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2022: Schedule

Wishing everyone good health and safety in these turbulent times. I’ll soon be posting on the real reason why so many people are sick even when eating “healthy” (hint: heavy metals in the food) so please check my BLOG for updates.

Currently, in gratitude, we are preparing the land for spring planting. Tending and taking care of the land creates a better environment for the pollinators. Helping to heal Mother Earth gives us peace and a sense of purpose. We now have 16 chickens and 2 ducks, a wood fired hot tub with cold plunge pool, an outdoor barrel sauna and are working on new projects all the time.

2020 – 2022

Everyone will remember these times, without a doubt. For me, it’s been a great time to heal, work on our land and connect with clients remotely via Skype and Zoom from all over the world!


I was very honored to be invited overseas for an Iridology consultation with a confidential VIP client.


We’re busy working on our organic gardens and farm in 2018. This year, we were invited to showcase our 20 raised beds, mushroom log trail, fruit orchard, berry bushes and trees as well as our wasabi growing experiment in a local garden tour. What a huge honor since our gardens are only 2 years in the making so far. If you want to know your food, you have to grow your food!

I am also working with Mandarin Oriental Marrakech Morocco to create a high energy, vegan and gluten-free DETOX MENU for their award-winning Spa and Restaurant as well as a NEW Juice and Smoothie menu for their breakfast, lunch and poolside restaurant menus.


16 – 30 April 2017: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain 

Alicante, Spain – Jennifer is back for a third year at SHA Wellness Clinic (recognized as Best Spa in Europe by Spa Finder Wellness Travel Awards 2015) for 2 weeks in April 2017 and again in September 2017, offering wellness lectures and Iridology consultations as a Visiting Master. SHA Wellness Clinic’s healthy nutrition focuses on a macrobiotic diet and combines with the best in detox treatments.

More details available at

16 – 25 September 2017: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain 

Alicante, Spain – Jennifer is back for a third year at SHA Wellness Clinic (recognized as Best Spa in Europe by Spa Finder Wellness Travel Awards 2015) for 10 days in September 2017, offering wellness lectures and Iridology consultations as a Visiting Master. SHA Wellness Clinic’s healthy nutrition focuses on a macrobiotic diet and combines with the best in detox treatments.

More details available at


Retreat: 9-11 Sept 2016: Detox Weekend at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV  Jennifer will be at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas as part of their Digital Detox Wellness Weekend Retreat. Dedicate a full weekend to your health and well-being by eating healthy food, enjoying yoga and meditation classes, learning value keys for nutrition and health and engaging in sharing circles. Try a chakra guided meditation, and pranayama breathing techniques for continuing to destress at home. Stay at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas hotel in luxury while focusing on your health. In addition, you can sign up for your personal Iridology Consultation through the Mandarin Spa.

Contact Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Spa for details.

18 – 31 January 2016: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China  Jennifer will be at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, China offering health & NEW nutrition classes. For residents: Find out about heavy metal problems in Hong Kong and how you can protect yourself. For guests & residents: Learn fast ways to de-stress, rebalance and heal. Get your body out of pain & fatigue and tap into your natural energy again! Sign up for your personal Iridology Consultation through the Mandarin Landmark Spa.

Join my FREE workshops in Hong Kong on nutrition and wellness:
19 January 6:30pm at Kee Club Central: Eating for Energy
21 January 6:30pm The Landmark MO: Feel Good Foods vs. Bad Mood Foods
26 January 6:30pm The Landmark MO: Quality of food for Quality of Life

Contact Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Spa for details. Registration required for talks.

3 – 9 February 2016: Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives 7-day Juice Fast Retreat

Rated #1 hotel in the WORLD!! If you are looking to combine the BEST in luxury and natural beauty with the BEST in detox, then this retreat is for YOU! Jennifer has created an exclusive chakra cleansing juice fast program using the locally grown organic ingredients from the Gili Lankanfushi farm to offer your body the perfect blend of detox juices while giving your soul time to relax, recharge and renew. Jennifer will he hosting this retreat with daily nutritional classes so you have a full toolbox of diet and lifestyle awareness and a clear plan of how to continue making changes when you leave the luxury of this amazing resort.

