A new journey awaits you!

A new journey awaits you!

From working so many clients over the last several years, Jennifer has identified the areas where people are failing in their healing journey.

‘Most people know what they should be doing, but they simply don’t know how to start making the change,’ she says.

Especially after a detox or cleanse, too many people go right back into old patterns of bad habits and negative thoughts and they lose focus of their long-term goals.

USA: Jennifer discusses Healing Foods and Reducing Inflammation After Cancer


Your talk was inspirational, real and a true blessing for me to listen to. I will use this gorgeous energy you shared with us to really focus on my personal goals and desires for the coming year. -Rachel, USA

Jennifer personally developed a series of modules and classes to try help her clients achieve long-term success, once and for all.

Her goal is to empower and motivate her clients, while at the same time giving them practical suggestions for making improvements in their diet and lifestyle that are realistic for people in a fast-paced, busy world.

Some of the workshops that Jennifer currently offers include:

  • Feel Good Foods vs. Bad Mood Foods and the Truth in Food Labeling If you are suffering from headaches, rashes, insomnia, infertility, hair loss, food allergies, difficulty with concentration, anxiety, depression, puffy eyes, sticky eyes, hot flashes or sensitivity to light or sound, this talk is a MUST. In just one hour of learning what to look for, you can improve the quality of your food by more than 90%!!! You CAN make better choices, and it doesn’t have to cost more. Jennifer will show you how. A few simple lessons will help you start to understand the tricks that manufacturers use to sell their food. And yes, that food can be making you feel terrible! We’re going to look at real examples of food labels that are on Jennifer’s DO NOT EAT list. You’ll learn what to look for and what these additives can do to your emotional and physical health. The result: A healthier, happier YOU!



  • Using Raw Foods to Achieve Your Health Goals Are you ‘raw curious,’ wanting to know more about the raw food diet and how eating more raw foods might benefit you? Learn what it is how to do it, and hear some amazing success stories. Learn how to deal with social pressures and emotional attachments to old comfort foods while making positive change to your diet and lifestyle. Hear about the most common mistakes that people make when transitioning to raw, and how you can avoid them. Gain an understanding of the most popular Superfoods such as Acai powder, Goji Berries, Spirulina, Maca Powder, Cacao, Coconut Oil, Flax and Hemp Seed. Impress your friends as you explain the difference between a Green Smoothie, Wheatgrass Shot and Spirulina bar.Jennifer will also discuss the top 3 minerals that most people are deficient in today, and where you can find them in raw, vegan and vegetarian food! This lecture will fast-track your raw food results and you’ll soon be a raw food expert yourself!



  • Detox 101 Have you wondered about the detox craze – what it is, do you need it, and how to do it?Find out how different types of detox can help you to:• Improve your energy levels
    • Increase metabolism
    • Enhance weight loss
    • Restore your digestive system
    • Cleanse your liver and colon
    • Balance your hormones
    • Boost your immune systemREMEMBER: You are what you eat, and you are also what you don’t eat!A successful detox program allows you to eliminate the buildup of toxic waste but should also rebuild your mineral and vitamin reserve.Maybe it’s time to detox some negative people in your life too? Find out some really practical tips on detoxing your daily life and even your home for creating a sacred, relaxing, peaceful loving space in which to live.



  • Nutrition for Pregnancy, Fertility and Breast-Feeding For all moms and mom-to-be, this is a lecture dedicated to your health and well-being and how your nutritional needs change as you prepare for pregnancy and beyond:What foods are best for fertility?
    How can you keep your energy levels high throughout your pregnancy?
    Is it safe to eat a vegan diet while pregnant and breast-feeding?
    What foods do you need to eat to make the most nutritious breast milk?
    What are the best foods to eat to have a calm, peaceful baby that sleeps through the night?
    Do you have a back-up plan for a healthy formula if for whatever reason you are unable to breast-feed?Jennifer has successfully worked with hundreds of female clients from IVF to pregnancy and through birthing and breast-feeding as a nutritional coach for a healthy mom, baby and family.



  • What About (dot dot dot)….? Jennifer answers all the common questions and breaks down barriers, showing you how to make the best choices for your health with where you are in your life. Get answers to your concerns about…bread, coffee, white sugar, white rice, alcohol, meat, dairy, soy milk, tofu, sushi and more.



  • Maximize Your Benefits after Your Detox Are you worried that you will lose all the benefits of your detox, cleanse, fast, yoga retreat or meditation? Then this talk is a must for you! Learn how to use the power of your mind to start making change today, now, in this very moment! Prepare yourself for a healthy path for the rest of your life!



