Genetically Engineered Food – No more Frankenfoods!

Lately it seems that everyone is talking about organic vs. non-organic food. While the media distracts us with this issue, the food industry is sweeping in Genetically Engineered foods under our very noses. It’s time we understand what the implications are for our health and for future generations.

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Not normal DNA

Imagine crossing a tomato with a fish or a potato with chicken genes. These are actually considered ‘normal’ transgenic crops these days. The chemical industry is promoting genetic engineering as a harmless answer to agricultural problems; that these foods taste better and last longer.

But what are we really getting?

Are there dangers with GE foods?

The answer is categorically: Yes!

Essentially we are playing a game of health roulette with genetically modified foods.

The result?

-An increase in allergic reactions

(when new and unidentified proteins are transfered from one food to another, leaving people unaware that their food contains another food’s genes which they are allergic to)

-Antibiotic resistance

(when an antibiotic-resistant genes move from a crop back into the environment) and

-Gene Pollution

(what will happen when GE foods start to mutate over time, reproduce and spread?)

And if that wasn’t enough, the price of food can be controlled once a company owns a patent on it’s seed. A seed that occurs naturally in the environment cannot be patented; but a Genetically Engineered seed can.

Ask for non-GM foods!

How do you know if your food has been genetically altered? You can’t. Products are not regulated in developing countries and many of those products are imported into developed nations.

What can you do?

Write to your local politicians and demand that these Frankenfoods be banned. Ask your local farmer if he uses ‘Round-up Ready seed.’ If the answer is yes, you know it’s a GMO food. Don’t buy it. Find another farmer and support natural, local, whole and pure!

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