Raw Food Diet for Detox and Cleansing – Success!

Are you suffering from headaches, constipation, irregular periods, infertility, fatigue, heartburn, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or insomnia?

Did you every think that your ailment could be caused or related to the foods you are eating??

Raw Food is a Healing Diet

If de-vitalized, processed and chemically-altered foods can create dis-ease, then surely natural, whole and pure foods can reverse it.

Raw foods especially are excellent for cleansing the body and bringing it back to it’s natural state because they are full of natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins, fiber and chlorophyll – all the elements that the body needs to heal!

Mother Earth has given us everything we need.

Consider trying a raw food diet as a cleansing diet, even on a temporary basis. Even 1 month of 100% raw organic fresh fruits and vegetables can do wonders. With nothing to lose and so much to gain, I can’t see why everyone wouldn’t give it a try!

You can even consider taking a raw food holiday – book a 1-month retreat in a warm, tropical climate (hmm…think Thailand!), take a Raw Food Class (ummm…perhaps Jennifer?) and then get chopping and start creating your very own Raw Food Cleanse!

It’s all possible. All we need is you!

I now offer one-on-one Raw Food Coaching to support you through your Raw Food Journey. Contact me to get started today!

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Raw Food for Weight Loss – Before and After Pictures

Can a Raw Food Diet be the answer?

A Raw Food Diet can be a wonderful diet to help people achieve weight loss. One of the main reasons why it works is because when you eat raw food, you naturally avoid the cooked food temptations that may lead you to over-eat. Raw food also digests very easily and allows the body to get back into balance at it’s own natural pace.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.
It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be forever! You can use it as a tool to get to your ideal weight and slowly you can re-introduce cooked foods back into the diet. Eventually you may want to eat more raw foods anyway and that’s ok too! But so many people make the mistake of thinking this is an all-or-nothing now-and-forever type of decision and it doesn’t have to be that way!

Just consider that you may actually have a better chance of long-term success if you do a Raw Food Weight Loss Program rather than a full fasting program. You will also be high-boosting your mineral and vitamin reserve and therefore gaining inner strength, increasing immune function and also cleansing the cells, blood and tissues.

I was successful using a Raw Food Diet to lose weight and the best thing was that I ate as much as I wanted! I didn’t have to count calories or scale portions or weigh meals – in fact, I ate more than everyone else around me and I still lost weight! It’s true!!

Jennifer Cooked (Before) & Jennifer Raw (After)

One book that really helped me initially go all raw was The Sunfood Success Diet System by David Wolfe. Nowadays there are so many Raw Food Potlucks on craigslist.org and meetup.com. Imagine finding a new network of friends to help support and encourage you along the way!

It’s been 4 years since I started my raw food journey. I continue to feel better, more energetic, healthier and younger every day! And I have maintained my weight loss without ever feeling like I am on a limiting diet.

Jennifer Cooked (Before) & Jennifer Raw (After)

I now offer one-on-one Private Coaching for Raw Food Weight Loss. I can help you identify where you may be making mistakes and get you on a fast track to feeling good and looking great. There is nothing special about me, in fact, I am exactly like you! So, if I can do it, believe me, you can too!

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Raw Food, Detox & Healthy Living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a popular travel hub within South East Asia, but did you know it could also be a place to find organic vegan, vegetarian and raw food too? Next time you pass through KL, consider staying a day or two and take advantage of some nice healthy options that the city has to offer.

A Healing & Metaphysical Oasis

A Healing & Metaphysical Oasis

The Bukit Bintang area is a great place to start. Unwind from your travels with a yoga class or meditation at the Lightworks Metaphysical Shop.

Different workshops are held weekly so be sure to check their online schedule. Reiki, Tarot Card and other forms of Energy Healing are also available. They have a very good selection of New Age books, music, DVDs and crystals as well.

I occasionally offer Raw Food, Superfood and Iridology Talks and Classes at Lightworks throughout the year.

Check my schedule to see when I may be there next!

Lightworks Metaphysical Shop, 19 Jalan Mesui (Off Jalan Nagasari) Kuala Lumpur

If you walk around the corner from Lightworks towards BB Plaza, you will pass right by some of the best fresh fruit vendors in Kuala Lumpur, and maybe even in all of Malaysia. Don’t miss your chance to try the durian. Yum!

