How to Clean the Lymphatic System & Detox the Skin in 5 Simple Steps

Clean skin from the inside out

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The skin is an organ, and in fact it is the largest organ in the entire body. It is also an eliminative organ, meaning it assists the body in detoxification by pushing out toxins directly through the cells and membrane of the skin. If you do not have a natural, healthy glow, it means that your body inside is overloaded with toxins. Nothing that you try on the outside will give you long-term positive results as long as you continue to hold on to too much toxicity inside.

How does the lymph system affect healthy, clear skin and sparkling eyes?

The lymphatic fluid rests just below the skin; if it is toxic or sluggish (from processed foods, smoking, chemical body products, lack of exercise), the skin simply won’t look good. A healthy glow comes from the inside out. Even the fluid in the eyes is lymphatic fluid. The cleaner your are inside, the brighter and clearer your eyes will be – truly a window to your health!

What happens to the skin when lymphatic drainage becomes sluggish?

If the lymphatic system becomes sluggish, it will try to ‘off-gas’ through the skin. If someone is wearing nylon or ployester clothes or putting chemical creams on their skin, there is nowhere for those toxins to go (imagine wrapping yourself in plastic wrap). So those toxins get re-absorbed. That’s creates a back-log of internal work. This is where a detox can be a good idea to give all the organs a chance to catch up. From there, living a cleaner lifestyle, with natural foods, natural clothes, regular exercise and only natural chemical-free products on the skin (especially deodorant) keeps the lymph and skin happy.

What foods for improve or stimulate the function of the lymphatic system?

Remember, your body is ‘a community’ of organs. A natural whole and pure diet is always best. A simple rule for the skin is this: if you can’t eat it, it shouldn’t be put on the skin. If you have to use something, go for the baby product line (for sunblock or laundry detergent). They will always have less chemicals. A simple rule for lymph is this: Keep the lymph moving with movement (exercise). Drink plenty of water. Avoid foods with chemical coloring, flavoring, sugar replacements and preseratives which all add more internal housework to the body.

What lifestyle habits improve the function of natural lymphatic drainage?

Stretch, walk or swim to help clean the lymph

The lymphatic system is a cirulatory system in the body. It’s cleaning cells and dumping toxins into the blood all the time to keep the body clean. But, unlike the blood, the lymphatic system has no pump. If you don’t move, the lymph doesn’t move. It waits for movement to ‘surf’ from the contraction of muscles. So, in order to keep the lymph moving and clean, you have to move! Exercise is the best for lymphatic. Many people who sit all day long develop a sluggish lymphatic system simply because they do not move! Lymph like gentle exercise, like walking, stretching, swimming or yoga. Go for a walk during lunch, stretch throughout the day and develop a regular exercise routine. Dry skin brushing and wearing natural fiber clothes also allows the skin and lymph to breathe.

To keep your skin clean, you’ve gotta have a clean lymphatic system. You cannot get clear skin from the outside in; it has to happen from the inside out. Every organ in the body affects every other organ in the body. Treat your body as a whole and you will long-term results that last.

5 Steps to Keep your Lymphatic System & Skin Clean:

1. Avoid nylon and polyester clothes.

Opt for all natural fibers that allow the skin to breathe, such as cotton, hemp, wool, or silk (note that silk and wool are not technically ‘vegan’ fabrics).

2. Avoid skin creams and body lotions with chemicals that suffocate the skin.

Choose natural moisturizers such as virgin organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is non-greasy and very affordable when compared to the cost of multiple skin products. In winter months, try cold-pressed virgin organic olive oil. The olive oil is more moisturizing and works well against dry skin in cold months. Remember, if you can’t eat it, it shouldn’t be put on the skin. Be sure to use an aluminum-free deodorant.

3. If you have to choose a chemical product, always choose the baby version.

Buy organic baby sunblock, baby dish detergent, or baby washing detergent. The baby formulas will always have less chemicals and less sodium lauryl ethyl sulfate (SLS), the chemical agent that creates sudsy bubbles in cleaning products.

4. For face, look for products with natural essential oil combinations and fresh herbs for daytime use.

At night, use virgin organic coconut oil before bed as a wonderful non-greasy moisturizer. Argan Oil is a nice option for the face. Be sure to find 100% organic and only Argan Oil (without any other ingredients). I’ve seen 100% certified organic Argan Oil on If it’s your first time buying on iherb, you can receive $5-$10 off your first purchase by using this link: iherb rewards. I use iherb all the time for my fluoride-free toothpaste, organic soap, virgin organic coconut oil, hemp seed, spirulina powder, organic raw apple cider vinegar and so much more. They always have the lowest price!

Ready to get started? Check out my personal shopping cart with all of my favorite skin & body products, all natural and organic of course!

I use Dr. Bronners Balm for the lips

For lips, I recommend an Australian product called Paw Paw ointment – it’s a fermented papaya salve and is wonderful for the lips and also for cuts, scratches, burns and even diaper rash. There is a non-petroleum version available by PhytoCare. If you’re in the USA and looking for something more local, I recommend the Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Organic Baby Balm. This stuff works great for lips and is also good for any dry patches of skin.

5. Keep the lymph moving with movement (exercise).

Drink plenty of water. Avoid foods with chemcial coloring, flavoring, sugar replacements and preseratives which all add more internal housework to the body. Practice dry skin brushing. As a treat, book a lymphatic drainage massage every 3 months, and especially at the end of a detox or cleanse to help keep lymph clean.

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