Jerry Hicks Has Cancer? Will Leukemia & Chemotherapy affect the future of Abraham-Hicks?

This week it’s been reported that Jerry Hicks, the husband of Esther Hicks, is currently undergoing ‘massive chemotherapy’ for leukemia. Esther Hicks is widely known as the Teacher of Abraham who channels his message and spreads the idea of Law of Attraction around the world. She teaches her followers to ‘get in alignment’ with what they want by the power of their thoughts. Esther explains that if they are not experiencing the life that they want, it is because they are thinking about what they don’t want and therefore attracting more of it.

The story was first reported in a blog called Kyra Speaks. Many of the Hicks-Abraham followers are up in arms over this news. For one, they can’t understand how, if everything Esther teaches is true, did Jerry get cancer in the first place. If you think about a positive healthy life then you should never attract something like cancer into your vibration, according to Esther. Second, her fans are upset that they went straight to chemotherapy and did not use this opportunity to stand up to the power of their teachings and actually put it to the test. People are also upset that the Hicks camp seem to be hiding the truth having mentioned a ‘spider bite’ as the reason for ‘massive chemotherapy.’

Personally, I love Esther Hicks and her ability to teach how our thoughts can create a reality. I often quote her in my Twitter and Facebook feeds. She has a way of telling stories which is so genuine and always seems to be the exact teaching that I need. Whether or not she is actually getting her information from Abraham doesn’t worry me so much; I still value her message and I think it can help a lot of people.

Does the Law of Attraction work?

As for Jerry, we don’t know what he was in vibrational alignment with and what his ‘vibrational escrow’ was. Perhaps he had an underlying fear of cancer or dying his whole life. Perhaps he felt tired of being in the shadow of his wife and was building negative energies around that. Certainly having cancer has given him attention – maybe he was lacking that in his life too. What we do know is that he is human and he could have any or all of those energies, even with a great teacher by his side.

What I do know about Esther Hicks is that she never talks about diet and the importance of food for one’s health. I have never heard her mention the need to do a physical detox or cleanse to clean toxins out of the body. She herself doesn’t have the ‘glow’ of health and vitality. Imagine if Esther Hicks ate a raw food diet and did regular colon cleansing – how powerful her vibrational alignment would be!

The lesson here is not to disregard the teachings of Abraham or to question the authenticity of Esther Hicks, but to understand how truly necessary it is to treat the mind, body and spirit.

We cannot heal just the mind alone and we cannot heal just the physical body alone.

Wayne Dyer, another well-known self-help advocate, announced in 2009 that he has chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

There is a lesson here for us folks! Do the work, yes…but also eat the right foods too!!

It would be a shame for someone to give up on the power of conscious thought just because of this. So stay in alignment with what you want – focus on it every day! And take care of your body too. Eat foods which are natural, whole and pure. Clean out the old built-up toxins and make way for a new healthy you!

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Jennifer Betesh has been working with raw food, juices, smoothies and detox for over two decades to help people heal. Today, she shares her expertise worldwide, offering lectures, workshops, training and one-on-one consultations at various health and detox retreat centers. She provides Iridology Readings & Health Coaching via Skype and Phone to clients and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains, power-walking along the sea or globe-trotting to a new and exotic health destination.
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  1. eva
    eva says:

    that jerry and esther did chemotherapie shows that abraham and his messages is really another being!

    the followers of abraham should not be upsad that they do it and do not work it out by there positive thoughts- they should understand that they are not telling the messages. astehr and jerry are also learning! esther is not abraham!

  2. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    @ElroyI’ve read that concept of “evidence” and laughed at just how clever it really is because if you buy it you’ll never be honest with yourself. What most people fail to realize first and foremost this is a business, and from my research its one of the biggest cash cows going.

    Long ago when organized crime discovered the basic tenants involved with human nature they tested and refined ways to con others out of their hard earned cash using promises of fast cash. What they discovered was how incredibly easy it was to manipulate people.

    None of it surprises me as I’ve studied human behavior for over 35 years. To give this story credibility its important to have others who see it for what it is…..a highly profitable………business…and thus…….align themselves to further cement the credibility factor……..which leaves little doubt in the “seekers” mind.