Vegan Bread at Woods Bio Marche

Vegan Bread at Woods Bio Marche

When you get to Bukit Bintang, turn right and walk down the road just 150 meters towards the Low Yat Mall. On the right-hand side you will see Woods Bio Marche Macrobiotic Restaurant. This is a great option for vegan and vegetarian food. There is one raw food salad on the menu – the ‘5-energy salad with miso dressing,’ but mostly this is a cooked food restaurant. The restaurant also has a small shop which sells organic dried fruit, seaweeds, nuts, seeds, beans, Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

Well worth a visit for sure! They also have locations at Bangsar and Bukit Kira.

Woods Bio Marche, Bukit Bintang (across from Low Yat Plaza)

Middle Eastern Bliss

Middle Eastern Bliss

Still in the Bukit Bintang area, you can walk in the other direction back towards Lot 10 Mall. In the basement of Lot 10, there is supermarket where you can buy all types of dried Arabian dates. You will find them on display near the fresh fruit and produce area. Choose from Mariami, Piarum and Mozafati dates from Iran, Harmoni dates from Egypt and Medjool dates from California, USA. Now that is some serious raw food bliss!!

Across the road from Lot 10 on Bukit Bintang, there are several Middle Eastern restaurants where you can enjoy some really yummy salads. My personal favorite is the Tarbush Restaurant with ‘Arabic & Lebanese Cuisine to Satisfy All Your Senses.’ Love it!

Restoran Tarbush, 138 Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Lee Yen, Jennifer & Callie - Girl Power!

Lee Yen, Jennifer & Callie - Girl Power!

If you have more time, make a trip out to the Mid Valley Mall. There you will find a fantastic organic store called Just Life Shop. This place is awesome. Full of organic produce, teas, dried foods, cleaning products, body products, books and more, this place is like a Disneyland for health advocates. Take the train or a taxi to Mid Valley, then walk through to the Gardens which is a smaller mall next door. You will find Just Life on the Lower Ground Level.

The staff at Just Life are so friendly and also highly knowledgeable. Their organic produce comes from local farmers and you can even arrange to visit the farms yourself. There are several locations throughout Kuala Lumpur and also in Penang – check their website for details.

Just Life Shop (several locations), The Gardens, Mid Valley Mall Kuala Lumpur

Yogi Tree Cafe - Wheatgrass Yeah!

Yogi Tree Cafe - Wheatgrass Yeah!

Also in the Gardens Mall is a nice little healthy restaurant called the Yogi Tree Cafe. If you have been hanging out for some fresh wheatgrass juice, then go straight to Yogi Tree!

Start with a fresh wheatgrass shot and chase it down with a freshly made juice – like the Peak Performer with grapes, pear, apple & pineapple. They have a good selection of smoothies and salads as well.

Yogi Tree Cafe, The Gardens 1rst Floor, Mid Valley Mall Kuala Lumpur

Rainforest Juice o.m.g. SO good!

Rainforest Juice o.m.g. SO good!

About a 10 MYR and 10-minute taxi ride from Mid Valley is the Bangsar Village Shopping Mall. In there you will find Country Farm Organics Restaurant and Store. This place is ok – they have a good selection of produce and products, but the restaurant did not ‘wow’ me. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get back there, but if I happen to be in the area, I would definitely stop in for a ‘Rainforest Juice’ (fresh wheatgrass and green apple juice). That is a great combination!

In the store, they have organic pet foods and a special gluten and wheat-free section.

Country Farm Organics, Bangsar Village Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur

For detox and cleansing in Kuala Lumpur, I would definitely recommend a visit to Dr. Chan at his Natural Health Clinic in the Pertama Complex. Especially if you are looking for a specialized heavy metal detox program, Dr. Chan is the man to see. He uses German technology to test for heavy metal toxicity and makes homeopathic remedies based on the test results. Dr. Chan works with a trained dentist in KL for safe removal of amalgam fillings. If you have had a lot of vaccinations or have a lot of dental work, you should seriously consider visiting Dr. Chan.