  • Transition to an 80 – 100% Raw Food Diet – Success on Vegan Raw Foods. Jennifer outlines the basics starting at what is raw food, gives practical tips on how to find raw foods in a busy world and prepares you socially for the questions and comments you may encounter while embarking on a raw food journey (including where do you get your protein, how can you live off of salads and isn’t it natural for humans to eat meat?). If you are ready to go vegan and raw, then this talk is for you. PS. There is much more to raw food then lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad!!



  • Power of the Green Smoothies – Food Preparation and Information Class. Jennifer explains the importance of dark, leafy greens in the diet, explains why it is the missing link to good health, then demonstrates recipes and combinations of various Green Smoothies so you have a complete toolbox of information to take home and start Going Green!



  • Superfoods – What they are, how to eat them, do you need them? Gain an understanding of the most popular Superfoods such as Acai powder, Goji Berries, Spirulina, Maca Powder, Cacao, Coconut Oil, Flax Seed, Hemp Seed, Green Powder, Kelp, Dulse and more!



  • How to be Healthy in Asia. Wherever you are in the world, staying healthy can be a challenge, but especially in Asia. When you are living in a foreign place, where do you begin? Jennifer has lived and traveled in SE Asia for 10 years and can teach you some simple techniques for travel, eating out, making better choices for your family & understanding foreign food labels.



  • Meditation for Busy People – A Practical Approach to Mindfulness. Conscious thought creates our reality…so how can you harness the power of your thoughts to quiet the mind, enjoy a peaceful existence and connect with your divine source? All you need is seven minutes a day!



Raw Food Diet for Detox Success! Philadelphia, PA USA


Jennifer can design a class, workshop or personalized program for individuals or groups, creating a flowing, professional and organized program that suits your time and scheduling requirements.

She is available for courses, full retreats, private detox consulting and raw food coaching. Jennifer is committed to helping her clients make improvements in their health using a realistic and practical approach. She is ready to meet you wherever you are at with no judgement, only a sincere offer of guidance and support. Her passion, dedication, energy and enthusiasm are positively contagious!

Please contact Jennifer directly to begin planning your Healthy Bliss workshop today!

Read what others have to say:

Very thorough and engaging lecture peppered with fun and meaningful anecdotes that clearly explains reasons for continuing a healthy path. — Andrew C., Australia


Hong Kong, China: Jennifer teaching an Intro to Iridology Class

It was amazing attending your seminar, experiencing about your personal travel in every sense of the word, and health not only for the body, but bringing in the aspect of a healthier Earth, which is the only serious long-term solution for a healthier life! I will always admire people like you, and share my great respect with peace, love and aspiration. — Oliver E., Denmark


Israel: Teaching How to Sprout at Home

Thank you for sharing your experience – this has been the most helpful talk I’ve come across so far! You deliver the information in a humorous, personal and down-to-earth manner, so much that you immediately connect with your audience. The suggestions for healthy living are so practical and simplified that I left the talk feeling empowered to take the next step in my healing journey, knowing I can do this! Thanks again! — Lorral D., Canada


Seoul, Korea: Discussing Food Additives and How to Read Food Labels

Your speech was both inspirational and practical. Before attending, I was feeling overwhelmed with the idea of trying to take the health I have gained from my cleanse into my daily life. Now, with your talk, I will write my goals, stay focused and not quit! Look out blender, here I come with the ingredients for Green Smoothies! — Cathy B., Canada


Koh Samui, Thailand: Teaching a Raw Food Cooking Class

Jennifer’s talk on Healthy Habits was a genuine insight into someone that had their own personal healing journey and had made life-changing decisions re: diet and lifestyle to completely heal and transform. She was surprisingly honest which was refreshing. It made my 7-day detox seem even more necessary and my commitment to it even stronger. — Gwenda M., Australia


Hong Kong, China: Jennifer teaching Raw Food and Green Smoothies

Jen’s talk was absolutely inspiring, interesting and informative, all at the same time (so much that I went 2 times), and my friends completely agreed. I loved the way that it was personalized and that it really brought forth the effects of certain foods on our bodies (good and bad). Jen shared so much information about how we can make ‘achievable’ long-term change once returning home. — Natalie L., China/ Australia


Koh Samui, Thailand: Jennifer’s famous Green Smoothie Class

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your passion, your health and your stories with us. I know you will do wonderful things – shifting people’s consciousness wherever you find yourself in this beautiful world. – Amber, UK


Philadelphia, PA: Teaching Raw Food and Detox at the Essene Cafe

Thanks again for all of your laughter, love, wisdom, adundance, clarity & experience. Deep, deep gratitude.. -Gareth, Australia

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