  3. Elroy
    Elroy says:

    Did anyone consider the possibility that Jerry had become weary of life (he was a lot older than Esther and, considering his age, this could only have become more and more noticeable to him in time). In my humble opinion, this ‘becoming weary of life’ messes up the vibrations of most people as they get older and is the main cause for so called ‘age-related illness’.

    On a more mundane level, as a reader earlier mentioned, GNM describes how our ‘bad feelings’ trigger biological processes, which ‘symptoms’ our good doctors then call ‘disease’ and use this as an excuse to poison people. No hard feelings, it’s all part of life, and we all have very personal choices to make…

    Thus, regarding the question why Jerry started chemo so quickly? I wouldn’t know of a more reliable way to hasten ones ‘transition’ (and a very clear way to demonstrate a point – speak about ‘going out with a bang’!).

    As Esther many times stated: look for evidence hard enough and you’ll find it. So, I’m presenting just another theory ‘explaining’ what might have happened…

    Thank you very much Jerry and Esther, for the way you’ve lightened up the lives of so many people on this earth – you’ve sure improved mine!

    God bless

  4. Katt
    Katt says:

    I noticed that Ester said Jerry told her at the beginning of their relationship that because of their age difference, he would probably kick-the-bucket long before her…That was HIS BELIEF …and so it’s manifested… and she was in agreement with that belief. and so it’s manifested. He has the right to coordinate HIS LIFE AS WELL AS HIS OWN DEMISE without answering to any of us, don’t you agree? 😉

  5. James
    James says:

    Although the article posted makes a lot of common sense, we have to remember that we are dealing with spiritual concepts.

    “God confounds the wise”

    If it doesn’t make sense to us why a spiritual teacher gets cancer, then we must go beyond the rational ego mind to a higher place and seek within for the answer.

    It is pure folly to think we can figure these things out. Just let it go and if the Universe chooses to disclose to you the Truth, then it shall be done.

    A note about health, yes I agree that health (while still in ego mind) is a good idea, however, in the higher realms, it means nothing and has no place. The teachings from Abraham come from another realm. Why would they talk to us of gross physical matter (food, health) as having any importance?

    They were good questions you brought up, nonetheless.

  6. Arnold Rabius
    Arnold Rabius says:

    From my perspective, we cure ourselves all the time.

    Some say: “Jerry Hicks’ cancer proves the basic teachings about health and death that Esther and Jerry Hicks have been selling for decades are nonsense.”

    True? It depends. Dr. Ryke Hamer (German new medicine) proved that every cancer is a healing process, destroyed by deadly diagnosis, chemotherapy, and radiation. Dr. Bruce Lipton proved that our cells are signaled from outside and not from inside by our genes, and that the signals can be distorted by physical damage, chemicals and thoughts. Abraham once said, in relation to chemotherapy, focus on the cellular energy run. He did not say, stop chemo, however he said, if you knew what we know, no doctors would be employed.

    Thank you Jerry for the wonderful world you allowed to expand through Ester.

    Thank you Ester for the wonderful world you allow to expand by communicating Abraham.

    Thank you Abraham,

    Arnold and Bozena Rabius
    Holland NL

  7. ora
    ora says:

    @Jennifer – Peace to all. Jerry has moved on…and we still haven’t. This is a multilayered tale like all human stories. We must always be willing to “choose a higher thought”, so here’s mine:

    Thank you, Jerry Hicks for helping to bring this important law to our spiritual remembrance. Thank you for being willing to “drive the bus, scribe the words of Abraham, see to your wife and million other things I’m sure were your responsibilities.

    And even in this challenge you choose as the escape from the body, you didn’t focus on your pain, but rather your purpose. In doing this you gave us a priceless opportunity. You gave us a chance to discern where we are individually on our spiritual path by how we quickly judge yours. Thank you for the Love. Thank you for the LIGHT!