Dr. Chan, Pertama Complew 3rd Floor Kuala Lumpur

NEW! Here’s an awesome Raw Food Malaysia update…there is now a detox and raw food delivery service in Kuala Lumpur! Whether you are passing through on holiday or a resident looking for healthy raw food delivery, this place is for you. I know I’ll be hitting them up the next time I’m in KL! Check it out: Delicious Detox Delivery, Malaysia.

I hope you enjoy your time in Kuala Lumpur, and remember that every destination can be a healthy and fun destination! You may even meet more like-minded souls!

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Raw Food, Detox & Healthy Living in Hong Kong, China

Yes, it’s true! You can be healthy while living or visiting Hong Kong, China. I was just recently there myself offering Green Smoothie Classes and Iridology Readings, so my information below is based on personal experience. Overall, I was rather impressed with what I found.

Life Organic Cafe, Hong Kong

Life Organic Cafe, Hong Kong

Life Organic Health Cafe is definitely a convenient option is you are in Central Hong Kong – Soho area. They have some raw food salads on the menu and some nice raw flax crackers and raw granola. The takeaway bar downstairs is a cheaper alternative to the restaurant menu.

Overall, I’d rate the food as ‘ok’ – nothing amazing, and I did have to question their sauces and wonder about food additives….but if you are looking for something on the healthier side of Hong Kong, it’s a good place to start. There is definitely room for improvement and I hope to see more vegan, organic, additive-free raw food options on the menu in the future.

Life Cafe 10 Shelley Street, Soho, Central Hong Kong www.lifecafe.com.hk

Mix is a great chain of smoothie, vegetarian salads and fresh juice bars in Hong Kong. They have several locations in the Central area, including the Landmark, Connaught Place and Hollywood Road. The best thing they have on the menu is fresh wheatgrass – what a welcomed boost of mineral and chlorophyll love in the middle of city life! Definitely worth the investment in your health to have a daily wheatgrass shot! Just go to Mix early, as they often seemed to run out…They also offer a wide selection of fresh smoothies…but be wary of the apple juice that they add to the smoothie as it surely has added sugars. A healthier alternative would be to order your smoothie with fresh fruit and water and ask for your wheatgrass shot to be blended in as well! Now that’s some healthy bliss!

Mix Smoothie & Juice Shops, Various Locations in Central Hong Kong, also at the International Airport and Tsim Sha Tsui

Anita Cheung & Jennifer Thompson Smoothie Jamming with Greens and Superfoods in Hong Kong!

Anita Cheung & Jennifer Thompson Smoothie Jamming with Greens and Superfoods in Hong Kong!

If you are looking for a SuperFood boost to your diet, Hong Kong can offer it to you. The SuperFood Queen of Hong Kong is Anita Cheung and if she doesn’t have it, she can most likely order it for you. Anita has the highest quality vegan, organic raw cacao, coconut oil, goji berries, spirulina, powdered greens, probiotics, hemp seed, flax seed, maca root and more.

She also specializes in creating a detox program that will help you stay healthy while living in a stressful environment like Hong Kong! So stop in for a visit today!

Anita Cheung at I-Detox, Soho, Central Hong Kong www.i-detox.com

For health supplements and an interesting supply of various healthy products, you should make a visit to Green Concepts Health Shop. They have 2 locations – one in Causeway Bay and another smaller shop on Wellington Street in Central Hong Kong. I was very impressed to see the Arise and Shine products for sale there at a very reasonable price. In addition, they have a great selection of homeopathic remedies, an excellent supply of natural henna hair dyes, some great water purifiers, an interesting library of books for sale. I will definitely be visiting this shop on future Hong Kong visits!

Green Concepts Co., Ltd. 54 Jardines Bazaar, Causeway Bay & 74 Wellington Street, Hong Kong

Jennifer teaching Green Smoothies in Hong Kong

Jennifer teaching Green Smoothies in Hong Kong

Whoever said you can’t get organic food in China? I thought I died and went to organic heaven when I found Three Sixty, Hong Kong’s largest organic and whole foods store. It’s not cheap, but nothing in Hong Kong is! Every dollar spent was well worth it in my opinion, and for sure I would recommend this place if you are looking for food with no animal by-products, artificial growth hormones or antibiotics and no artificial preservatives, colour and flavours.