Contact Gili Lankanfushi Spa for details.

17 – 30 May 2016: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain 

Alicante, Spain – Jennifer is honored and grateful to be back for a second year at SHA Wellness Clinic (recognized as Best Spa in Europe by Spa Finder Wellness Travel Awards 2015) for 2 weeks in May, offering wellness lectures and Iridology consultations as a Visiting Master. SHA Wellness Clinic’s healthy nutrition focuses on a macrobiotic diet and combines with the best in detox treatments.

More details available at


23 January – 1 February 2015: Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China  Jennifer will be at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, China offering health & nutrition classes: Beating the Sugar Blues and Eating for Energy. She will also be available for Iridology Consultations through the Mandarin Spa.

Contact Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Spa for details.

2 February- 11 February 2015

Bangkok, Thailand and Phuket, Thailand. From 5-11 February 2015 available for Iridology & health coaching consults.

14 – 28 May 2015: Mandarin Oriental Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey – Jennifer is hosting a NEW 5-star detox retreat at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey. This retreat offers a new 5-star beach resort combined with fantastic service and a top detox expert. There will be an option for a 3-day, 7-day and another 3-day juice fast detox cleanse package.

More details available at

Contact Mandarin Oriental Bodrum Spa for reservations.

12 – 18 July 2015: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain 

Alicante, Spain – Jennifer is honored and excited to be at SHA Wellness Clinic (recognized as Best Spa in Europe by Spa Finder Wellness Travel Awards 2015) for one week this summer, offering wellness lectures and Iridology consultations as a Visiting Master. SHA Wellness Clinic’s healthy nutrition seeks to introduce eating habits into the guests’ lifestyle that are capable of rebalancing the body, boosting its ability to heal itself.

More details available at

1 – 8 November 2015: Six Senses Hot Springs, Jordan 

Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan  Jennifer is delighted to announce a new venture with Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas in Jordan. She will be available for Iridology Consultations and unique Crystal Healing Energy Balancing Therapies through the Six Senses Spa. This is a gorgeous property not far from the therapeutic healing waters of the Dead Sea.

Contact the Six Senses Evason Ma’In Spa for details.

More dates and information to be announced. Check back often! 

Contact Jennifer to organize an event, workshop or retreat near you!

Jennifer’s Happenings

Holland 2014

  • Presented at the Dutch Raw Food Festival
  • Lectured on Food Additives at Impact Hub
  • Taught Detox & Raw Food Classes

The wonderful folks in Amsterdam, Holland gave Jennifer a warm welcome in June 2014. To kick-off the fun, Jennifer spoke on the main stage at the 2nd Annual Dutch Raw Food Festival. She then presented detox, raw foods and food additive classes at the Alchemist Garden (a raw food cafe) and at Impact Hub Amsterdam. And somehow in between, she saw Iridology clients!  A highlight: Noodermarket’s gorgeous organic market of fruit and veggies.

Hong Kong 2014

  • Worked at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
  • Offered Iridology Analyses
  • Taught Green Smoothie & Raw Food Classes

It was an absolute honor for Jennifer to be invited to the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong and offer detox/raw food talks, green smoothie classes and Iridology sessions in Feb/March 2014. The response was overwhelming and it was fantastic to see a strong raw food movement in Hong Kong and people genuinely interested in improving their diet and health. Well done Hong Kong!

Israel 2013

  • Moved to Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Offered Iridology Analyses and Health Coaching via Skype and Phone
  • Started writing Green Smoothie for Dummies

Shalom! After several months of being on the road, Jennifer found her new home with beach living and raw food in Tel Aviv, Israel. She fell in love with this place after a few visits and with an Israeli boyfriend, it was an easy decision to move there in August 2013. In less than 1 week of arriving, Jennifer manifested a book deal using the Law of Attraction and settled in to several months of intensive writing.

Ecuador 2013

  • Rented a house in Vilcabamba, Ecuador for 3 months
  • Explored the “Valley of Longevity”
  • Did a 25-day water fast

Jennifer advocates doing detox on a regular basis, and she also does it herself. So, she decided to take a break from traveling in mid-2013, stop in Ecuador and do a long water fast in the mountains of Vilcabamba, also known as the Valley of Longevity. Is it really the valley of longevity, or is it just hype? Read about Vilcabamba and moving to Ecuador here.