  8. Kateema
    Kateema says:

    Well let’s see – teachers – Jesus died – Mother Theresa died – we are human and even though the energy can be directed to be as healthy as possible – we on earth do no know everything. I am sure Abraham has taught what has been asked and at what level we are all on the receiving end is a whole different story. My personal belief is that we all have a path that has a start and an end – it is what we do in the middle that is the important part. I thank ALL the teachers that have come into my life, and they are a variance of religious teachers, channels, curranderas, medicine men/women – they are teachers not absolutes. My heart has been touched by Esther and Jerry and I appreciate their work and I send all the best to Esther who is missing her co-pilot in life.

  9. Amy
    Amy says:

    I do think you have to be wary with Abraham. Just because they are from the other side does not mean they are divine beings. They are most likely one astral level being as Rose Rosetree has found and written about when reading the aura of Esther Hicks when in the control of ‘Abraham’.
    From her findings, Abraham actually has a lot of contempt for human level intellect and problems. The law of attraction teachings make perfect sense in an astral world, but we’re human beings. And personally I wouldn’t want to get to close to his vibration, I don’t want to end up in his astral heaven after I die.

  10. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Its a good thing I’ve made a habit of questioning many of the things i’ve learned since exploring this field. In my own mind I wonder if abraham even exsists, or is it simply the ramblings of a schizophrenic woman who claims to have a direct connection to information no one else has ? No one knows for sure. Yes I’ve heard it all when it comes to this law of attraction, but no one knows anything for sure. The conflicts arise from the meaning that is given to the events.

    As an example in this case the only thing anyone knows for sure is that Jerry died. Everything else aka the meaning, is simply a story thats being told, a meaning that people are making up in their minds.

  11. Kayu
    Kayu says:

    The nature of Jerry’s disease has been ignored on both sides of this issue. He had CLL (I was diagnosed with it in 2005 and am still untreated so I know more than the average person about this disease) and not just “leukemia.” CLL is a slow moving “indolent” disease. Very different from acute leukemia. This didn’t come on suddenly. He could have had it for two decades undetected if in that time he had never had a blood test. And what gave rise to the CLL two decades before would have had it’s roots in the decades before Abraham. (Who knows the state of Jerry’s consciousness then or later …) I imagine that is what happened as CLL is usually asymptomatic. What puzzles me is acquiescence to chemo right away. Why did he do that? You see, it wasn’t the CLL that killed him – it was the chemo. Am guessing that his immune system was knocked out and he died of pneumonia.

  12. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    I know that anyone can provide evidence for their beliefs. Was it’s main intent to give hope ? possibly. does it work for everyone ? no. In some cases like mine it can cause harm, so even though I explored the concept I never fully agreed with it. Does it mean I have ill feelings towards the people that support this, no, the methods ? At one time I did and it took quite a few years to get past.

    One of the most challenging things for me to get past was my childhood. I don’t consider myself to be a victim, but listening to the loa experts sent me in the wrong direction. I can’t get that part of my life back that was wasted following this nonsense.

    I can fully understand why people do buy into it. Life has many challenges and we’d like to think we have the all the answers, somehow that knowing gives us peace.

    Life happens, and the only control we have is our reaction to the challenges we face. I think to myself, thank god I didn’t give up searching for a better way.

  13. Cilla
    Cilla says:

    We didn’t come here to agree on a set of rules and live by them, we came here to discover life, to be joyful. There are as many truths and realities as there are people walking the earth and beyond. Every reality is true, no matter how much some wish it weren’t. It wasn’t only Abraham through Esther and Jerry who tried to tell us this, many more people have written books, songs and made movies about it. Pure enjoyment. A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, so eat the ‘right’ food if you wish or don’t. I am, as always, doing very well by eating what I want to eat. We are (finally) free to make decisions for ourselves, let’s do what makes us happy. Let others do the same. To Esther and Jerry, may this transition bring forth more joy and love, to to rest of us, that we may learn to let others be. (please excuse typos and lapses in reason)

  14. cynthia
    cynthia says:

    @Nancy – I don’t think Kyra is really writing a hate blog – I think we are all upset that Jerry has passed away and we are all questioning life, especially now. I think the ones that might be angry or questioning Jerry and Ester still don’t understand the teaches and have not been in the vortex. We all need to pull together vibrationally and not forget the teachings. I appreciated what you said tho, but I think instead of being negative, we need to turn our boats around and head downstream. We don’t understand what this is about or what Jerry’s personal life was. He fulfilled his mission here as a physical being and I must say I’m anxious to see where the teaches of Abraham go from here. Maybe we’ll hear Jerry again! Wouldn’t that be magically nice!
    Good vibrations to all –

  15. Eoin Meegan
    Eoin Meegan says:

    Jerry died today. This does not that he did anything “wrong.” The movement of the spirit from the body to a higher plane is a natural process. I just don’t call it death.

