faster's Fridge (or Restaurant Stockpile....)

Faster\’s Fridge (or Restaurant Stockpile….)

I am still so excited every time I use it and so glad that I treated myself with it!! At Tesco I also stocked up on fruit and veg for the juices…I didn’t really think I had that much even but the Thai taxi drivers in the parking lot asked me if I own a restaurant – no joke!! I said no, I’m just a vegetarian, no chicken no fish only healthy healthy. They didn’t believe me. (I did have 5 pineapples….)

Today I made a juice with apple, pineapple, ginger, green veggies and cucumber. Verdict – fantastic!

I do hope the sun comes out in the next few days so I can start walking again, and I would like to make an effort to only watch health videos for the next week, and I swear I will as soon as I watch the latest episode of LOST 😉 …seriously I do think it’s better for the subconscious mind, and having said that I did watch Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ yesterday, so overall I think I’m doing ok there.

Most important thing while fasting is to stay positive in the mind and not attach to any negative emotions or situations.

Actually that’s pretty important while you’re eating too!

Until the next juice…

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been away,
Been a long, long time since I felt this way,
Been a long, long time I find the words to say,
How much I’m grateful for my life today.

‘Cause under every cup you might find a nut,
Behind every corner you might get jacked up,
At the end of every rainbow you might find gold,
The last bite of your sandwich hope you don’t find mold.

‘Cause none of us can live a perfect life,
The kind that we see on Nick at Night,
And sometimes we all just lose sight,
Of the pain that will guide us from dark into the light.

We fall down, yes, but we get up,
And sometimes we just need a little bit of love,
to help you make it through another day,
into the night into the light into a Saturday.

So in the morning when I’m waiting for the sun to raise,
And my head’s a little foggy like I’m in a haze,
I remind myself that everything is gonna be ok.

I take a breath, slow down and say,

Why must I feel like this way today,
I’m a soldier but afraid sometimes to face the things that may
Block the sun from shining rays, and fill my life with shades of grey
And still I long to find a way,
So today, I pray for grace.

– Michael Franti, Pray for Grace

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Day 8: Detox & Juice Fasting in Koh Samui, Thailand

I'm fasting and I'm feeling fine...

I\’m fasting and I\’m feeling fine…

Well actually I think the ‘breakthrough’ happened on Day 6 for me..but I’ve been too busy to write these last 2 days. Sunday was my 6th day on the program but technically my 7th day of fasting, and I decided to use the opportunity to treat myself for having gotten through the first week.

The first thing I did was buy a juicer. And all I can say is WOW!

My entire world has changed since then!! I am so happy to have the freedom to make whatever juice I want whenever I want! I came home with the juicer and after cleaning it out went straight for my first concoction on this nice clean virgin juicer – love the sound of a good motor – I combined fresh pineapple, apple and ginger and I honestly think it was one of the BEST juices I have ever had!! Somehow it was the perfect amount of each, all at perfect freshness, and ok after 7 days of fasting it may have tasted a bit better than normal, but it was pretty close to heaven on earth for me! I must add that I had not bought one previously because I don’t actually have a kitchen in my bungalow and that has put me off wanting to mess around with the hassle, but I can tell you it is only a hassle if you make it one – it’s really not bad, and since I’ve been making a lot of smoothies and salads at home anyway, the juicer was the next logical step.

In addition to the juicer, I bought a $3 tray table which is now officially my new kitchen. Up until now, I have been cutting up fruits and veggies on a cutting board on the floor of my bungalow and it didn’t really bother me but I knew there was room for improvement. Can I tell you how incredibly happy I was to even get 10″ off the floor?? I was absolutely THRILLED!! So there I was using my new setup cutting up everything for my new juice. You may think I am a bit simple, but keep in mind that I did cook all my meals on the ground outside in all weather conditions imaginable for 6 months when I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, so even preparing meals on a clean tiled floor was pretty luxurious for me. We really don’t need as much as we think we do in life!

Then I proceeded to prepare some dishes for my friends who were having a Mexican Feast at their house that night. I wasn’t too crazy about not being able to enjoy the foods, but I still wanted to be social, and really it is only one meal missed in the course of many gatherings amongst friends in life – not a big deal to let it slide. For some reason I seem to love cooking when I am fasting – I think it’s because you really take the time to smell and feel the foods and there is no urgency to throw it together because you can’t eat it anyway so you tend to take your time and actually enjoy the art of preparing. With my new ‘kitchen’ again I was thrilled…I had my music playing and my door open to the view of the sea and I just took my time chopping and mixing and loving life.

Simple moments..

Anyway I made a guacamole and fresh salsa…I don’t tend to use recipes much; I just see what feels right and I swear somehow that day the combinations were channeled to me – I was in a zone and just mixing together the perfect blends and textures, without ever even being able to taste the food.

Kind-of like Beethoven composing the Ninth Symphony when he was deaf – ha! That’s how it felt anyway!!

The guacamole was basically fresh avocado, onion, garlic, tomato, cayenne pepper, fresh chilies, fresh chives, black pepper, fresh lime, salt, yellow bell pepper, and olive oil. The salsa was a masterpiece – tomato, fresh coriander, onion, vinegar, olive oil, cayenne pepper, fresh chillies, fresh lime, fresh chives, salt, and fresh pineapple. Will definitely be attempting to re-create them again once the fast is over.

Sunset at Kamalaya...A Great End to the Day

Sunset at Kamalaya…A Great End to the Day

After all that it was time for my next ‘treat.’ I headed down to Kamalaya Spa in Koh Samui and splashed out entirely for a proper colonic hydrotherapy. Believe it or not, it was my first ever! All these years I’ve been quite happy using enemas and colemas and I didn’t really see the need in spending the money for anything else. Still I was curious…well perhaps the details are best saved for another entry but I can say that I was very happy with the results and was happy with the decision to try it and I would definitely consider doing it again while fasting.

