Patricia V - Iridology by Email, USA

“Jennifer was amazing to work with! First of all she is very timely; she always got back to me right away, from my initial iridology reading to a month later, always answering my questions thoroughly. She was very invested in my health and all of my health concerns, asking lots of questions I had never even considered important. She shed a lot of light on some of the smaller details that were having a huge impact on my overall health.

Jennifer is incredibly caring and kind; she took the time to help me better understand my personal challenges, and never cut me off or limited my inquiries. She always made me feel that I could make the necessary changes to meet my health goals, and inspired me to stay on track and to not give up! I will be recommending Jennifer to my friends and family, and will not hesitate to contact her in the future.”

Kris T - Health Coaching, USA

“I’m so glad I did an Iridology reading with Jennifer. Not only was it interesting, but the whole experience has been very educational. In a world of Googling every symptom, I am relieved to find that Jennifer is a real source-  someone I can trust to help, instead of trying to figure out what to believe on the internet.  Skyping with Jennifer one-on-one was the highlight of my week!

Thank you, Jennifer, for being so dedicated to solving my health puzzle!”

“The Iridology reading from Jennifer Thompson was not only bang-on about things I already knew, but it brought up some other issues I didn’t know about.  Jen gave me practical ways to work on them.  In addition to helping me get off sugar, she has inspired and motivated me to cleanse.  I was not looking forward to the dreaded cleanse, but she made it fun and it was very worthwhile – its not an exaggeration to say it was a life changing experience.  Jennifer is not only highly knowledgeable and full of practical advice but she is incredibly supportive and empathetic.  She supported me on every level. I was so impressed with her coaching skills that I have signed up again and again and gone well-beyond the initial results I expected.”

“It was such a pleasure to work with Jennifer!  Her iridology analysis was packed with accurate and helpful information. She suggested, among other things, that I cut out dairy, and I’ll be forever grateful for that! I eliminated all dairy, and I have felt so much better ever since.  The improvement was so great that I now can enjoy dairy every once in a while and still feel good. I’ve also enjoyed the incredible benefits of her Green Smoothie book, which I highly recommend. Thanks, Jennifer!

“I had an iridology session with Jennifer Thompson yesterday and was very impressed. I felt relaxed, like I could speak about anything troubling me and was amazed by the knowledge Jennifer has, not only from the iridology reading but also outside of this with a fountain of super useful and motivating information.

For once I feel like I know what’s going on inside my body rather than being led down several shady paths by dr.’s and specialist… many of whom couldn’t figure anything out or just put me in the Candidiasis bucket which it turns out isn’t a problem systemic or otherwise according to my eyes.

Hoping to practice natural health and nutrition one day Jennifer is the kind of person I am aspiring to be in that field. Not only did I get the ‘bad news’ so to speak I also learnt about all the improvements and great things that were going on for me.

I left the session feeling empowered and motivated and excited that it’s not a case of having to go on a strict diet eliminating all kinds of natural things and that really a few simple change and more awareness when eating out could be just the right key!

What I love about Jennifer is the dedication to getting the recording of our session to me next day with an email to follow with all the things that are important to do, take note of, take action on etc. As well as this is that you can email questions which are answered! In the past I’ve paid a silly amount for one session with a specialist who wouldn’t answer any questions without a follow up appointment.

I highly recommend booking time with Jennifer as the knowledge, guidance and support is something seriously missing from many others in that field. Lots of positive energy. Truly inspiring.”