    Law of attraction and the teachings of Abraham? Good in that it’s got a lot of people focusing of what’s real and away from our unhealthy obsession with the material. But it’s not the whole picture.

    Quite frankly I think there’s too much emphasis on the loa, and that in itself can be unhealthy (if it’s about me wanting more stuff ). I write about this indepth in an article called ‘Attraction’, it’s on my website I’d like you to read it, you don’t have to agree, and it’s not in any way meant at denegrading Jerry and Esther. They’ve done great work.

    May he rest in peace.

  16. Tony (south Africa)
    Tony (south Africa) says:

    A sad day indeed – for us. Our thoughts and commiserations to Esther. No one lives (in the physical body) fore-ever. Jerry has dropped it. It should be a time for celebrating a life well spent. I think some of the claims that he should have used LOA to heal himself are ridiculous and devoid of understanding. Does anyone really know how he embraced the illness that would allow him to make the transition? I am deeply gratefull to Jerry for all his questions and support of the Abraham-Hicks process which has deeply touched my life. Shanti!

  17. Ted
    Ted says:

    It’s not so important to speculate Jerry’s journey. He is easy to love and that’s so down-stream. I can see him in my vortex.

  18. Lewis
    Lewis says:

    The first question that comes to mind as a one time devote Christian, is does Jesus works? And I say whatever is your dominate thought, that is what you get, I will not discount nor devalue the works of Ester and Jerry but only believe that what they they taught was true and valid just as certain things in the bible are valid. Whenever I pass into my next reality I have no regrets what soever, thank you infiniti intelligence and Ester & Jerry Hicks, I am at peace with my life.

  19. Lindah
    Lindah says:

    The law of attraction that Jerry, Esther and Abraham speak is VIBRATIONAL at is root…most people cant even comprehend their own power or how it works.

    “Ill-ness” or “Dis-Ease” is an indicator of “Resistance”…and if you have resistance of any kind (towards family, your lover, your own life moving forward, money, health, weight, etc)


    there is nothing wrong with death? it is MORE LIFE while some (if not most) believe that death is a punishment of some sort thanks to RELIGIONS inability to explain it.

    THEY never claimed to be GODS or HEROES…they are just like YOU and ME…”NON-PHYSICAL” beings having a unique “PHYSICAL” human experience for MORE JOY, MORE JOY, ETERNAL EXPANSION, FUN FUN FUN, etc

    if you’re not having much joy, then pivot your attention to something that makes you FEEL GOOD most of the time and watch the universe yield all the cooperative components TO YOU…it is your own doing (thoughts/vibration)

  20. A caring reader
    A caring reader says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I understand that your message is, “Do the work but also eat the right foods too!” I know that some people have missed that 🙂

    Esther has talked about diet and food a bunch of times. What they say about diet is that if you’re in a good place inside, follow your inner guidance. About what foods to eat, they say to do the inner work first AND in addition, “We’re not for a moment suggesting that you shouldn’t want to help. We’re not for a moment suggesting that there aren’t things (to eat) that would suit you better than other things.” (This is a direct quote.) What they DO say is that once you do the inner work, it’s easier to follow your natural guidance as to what foods you eat. They do say that doing the inner work is the most important piece.