Guatemala 2013

  • Discovered raw food living in Guatemala
  • Enjoy magnificent nature at Semuc Champey
  • Tuned into the healing energy of Lake Atitlan

Guatemala was also a place to explore for the question: Can you travel safely, cheaply and on a high raw food organic diet in Guatemala? Yes! The nature in Guatemala is particularly outstanding especially at Lake Atitlan, Semuc Champey and Tikal National Park. Find out Jennifer’s important safety advice and top tips for traveling and finding healthy food in Guatemala.

Panama 2013

  • Researched raw foods and detox in Panama
  • Explored Bocas del Toro for beaches
  • Visited Boquette for mountains

Jennifer was researching health destinations for raw food and vegan living in Central America, so her trip to Panama in 2013 was to find out – is Panama a healthy and affordable destination for people wanting to live a high raw food vegan diet? The answer might surprise you. She also checked out Bocas del Toro for beaches and Boquette for mountains, 2 popular tourists spots.

Costa Rica 2013

  • Arrived to Costa Rica
  • Visited raw food and detox retreats
  • Explored some gorgeous nature spots!

After being based in SE Asia for almost 10 years, Jennifer went on tour to check out the raw food and detox scene in Central and South America. First stop for 2013: Costa Rica. She visited the vegan gluten-free hippie commune of Pachamama and then went for detox and raw foods at Farm of Life. Her favorite beach: Montezuma. Check out her recommended 21-day itinerary for traveling in Costa Rica.

Hawaii 2012

  • Toured a spirulina farm in Kona, Hawaii
  • Visited raw food restaurants in LA
  • Discovered Bend, OR for amazing nature hikes

Road trip USA! Jennifer started her adventures in Hawaii and then went over to Bend, Oregon for an awesome Michael Franti concert and unbelievable nature hikes and river tubing. From there it was Los Angeles then Denver, Philadelphia and Tampa. The highlights: touring a massive spirulina and astaxanthin farm in Kona, Hawaii and hitting the raw food restaurants in LA, especially Cafe Gratitude in Santa Monica and Kreation Juicery in Beverly Hills.

Japan 2012

  • Lectured on raw foods in Tokyo
  • Offered Iridology Analyses (with translator!)
  • Climbed Mount Fuji!!

Konichiwa! July 2012 brought Jennifer to Japan to host a Raw Foods Sunday Brunch and Detox Seminar at the Pink Cow Restaurant in Tokyo. It was a fantastic turnout, complete with a Japanese translator! With a few extra days in Japan, Jennifer had just enough time to explore the raw and vegan foods of Tokyo as well as climb to the summit of Mt Fuji.

USA 2012

  • Lectured on raw foods in Philadelphia
  • Workshop on Healing after Cancer
  • Lectured on detox in Philadelphia

Jennifer was in the USA in May 2012 for several talks in the Philadelphia area: ‘Raw Foods & Detox’ at the Essene Cafe, ‘Healing Foods & Reducing Inflammation After Cancer’ at Gilda’s Club in Warminster, PA, ‘Iridology & the Importance of Detox’ at the Center for Vibrant Living in Kennett Square, PA and ‘Personal Experience of a 40-day Water Fast’ at Arnold’s Cafe in Lansdale, PA.

Israel 2011

  • Co-hosted a detox at the Dead Sea
  • Explored raw foods in Tel Aviv
  • Taught a raw food class in Jordan

Back again to the Holy Land, Jennifer co-hosted a 7-day Detox at the Dead Sea in November 2011. It was a fantastic gathering of amazing women, what an experience! She then researched raw foods in Israel and even taught a Raw Food Class in Amman, Jordan. The interest in healthy living is officially worldwide!

Korea 2011

  • Lectured on raw foods and detox in Seoul
  • Taught Green Smoothie classes
  • Offered Iridology Analyses

It was a cold April of 2011 in Korea, but Jennifer braved the elements to teach her full series of Healthy Habits – Healthy Living Talks at the Mind Body Seoul Studio in Itaewon. In between, she offered Iridology Readings and created meal plans for individual clients. The response was overwhelming! There is truly a great health-conscious community emerging in Seoul!