From there I went to the Mexican night and I can report that the reviews for my creations were excellent. Even though I couldn’t indulge, it made me happy to see others enjoy.

All in all a wonderful day of fasting.

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Day 3: Juice Fast Detox in Koh Samui, Thailand – Time to Focus

All is going well on the eliminating side of things here on Samui…I am into Day 3 of the fast now and am getting more focused which is good – it always seems to take me a few days to settle my mind into the not-eating mode. I usually like being at the end of day 4 because if I choose to do 7 days then I am already half-way and if I go on to 14 then it’s a simple 10-day countdown left. Generally once I get cleansing I don’t think about it too much…there just always seems to be a lot of ‘mental negotiation’ in the beginning for me.

Fasting Guidance Comes from Within

Fasting Guidance Comes from Within

The weather here has been overcast, rainy and even what I would consider as ‘cold’…I’m guessing that means it’s about low-twenties Celsius which I think could even be in the 70’s F. Today I had a jumper on all day – that is cold for the tropics believe me. I do kind-of like it for fasting though, because when it is bucketing down a loud, torrential tropical rain, there is no pressure to do anything but stay indoors and relax, which is exactly what one should be doing while cleansing (the relax bit that is). I felt no guilt staying home, watching movies and reading all day.

I may be revising my one colema + one enema per day plan to 2 enemas per day, mainly because I do prefer doing my ‘washes’ in the privacy of my clean bathroom at home. I still find that I get adequate volume expelled with the enemas so there is no problem there.

I am having 4 coconuts per day + one or more juices…today I had the green vegetable juice. I don’t really care what the Spa says about juice – like I said before I follow Dr. Anderson’s program and I believe that for me the extra minerals and electrolytes in the coconuts are fantastic. I get my coconuts for 45 cents a piece, and I am well worth less than $2 a day of wonderful nutrition!!

Other than that everything is fine, the fast so far is going according to plan. Oh yes, Guidance…that is the card for me for today, and seems appropriate:

Whatever you choose is always the right path

Whatever you choose is always the right path

The angelic figure with rainbow-colored wings on this card represents the guide that each of us carries within. Like the second figure in the background, we may sometimes be a little reluctant to trust this guide when it comes to us, because we are so accustomed to taking our cues from the outside rather than from the inside. The truth of your own deepest being is trying to show you where to go right now, and when this card appears it means you can trust the inner guidance you are being given. It speaks in whispers, and sometimes we can hesitate, not knowing if we have understood rightly. But the indications are clear: in following the inner guide you will feel more whole, more integrated, as if you are moving outwards from the very center of your being. If you go with it, this beam of light will carry you exactly where you need to go.

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Traveling on a Raw Diet: Eating Raw Food in a Cooked World

Gotta admit that it’s been tough sticking to the raw food diet whilst being in Australia…but not impossible!!!

Healthy in WA

Healthy in WA

There are so many yummy foods to tempt me away from the healthy stuff..but the amazing thing is that I don’t actually crave any junk, a good thing indeed!

I’ve been mainly eating all fruits during the day while at work, and I find it so very interesting because I have high energy all day while the other girls (mostly 10 years younger than me) are all tired and dragging themselves around.

Better fuel runs a better car, there is no denying it!

At night I generally have a salad and I am absolutely loving the spinach, kale, silverbeet and other fresh greens here that you can’t get in Thailand!!! Yum yum…

The only other thing I was really wanting was a juicer…and low and behold I went to a Lions Club Garage sale on Saturday, and I got a Breville juicer, 4 tupperware containers, a tea strainer and a cooler bag ALL for $5!!!! So even as a ‘backpacker,’ it is still possible and affordable to be healthy.

Just takes some focus, determination and willpower!!

Loving Margaret River, WA

Loving Margaret River, WA

Speaking of backpackers, I find it amazing and actually kind-of sad how many other young people I have met in the month I’ve been back in oz who are strung out on pills, speed, anti-depressants or all of the above. What is happening to people in the world? It’s really unbelievable, I mean these people are out travelling and they probably won’t even remember half of the experience!! I am definitely in the minority eating salads and often choosing not to drink, but who cares, because I FEEL GREAT!

Treats this week from Margaret River WA: fresh figs, organic grapes, raw honey, plums, plums and more plums!

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Traveling Raw: Raw Food Thailand to Raw Food Australia

Raw Food Bliss in Thailand!

Raw Food Bliss in Thailand!

Well it’s time for the test – can I manage to eat an all-raw diet in the ‘real world’? I have been living in Thailand for the last 10 months, and it’s been very easy maintaining a healthy diet there – with the large amount of fresh tropical fruits and veggies, who would want to eat anything else?? I’ve left Thailand for a break from Asia and now only time will tell if I can maintain a healthy lifestyle in a western country…

And the results so far are: GOOD!

Can I be this healthy in Australia?

Can I be this healthy in Australia?

I’ve been in Perth Australia for nearly a week now. And can I just tell you how much I am loving the fresh spinach, peaches and plums?? All of these things you just can’t get in Asia, at least not fresh or at a decent price…and here – wow! Honestly I think I needed a break from the pineapple, watermelon and papaya anyway…although I could never grow tired of durian!!

It’s great to be here and to be exploring having a variety of different fresh foods.

Also I seem to be influencing others around me in a positive way – the friends that I am staying with (thank you!!) are all enjoying my fresh salads each evening. It’s fun to eat healthy foods together – try it – you will feel happy and satiated instead of full and bloated!!!! You will sleep better, feel better and have unlimited energy all day!!!

I’ve got more work to do on this site, so please be patient while the beauty and inspiration unfolds…til then here is to your good health!!!

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