    Esther and Jerry’s official statement about Jerry’s illness is from Oct 31, 2011 was:

    “Thank you so much for all your well-wishes regarding Jerry’s health that have poured into the office. As many of you realize, we have been following Abraham’s advice not to give undue attention to that which we don’t prefer by not speaking about the situation publicly. Given the apparent distress that our silence on the subject has been causing some of you, we felt it was time to briefly let you know how Jerry is doing. He is, as Abraham has always said about all of us, doing extremely well. Since we shared in our May 25th blog entry that an exaggerated white blood cell count discovered after a spider bite prompted Jerry to begin a course of chemotherapy, most of you instantly understood that this meant cancer. In fact, the official diagnosis given was a treatable form of leukemia. After enjoying remarkable health nearly his entire lifetime, Jerry decided to downplay the diagnosis, but still give his full attention to this physical manifestation of previously unrecognized resistance – via a dual approach of cleaning up his vibration on certain subjects, while also availing himself of what modern medicine has to offer, just as Abraham has always advised. This prompted us to cut back on our intensive touring schedule and embark on a remarkable journey that has been the most powerful of our lives together. At the moment this journey continues, and both Jerry and I are feeling better than ever as we practice Abraham’s teachings to focus on elevating our moods apart from the circumstances. So when thinking about us please do not be distressed, since no matter what the apparent evidence is of any situation, really and truly “All Is Well”.”

    Many of the comments I read show a lack of understanding of Abraham-Hicks teachings. They’re taking a small piece of what they heard and judging it. It’s ok if people agree or disagree but it would be great if they didn’t speak from misinformation.

    About Kyra … Would you consider changing the link to the statement that Esther and Jerry put out? People can like or not like it, either is ok, but I feel sad seeing you link to a hateful site that spreads so much negativity. People all have a right to choose whether they believe or don’t believe a certain teacher, but to devote all of their attention to criticizing and writing hateful things, I believe that’s bad energy and that we shouldn’t even give it any attention. I wish you would link to the source rather than linking to someone who is so filled with hatred that they’d devote so much of their time to bringing someone else down.

    Would you consider it?

    Jerry and Esther’s October 2011 statement:

    Jerry’s May 2011 blog entry:

    Thanks for listening, Jennifer! (What a beautiful domain name by the way … “healthy bliss” … it just radiates lightness and positivity!)

  21. Bert
    Bert says:

    The fact that Jerry Hicks suffers from ‘old-age’ leukemia is to be pitied and not to be judged or analyzed or scrutinized in the light of Abrahams teachings. Everybody knows that a human body does not last forever, although you can make it last longer by minding what you eat and how much you worry. I find the teachings of Abraham very valuable. The message is indeed fairly simple to understand, but not at all easy to practice. Mind the difference in that! Many people still interpret it in the way that you have to control your thoughts in order to create what you want. Wrong! You must control the way you feel, no, better said, the way you ARE. The being (beingness – nice word) preceeds the creation. Not easy at all.
    Whether Esther Hicks genuinely channels the info from Abraham or puts on a brilliant act, I do not really care. I think that you should focus on the principles that are presented over and over again, and not so much highlight an occasional glitch that might have occured in a workshop . To Jerry I would like to say: get well soon, or else have a good transition. And thanks!

  22. Kayu
    Kayu says:

    Both Dyer and Hicks have CLL, the most common form of leukemia. In fact, many older men get it and live out the last couple of decades of their lives with it untreated. If Hicks was treated soon after diagnosis as has been reported it means that he has a more aggressive form. Normally CLL patients take a “watch and wait” approach like Dyer.

    Ramana Maharshi died of a virulent cancer. Mr. J Krishnamurti died of cancer. Jane Roberts’ teaching (Seth) has been criticized because she died a slow miserable death. Even the scribe of A Course in Miracles wasn’t carried from this world by the Holy Spirit ….

