What are Irradiated Foods? What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Consumers Beware! This symbol means your food is IRRADIATED!

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The things they do to food these days! Now there’s food irradiation as a form of preserving food. That means zapping it with gamma rays, very much like X-raying food. It’s purpose: to extend the shelf life by killing insects, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

So what’s wrong, you ask, with that? After all, we X-ray ourselves. We don’t turn radioactive. But remember that low radiation is not exactly the same. The doses here are extremely high, up to an equivalent of 300 million chest X-rays.

Don’t you wonder what happens to the food’s cells at that level of radiation?

Food is passed into a shielded room where it is bombarded with gamma radiation from a radioactive source. The dose depends on the type of food:

  • Fruits and vegetables – up to 100,000 rads
  • Poultry – up to 300,000 rads (or 30 million chest X-rays)
  • Spices – up to 3,000,000 rads (or 300 million chest X-rays)


Does it work to preserve food?

Depending on the dose, the rays can kill bacteria that cause food to spoil. But, it can still get reinfected again. Also, some bacteria can’t be killed at lower doses of radiation. Those that survive are free to breed quickly, since they no longer have competitors.

Is Irradiated Food wholesome?

Irradiation destroys most vitamins – especially vitamins A, C, E and thiamine. Fruit juices lose more vitamins than fruits, which lose more than vegetables and grains, which in turn, lose more than meat.

Is Irradiated Food safe?

In irradiation, the chemical structure of food is altered. Unstable molecules or ‘free radicals’ are created that are unlike any created by other types of cooking. These can damage the body cells and promote cancer. They may also cause premature ageing of the skin and body.

Why do Manufacturers love it?

Irradiated foods look fresh even though they may be several months or years old. There’s no way to tell them apart from really fresh food. So, consumers can be easily deceived.

How do you know it’s been Irradiated?

DON’T BUY if you see this!

Look for the deceptively eco-friendly looking symbol for Irradiation on your foods. It has such a ‘clean and green’ healthy look that you might not even notice it! But now you know the truth!

Consumers beware!! This is an important label that you will want to recognize for what it is. If you see it on a package, that food has been IRRADIATED. Consumers should also know that the FDA has said the word “pasteurization” is an acceptable substitute for “irradiation”.

What can you do?

Write to your local politicians, supermarkets and food manufacturers and demand that these Frankenfoods be banned. Do everything in your power to educate others on the importance of eating natural, whole and pure!

Source: the book Danger Foods: A CAP guide to Hidden Dangers in Foods.

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Jennifer Betesh has been working with raw food, juices, smoothies and detox for over two decades to help people heal. Today, she shares her expertise worldwide, offering lectures, workshops, training and one-on-one consultations at various health and detox retreat centers. She provides Iridology Readings & Health Coaching via Skype and Phone to clients and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains, power-walking along the sea or globe-trotting to a new and exotic health destination.
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  1. Ashok T Jaisinghani
    Ashok T Jaisinghani says:


         Irradiation of foods is done for reducing spoilage by killing the pathogenic bacteria and harmful insects. Irradiation is also used for preventing the sprouting and ripening in vegetables and fruits. 

         Irradiation of foods causes massive losses of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C, which can be as high as 80 per cent to 90 per cent! The regular consumption of such foods can cause SEVERE CONSTIPATION, which cannot easily be relieved even by the regular use of STRONG LAXATIVES. Can even the highly experienced doctors understand the real reason for such SEVERE CONSTIPATION? The SEVERE CONSTIPATION must be the result of eating IRRADIATED FOODS, which must be destroying Vitamin B1, Vitamin C and other biochemicals also within the bodies of the persons who consume such foods, which can have low-level RESIDUAL RADIATION! 


         The REGULAR consumption of   IRRADIATED FOODS drastically REDUCES the formation of THYROXIN by preventing the utilization of IODINE. As the thyroid gland becomes extremely SLUGGISH, and there is a massive deficiency of thyroxin, the CONSTIPATION also becomes EXTREMELY SEVERE in the affected persons. 

         Besides HYPOTHYROIDISM, this chronic constipation due to the IRRADIATED FOODS can be associated with polyneuritis (pain in nerves), edema, high blood pressure, high levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood, obesity, heart disease, headaches, sleeplessness, mental depression, baldness, chronic fatigue, non-insulin-deficiency diabetes (NIDD), LEUKEMIA, tumors and CANCER. 


         The REGULAR consumption of IRRADIATED FOODS and DRINKS can also cause ARTHRITIS. The harmful effects of IRRADIATION can make the bones weak and even cause pain in the joints. Due to the SCURVY and BLEEDING of GUMS, caused by the massive destruction of Vitamin C, there can also be a LOOSENING of the TEETH, which can be lost. Even WHOLE UNDAMAGED teeth can just get loose and fall out from their sockets in the jaw bones due to the harmful effects caused by the regular consumption of IRRADIATED FOODS and DRINKS. Otherwise, why should the teeth, which appear to be quite healthy, become loose and fall out? I have myself lost 2 WHOLE TEETH in their original shape and size, which just loosened and came out! I have kept the 2 INTACT teeth in a glass bottle, as I can show them to others when necessary. 

         Even the fiber-rich foods made from multigrains can become EXTREMELY CONSTIPATING after they are treated with IRRADIATION. The IRRADIATION causes MASSIVE DESTRUCTION of Vitamin B1, Vitamin C and other nutrients not only in such foods, but also in the bodies of people who consume such foods, which continue to have low-level RESIDUAL RADIATION!

         Almost all of the packed foods and drinks, which have shelf lives of many months, or even a couple of years, are HIGHLY IRRADIATED items. Only a few days back, I realized that I was suffering from the TOXIC EFFECTS of IRRADIATION due to eating ROTEES (unleavened bread) prepared from the multigrain flour containing about 90% whole wheat flour, the packet of which I had bought from a big MALL. Somehow I have just managed to survive. Now, I prefer to buy many food items that are available LOOSE from the local grocers, rather than buy the PACKED grains and flours from the POSH MALLS, where HIGHLY IRRADIATED items are sold in packages. 

         IRRADIATION of FOODS and DRINKS must have already caused the PREMATURE DEATHS of MILLIONS of PEOPLE all over the world. 

         Ashok T Jaisinghani,



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