Israel 2010

  • Fasted with Gabriel Cousens
  • Toured the Holy Land, amazing!
  • Offered Iridology Analyses in Tel Aviv

Jennifer took her first trip to Israel in November 2010 to attend the Tree of Life Juice Fast with Gabriel and Shanti Cousens. After, she offered Iridology Readings in Tel Aviv and of course via skype for her international clients 🙂 Pomegranate, pomello, fresh olives, raw tahina and Israeli salads makes Israel heaven for more than just the religious pilgrims! Raw Food Bliss for sure!

Hong Kong 2010

  • Taught Green Smoothie classes
  • Lectured on raw foods and detox
  • Offered Iridology Analyses

In June 2010, Jennifer visited Hong Kong, China to spread the Power of the Greens! She offered her Green Smoothie Classes at i-detox with Anita Cheung. The people of Hong Kong were very warm & welcoming. In fact, Jennifer was fully booked with Iridology Sessions! And yes, it is possible to be healthy, even in Hong Kong. Read Jennifer’s article Raw Food, Detox & Healthy Living in Hong Kong, China to learn more.

Malaysia 2010

  • Taught raw food classes in KL
  • Connected with the Just Life team
  • Offered Iridology Analyses

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia saw Jennifer in April 2010 offering Raw Food classes and Iridology Readings at the Lightworks Metaphysical Shop. She also sleuthed the town over to find healthy, organic vegan and even raw food options. Read her article on Raw Food, Detox & Healthy Living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for all the details.

Bali 2010

  • Offered Iridology Analyses
  • Participated in the Bali Spirit Festival
  • Green Smoothie class at Green School

Back to Bali for the 2010 Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali! Jennifer offered non-stop Iridology Assessments and Crystals Readings at the Festival’s Dharma Fair. After the 3-day yoga – dance – meditation – healing event, Jennifer paid a visit the Green School in Ubud and this year she taught her Green Smoothie Class for the entire school! Power of the Greens!

Maui 2009

  • Worked at Four Seasons Maui
  • Offered Iridology Analyses
  • Taught Green Smoothie classes

Jennifer spent 2 months in Hawaii in 2009. She travelled all through Maui and the Big Island researching local restaurants, farmers markets and stores for healthy, raw food options. Jennifer was also at the Four Seasons in Wailea, Maui offering Green Smoothie Classes and Iridology Sessions.

Australia 2009

  • Studied with Fred Bisci
  • Learned from raw food expert
  • Networked with raw food Aussies

Fred Bisci did his first Australia Tour in May 2009, and Jennifer flew from Thailand to Perth to be part of the historic event. Having been a 100% raw food vegan for over 45 years, Fred has an amazing amount of knowledge and wisdom to share with others, and he did just that during his 4-day seminar in Perth, WA. Read Jennifer’s account of Fred’s Australia lectures.

Bali 2009

  • Green Smoothie class at Green School
  • Participated in the Bali Spirit Festival
  • Offered Iridology Analyses

Jennifer was at the 2009 Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali where she had a table for Iridology Assessments and Crystals Readings. It was a great time, especially thanks to her friends Monika and Alan! During the festival, Jennifer also had a chance to visit the Green School in Ubud and she even did a Green Smoothie demonstration and class for the staff! Go Greens! Read more details of Jennifer’s Bali experience.

Sedona 2008

  • Went to Raw Spirit Sedona
  • Inspired by fantastic speakers
  • Highlight: Meeting Medicine Wolf

Raw Spirit Sedona Festival in 2008 was a great gathering of raw food inspiration and good clean fun. Jennifer travelled all the way from Thailand to be there; even better, her friend Ji Young flew from Korea! It was a wonderful event and a great opportunity to feel what’s really happening in the Raw Food world. Read Jennifer’s reviews of all the amazing speakers, including David WolfeVictoria BoutenkoKris Carr and Gabriel Cousins.

Contact Jennifer to organize your next event, raw food workshop or amazing detox retreat.

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