    You have to separate the personality from the teaching …

  23. Jason
    Jason says:

    @Jennifer, thank you so much for this article. I am 33 years old have been following Wayne Dyer & Esther Hicks for about 8 years now, I found them in a low spiritual time for me and they helped me through so much and have been part of the reason why I’m living a happy and prosperous NOW. I was feeling so weird, a little off, a little uneasy I guess you could say when I heard about both Jerry & Wayne’s condition(s). It’s been on my mind a lot lately. You listed so many points that were realistic but uplifting in nature. Mind, body, spirit, really is the key, you can not deny any of them and stay in balance. Again… thank you. Much love. J

  24. kavita
    kavita says:

    Namaste….I just hope Jerry recovers soon.
    I do practise meditation and I have witnessed the divine shree swami samartha in physical form.I had seen him at shirdi,India.He is the supreme full of unconditional love energy.Later on I had also eperienced the kundalini rising at pandharpur,shri vitthal rukhmani temple.
    All diseases r a result of negative emotions….I feel namsmaran(chanting) of our beloved lord will help to wash out the negative karmas.I have seen shree swami samartha all so joyful,loving.Please visit akkalkot,India & experience it all.We r all his creations so tons of love & gratitude to one &all.

  25. Barry
    Barry says:

    People all around the globe were convinced or strongly believed that the Earth was FLAT for thousands of years without questioning that belief, ‘thinking’ so for so long, that surely did not make it true. Oops.. the Earth is in fact round 🙂

    ABRAHAM: “That’s how the scientist’s? discover new science. They start out with a hypothesis–an idea–and then others believe enough in the idea that they make it true. You see?”

    Can anyone sane explain why the Earth is not Flat? According to Abe/Hicks own words of pseudo-spiritual wisdom,
    if people “believe it enough in that idea they make it true.”
    If that was a fact we would all be Flat-Earthers today.
    Common sense is not always common. Common sense people.

    Love is blind, love for illusion or fakery that is offering the enticing promise of giving you the world.

    You are not at the center of the Universe. We only exist because the Universe exists. No other reason or purpose.
    The Universe does not exist to serve you and give you what you want.

    Humans are just small organisms or microbes in the scheme of things.
    They are so full of themselves, egotism. They falsely believe they are above nature or super-natural. That is a lie. No one is above or apart from Nature. It is impossible. Man is just a religious animal that is in denial of what he truly is. Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Abraham are all born from the same place, false imagination.

  26. marco
    marco says:

    Can you show me your mind?
    Look for the so called mind and it will not be found.
    Mind is just another name for ordinary self-shining consciousness.
    There is no such thing as Aliens, that is all science fiction.

    You guys truly believe that the hicks are ‘channeling’ some space Aliens or beings? Wow.
    I live in Sedona AZ for almost 20 years and that is the most common New Age trick to take naive people’s money. Just as the so called Vortex of Sedona some call ‘a giant magnet of energy’ do not exists. Take a compass and see for yourself if there is a magnetic field of energy that disrupt the compass from pointing north. It does not.

    Wake up people. You are being scammed and brainwashed by snake oil salesman. Understand the real nature of Life, that there is no such thing as life after death, that is only a human creation or therapy to cope with one’s own mortality. Life is Now only, who waits for tomorrow dies.
    Life here and now is what is truly happening, here and now is the only reality. Don’t waste it foolishly believing there is somewhere better to go after death, that is only a religious invention. An imaginary carrot or spiritual reward to entice followers i.e. customers, nothing else.

  27. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    I agree fully with what you have said..I will still believe in the LOA..I have never been happier in my life since I have started following and practicing their teachings. Sheila@Nina

  28. Isla Kay
    Isla Kay says:

    I think you’ve stumbled upon a flaw in Esther and Jerry’s approach. I say this with respect because I listen to Esther’s LOA speeches daily, but there is something lacking in the department of humility with the Hicks. They seem to be not able to sometimes say: I don’t know. It’s okay for Esther to not know answers to everything, to not be able to access higher knowledge for everything – she is only human. Human with a gift, of course. But I feel that she does put on a mask sometimes to gain credibility with her listeners, and concealing Jerry’s illness may be part of that.

    They could reason that they are keeping silent about it to not further perpetuate the cancer, but I take on a different method in using the LOA: in order to face our fears, we must name them. Imagine how much healing help Jerry could receive if his millions of followers prayed for his wellness.

  29. carol
    carol says:

    The Teachings of Abraham have never promised that we will all live forever.
    The way I understand it is: There is never an ending to the Consciousness of You, so really there is no “death”, but there will come an end to the time that your Consciousness will flow through this particular physical body that you identify as You.
    It is up to You when you withdraw your focus from your body. It is always your decision to continue to live or not.
    Perhaps Mr. Hicks decided it is his time to end this experience and go on to another. We should all wish him well on his journey.

