Raw Food Dessert Recipe: Cacao, Hazelnut & Banana Bliss

This recipe is fast and easy for a delicious raw food dessert.…
5 March, 2012/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food, Detox & Organic in Tel Aviv, Israel

A Mediterranean climate combined with nutrient-rich soil make…
8 February, 2012/by Jennifer Betesh

Recipe for Raw Food Detox Salad: Cucumber & Onion with Tangy Dressing

A great recipe for after your detox, this cucumber, celery and…
7 February, 2012/by Jennifer Betesh

Genetically Engineered Food – No more Frankenfoods!

Lately it seems that everyone is talking about organic vs. non-organic…
31 January, 2012/by Jennifer Betesh

Featured Superfood: Hemp Seed

For those of you looking to increase healthy proteins in…
17 January, 2012/by Jennifer Betesh

Alternative Grains to Wheat that are Gluten-Free

Increasing variety of natural, whole foods gives your body more…
31 October, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

How to Improve Your Detox: Top 5 Detox Tips

All information in this article is for educational purposes…
25 October, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

True Story of Faith & Healing with John of God in Brazil

If you're looking for an uplifting, inspiring story about…
6 October, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Stop Premature Aging: Take this Anti-Aging Quiz and Mirror Test Now!

Go to your mirror nude now & take this Mirror Test:

1 October, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Total Reset Detox: A Women Only Retreat at the Dead Sea in Israel

Join me for this fantastic event! From 13 - 20 November, 2011,…
28 September, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Recipe: Raw Food Healing ‘Jamu’ or ‘Love’ Juice from Indonesia

Finally! A new video featuring our favorite Ms. Ta, my dear Thai…
26 September, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Featured Superfood: Acai Powder

Acai is an Amazonian berry and is pronounced 'Ah-sigh-ee.' The…
25 September, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Gain Control of Overeating

It's easy to get into the habit of overeating, especially in…
5 September, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

40-Day Water Fast: Comprehensive Guide & Personal Journal

Recently I completed a 40-day pure water fast. It had been one…
1 September, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Recipe for Raw Coleslaw Salad with Macadamia Nut Dressing

Raw cabbage is a wonderful cleansing food, full of sulfur which…
29 August, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Recipe for a Fresh Homemade Tomato Mexican Salsa

This is a recipe that everyone loves! If you are in the middle…
22 August, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

How to Make Fresh Sprouts at Home

Sprouting your own nuts and seeds is so easy and it's a great…
15 August, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Spirulina: 60% Complete Vegetable Protein Green Superfood

Superfoods are getting more and more popular these days, and…
9 August, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Okra Pepsin Small Intestine Cleanse

The Okra Pepsin is a type of a cleanse which is specially formulated…
8 August, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

How to Make Kombucha, a Naturally Fermented Health Drink

Kombucha is considered to be a health drink because it contains…
30 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Featured Superfood – Green Powder Blend Vitamineral Greens

High-Quality Organic is a 'must' with Superfoods!

Did you…
29 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food, Vegan and Organic Options in Seoul, Korea

There is hope. You can find some healthy restaurants and vegan,…
28 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Top 10 Surprising Causes of Constipation

'Insufficient bowel function results in a variety of chronic…
27 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Raw Food Snack: Recipe for Sesame Balls or ‘Raw Halva’ Dessert

Sesame Balls
This is my 'healthy' version of Halva,…
25 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Green Juice Fast with Gabriel Cousens at Tree of Life

Recently I went to Israel to participate in a 7-day Green Juice…
24 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

How often should you detox & What type of detox should you do?

In this video, Jennifer answers the most commonly asked questions…
20 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Super Energy Raw Cabbage Salad Recipe – A mini-detox meal

Featured in this recipe is the Super Energy Salad, one of my…
19 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

The Happiness Factor: Eat well but don’t forget to have fun & enjoy life too!

Being healthy is fun. Having energy to enjoy life is what it's…
18 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Green Smoothie Recipes and Inspiration

New healthy habit: Drink one Green Smoothie every day. No more…
17 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh

Setting Goals & Intentions: Creating Positive Manifestations

Sit in a quiet and safe space and take a moment to feel the…
16 July, 2011/by Jennifer Betesh
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