“Life continually unfolds new paths and choices. Thanks to Jennifer for introducing me to a new me.”
Numerous doctors and therapists and no one had it right – glad you do what you do and glad for email and internet phone calls!
Thank you very much!!!”
“Very informative and super professional as always. Pleasure and honour to have your expertise guide me in my quest for optimum health so thank you.”
“You gave me a lot of hope! I found you were spot on with the things you saw in my eyes! I can’t believe how accurate you were, without even knowing me. “
I lost 5 pounds! Even in four sessions, you have helped me probably more than I will know at this time. I wanted to share that with you because I know you will be cheering for me.”
“I would just like to thank you for your help and excellent service. I feel so positive to have a clear personal plan of action that I can really focus on. “
“Thank you So much once again.  I really do appreciate all the knowledge you share.  You inspire me and so many others. You’re wonderful! :)”
“Thank you for bringing me a strong, clear energy, for sharing that with me. That really radiated out of you in the session.”
I am a sceptic, but during my Iridology, Jennifer was direct, specific and breathtakingly accurate. She gave simple advice to help me – hopefully I will have the ‘guts’ to do it!
I was absolutely fascinated by your analysis – you were spot-on regarding my physical problems. All of the information/analyses you gave me in addition are of huge value! I’m very excited about adjusting my lifestyle.
Your talk was inspirational, real and a true blessing for me to listen to. I will use this gorgeous energy you shared with us to really focus on my personal goals and desires for the coming year.”
“Very thorough and engaging lecture peppered with fun and meaningful anecdotes that clearly explains reasons for continuing a healthy path.”
“Before attending, I was feeling overwhelmed with the idea of trying to take the health I have gained from my cleanse into my daily life. Now, with your talk, I will write my goals, stay focused and not quit!”
“Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your passion, your health and your stories with us. I know you will do wonderful things – shifting people’s consciousness wherever you find yourself in this beautiful world.”
“Thanks again for all of your laughter, love, wisdom, adundance, clarity & experience. Deep, deep gratitude.”
“You deliver the information in a humorous, personal and down-to-earth manner, so much that you immediately connect with your audience. The suggestions for healthy living are so practical and simplified that I left the talk feeling empowered to take the next step in my healing journey, knowing I can do this!

Ellen F., USA

I absolutely loved my Iridology session. Jennifer is intelligent, passionate and a knowledgeable health guide. I was also relieved that she’s so funny and spirited. Since I left the appointment, I felt more cherished and will definitely make a more intentional plan to cherish my own health and body.”

Diane D., Ireland

My experience with Jennifer was amazing. She was able to highlight areas in my physical and emotional life that needed attention. These issues have cropped up in my life several times, but it took Jennifer to confirm/put reason to, and produce a plan of action to help me lead a healthier and happier life.”

Betty W., Malaysia

“I had an excellent session with Jennifer. Everything she read from my iris is 99% accurate. I was pretty amazed with her accuracy on my overall problems. Her suggestions are acceptable and easy to understand. I gained a lot of info and knowledge. I will definitely do another session!”

Sarah J., UK

“Meeting you was the most interesting and positive experience and that ran throughout the Spa. Every girl and guy I met who’d had iridology with you or been to your talk had only good things to say: how down to earth you are and how much sense you talk. They all dig you!! Many thanks again.”

Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial from one of Jennifer’s Health Coaching Clients

Paola Z., Dubai UAE

“Jennifer you are so inspirational – it’s very easy to feel the passion you put into your work. Meeting you for the Iridology session was fascinating and eye-opening.  Your tips on health issues according to your Iridology session were very accurate. Your talk is very inspiring, friendly and enriched with positive, motivating messages. Thank you for sharing some of your life experiences. You really are a person full of drive and determination, and I have much respect for what you are doing, the way you live and the help you give to people while carrying out your job. ”

Michelle T., Australia

“I knew Jennifer was the right person to undertake my Iridology reading and to say I was impressed with the information I was given is clearly an understatement. My direction in life, mentally, physically and spiritually have finally been put on the right path  that I myself almost could not find.To recommend Jennifer to anyone in her services and work, you are doing yourself a favor. A gift. And the beginning of a new me. Thank you Jennifer so very much, I really appreciate your time and knowledge. Priceless.”

Isadora L., USA

“I met you in Koh Samui about a month ago. You perhaps know my mom a little better–Terry. She was the one with the former junk food diet and lady that wore the hats and used a hand sculpted cane. I wanted to report back to you that mom and I are doing great. Completely converted. Mom is eating about 90% raw and is loving it. And there is no junk food in her diet at all and no desire for it either. Thank you for all your help. Both my mom and I were delighted to meet you and we have found your suggestions to be very very valuable.”

Angela B., USA

“You are one of the people that are constantly in my thoughts in terms of inspiration and people I met…you dont even have to try so hard, but know that you do touch people and that means something to them. I hope you can continue to share your light for as long as you can. Your useful info and positive energy is touching lives I see…I’m one of the many. I’m excited to check in for more info and inspiring bits. I hope you are well and happy, and yes, i am juicing every morning! I just want to say thanks.”