  30. Nancy Downs
    Nancy Downs says:

    @Jennifer – Well I think the point of this blog was null and void…reason being -we don’t know what caused Jerry’s health issues. When you started using Kyra as a voice of authority -the point became pointless. He or she that writes that toxic blog has absolutely no idea what is going on with Jerry. If you listened to Abraham at all-there is plenty of information on eating healthy food and taking care of your body-if Jerry or Esther don’t follow that advice thats their choice. Just because someone channels the information doesn’t mean they can follow it. Jerry is getting up there in age -and Jennifer should you be that fortunate to live that long we will see how your bill of health is doing. I am a firm believer in good food and getting rid of toxins so I am not against your original goal here in your website….you just went off the path on this one as far as I am concerned.

  31. Nancy Downs
    Nancy Downs says:

    @Chandra – Hi Chandra, I agree that it can seem cold to think like that…Abraham gives basic principals -its up to us to apply them according to the way we can understand it. The lady you speak of that wants to lose weight-may lose the weight at some point -her story isn’t over yet. I do believe alignment is the way to go-some of us chose to do it by eating heathly foods and exercising etc…some choose other ways. Whatever works for you. I have benefited tremendously from the Abraham teachings and am so very grateful to Esther and Jerry for devoting their time to this, and happy that they can make a good living. The way the information is given is simple -and applying sometimes a challenge, however, it has worked for me and many of the people that I have met through the years. When I read the authors of these homemade websites and blogs go after Esther and Jerry-it truely disturbs me-its kind of like the phrase “a house divided against itself can not stand.” You can’t build yourself up by tearing others down…especially if you are into addressing “the body,mind and spirt.” I would love to see these bloggers and website hosts take the high road -rather than a road they think will get them more “hits” on their site.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      I stress again the point of this blog- There is a lesson here for us folks! Do the work, yes…but also eat the right foods too!! It would be a shame for someone to give up on the power of conscious thought just because of this. So stay in alignment with what you want – focus on it every day! And take care of your body too. Eat foods which are natural, whole and pure. Clean out the old built-up toxins and make way for a new healthy you!
      Thank you for your feedback!

  32. Chandra
    Chandra says:

    Ist , I feel compassion for anyone who has to go through what Jerry is going through. ( BTW, it’s been confirmed)

    13 July, 2011 at 7:16 pm ; Nancy Downs says : “My first thought for Jerry was to…send a prayer of healing to both Jerry and Esther. You act like these people don’t have feelings. How cruel you are… Please find some humanity in you before you write again. ”

    Nancy, while I love the positive life one finds from aligning with that A-H way of being, I did have to stop attending the Abe discussion groups. The behavior you were shocked at is exactly how they strive to be.

    If you get seriously ill “you did it to yourself and you just need to get back in energetic alignment with the “vortex,” as they call it.” There’s no compassion, tons of self absorption and narcissiscm, and living life in a fantasy netherworld. Don’t like something? Why did you draw it to you then?? it’s your fault, you know. Just go back to “happy – Healthy-‘ Happy. healthy..their chant for recovery, really! . Only see what makes you feel good, and ignore all else.

    I know a woman from the “Abe” group who is obese and wants to lose weight. Does she change her lifestyle? nooooo. She states that the food she draws to her is the right food and the calories will not affect her… as she grows bigger, and fattter.
    Point being, that what shocked you, is exactly how these well meaning but delusional people are. They need to read “the Emperor’s New Clothes.”

  33. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    @Jennifer – Type your comment here…
    If only it were so easy….”Do the work, but eat the right foods too.” What are the right foods? There are so many differing opinions by experts, layman, etc. There are people who claim eating raw is best yet I know others who tried raw and it was a disaster for them…they experienced weakness and their hair fell out. Same with eating vegan, some swear by it like they’ve found the holy grail, others I know gained a massive amount of weight eating vegan. They later learned they were carbohydrate intolerant and needed meat and vegetables and almost no starches (even those that would be considered healthy grains). Well, you might say, that’s great they found what works for them. But what about meat? Will they be able to live a normal life finding clean meat? Eating at home, it is possible to some degree. But going to a restaurant? What is the meat doing to them that is not organic and free range and grass fed that they may eat? Maybe they’ll be able to maintain their weight by eating meat/veggies and avoiding starches, but what are the toxins from the meat doing on other levels? Who knows? Eating ‘right’ can be very confusing and throw off your vibrational alignment at the same time, causing lots of stress and worry.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      I always say, ‘You can do every diet right and every diet wrong.’ The main 2 points to focus on are 1) quality of food, and 2) whether or not you are eating greens. As individuals, we have the power to choose what we put into our sacred temple of a body. We also have the power to make changes in our food choices, our body, our attitude and our life.

  34. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    @Xavíp Please try to write your comment using correct English grammar so people can understand your point clearly.

    Again I remind you the point of the article is this: There is a lesson here for us folks! Do the work, yes…but also eat the right foods too!!

    Also read kindly the last sentence: Please note that this story has as of yet been unconfirmed by the Hicks-Abraham headquarters.

    I am happy to include any official statement from Abraham-Hicks to shed light to everyone here! And hopefully it will be a statement that he does not have leukemia 🙂

  35. Xavíp
    Xavíp says:

    Jerry Hicks has not leukemia. Probably you could say, Esther and Jerry Hicks whom i don’t know nothing about teach the law of attraction, another thing I don’t know nothing about.


  36. Joy
    Joy says:

    Thank you, Jennifer. Exactly – mind is great, but we do live in the physical Universe and as such are subject to physical laws. That was the part that never made sense to me in Abrahams teachings. And it is not about being right or wrong, it is just about what works and what doesn’t. Physical part never seemed to work – Esther seemed to be overweight , and Jerry -pale for a very long time.
    That said, I love most of their message and that will not change, no matter what happens or won’t happen. I am really thankful for it.

  37. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    @Nancy Downs – Look at your own vibration, yes! Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate and value all points of view and I wish you all the very best!

  38. Nancy Downs
    Nancy Downs says:

    @Jennifer I understand the Abraham teachings in this way…Look at your own vibration, stop observing others -instead set you own tone and take note of the evidence in your own life. Taking apart Jerry’s life will not give you the answer, we don’t know what Jerry’s vibration is or what it means to him. The attitude about “well, if Abraham teaches were so true -why isn’t their life the way I think “perfect” should be”-will get you nothing but missing the point. It’s actually no one business what Jerry has and what he is going to do about it. Saying a prayer in love is a wonderful thing…it depends on your intent. If the principals of Abraham don’t work for you-fine move on-they work for many others… but please, lets not kick a guy when he is facing challenges like this. Its hurftul -people need support -not dissection.

  39. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    @Nina – I’m not afraid to look at all sides of this issue with total compassion and respect for Esther and Jerry. Isn’t it normal to wonder how Jerry got into ‘vibrational alignment’ with cancer? Everything that Esther teaches touches this issue at the very core. The point of the article is not about prayers or wishes…even Esther would say that will put you in a state of fear and is a waste of energy. I believe he will be well, that’s the energy I send to him. The real essence of the article is not to forget this:

    The lesson here is not to disregard the teachings of Abraham or to question the authenticity of Esther Hicks, but to understand how truly necessary it is to treat the mind, body and spirit.

  40. Nancy Downs
    Nancy Downs says:

    wow…whoever wrote this article is way off…where do you get off speaking for people who listen to the Abraham material.!!

    My first thought for Jerry was to…send a prayer of healing to both Jerry and Esther. You act like these people don’t have feelings. How cruel you are… Please find some humanity in you before you write again.

  41. Nina
    Nina says:

    It is also widely known that we do not live forever. And that there are no mistakes.

    Deifying someone does not serve them well, especially when they start having a very human disease.

    We all die, and it has to be from one thing or the other. Jerry has cancer. This does not mean that the LOA does not work. What it DOES mean is that people don’t quite understand the full ramifications of it.

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