They have fresh produce, raw food, vegetarian & vegan takeaway, organic milk and cheeses, herbal teas and even organic coffee. Three Sixty, when are you coming to Bangkok??

After all that healthy shopping and delicious eating, you will sure need some time to relax! Energy Healing can keep you balanced and refreshed, and Hong Kong has the best practitioners on hand to help you. I highly recommend Shakti Healing Circle – it’s a wonderful retreat in the heart on Soho in Central Hong Kong. They offer Reiki Healing, Yoga, QiGong and dance workshops. Check their website often, as they often host international practitioners from around the globe.

Shakti Healing Circle, Soho, Central Hong Kong www.shaktihealingcircle.com

Teaching the Science of Iridology in Hong Kong China

Teaching the Science of Iridology in Hong Kong China

And, finally….always check in to see if I am in Hong Kong, China so you can be sure to join my Green Smoothie Class, Healthy Habits Lecture or Introduction to Iridology Talk. I also teach a class on the Truth in Food Labeling which I would definitely offer on a future visit.

Check my schedule to see where I am or contact me to book an online Iridology session – with the power of the internet, we can meet anywhere in the world!

Jennifer's Green Smoothie Class at i-detox.com, Hong Kong China

Jennifer\’s Green Smoothie Class at i-detox.com, Hong Kong China

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The Truth in Food Labeling – Food Additives to Avoid & Hidden Sources of MSG

Many people mistakenly think that flavor enhancers such as MSG (monosodium glutamate) are only in Chinese foods, and as long as they avoid Chinese foods, they are safe. Below you will see MSG in foods like Campbell’s soup, gravies and sauces. Taking a few minutes to scan food labels and make better choices in what you buy is the best investment you can make in your long-term health and longevity!

Some typical reactions that can occur from either MSG or the additives list below include: migraine headaches, insomnia, itchy rashes, asthma attacks, behavioral disorders, depression, heart irregularities, anxiety, arthritis, sinus problems and many digestive problems including diarrhea.

MSG, Ribonucleotides, Disodium Inosinate, and Disodium Guanylate are all flavor enhancers which add a salty, savory taste to foods.

They can be listed either by name or by additive number (sometimes called ‘E numbers’) as you will see below. Legally, these chemicals can also be ‘hidden’ in terms such as ‘spices,’ ‘yeast extract,’ ‘hydrolyzed vegetable protein,’ and ‘flavoring’ so I suggest avoiding products with any of these dodgy terms on the label.

MSG (E621) is known to cause migraine headaches and can also cause diarrhea. Ribonucleotide (E627, E635 or E631) is another salty food additive which can cause a itchy irritable rash, known as the ‘Ribo Rash.’ In my personal experience, I have seen Ribonucleotide (or Disodium Inosinate and Disodium Guanylate) cause a sudden rapid heart rate (up to 160 beats per minute) and also trigger anxiety attacks.

Let’s start looking at some labels.

Mmmm, mmmm, not so good!

Mmmm, mmmm, not so good!

Here we have a can of good ol’ fashioned Campbell’s Low Salt Chicken Soup. By all account it would appear to be healthy, in fact notice right on the label how it says ‘No MSG’ and ‘No Artificial Flavors.’ Well, I don’t know how they got away with that one, because if you look right on the ingredients list, you will see Disodium Inosinate and Disodium Guanylate, both nasty chemical flavor enhancers.

You will also see Yeast Extract and Soy Protein Concentrate – legally MSG can be hidden in these ingredients and they do not have to report MSG as an additive.

Anytime you see a ‘yeast extract’ or ‘protein extract or concentrate,’ beware. In fact, put it back on the shelf. You see, this is where manufacturers are the masters of marketing. Everyone knows MSG is bad for you, and the companies know that, so they label their products as having ‘No MSG’ knowing that you will think it is a healthier choice, but of course they still have to add flavor to their artificial unnatural devitalized foods, so they add it in the form of other chemical additives which you have never heard of. Until now!!

And really, just look at this so-called ‘mechanically separated chicken’ – I mean, what is that?? That alone should have you running towards the hills!

Instant Loss of Health!

Instant Loss of Health!

Next example.

Ok, here we have a Contintental Instant Cup of Beef Noodle Soup. They have done a good job of highlighting all the uses of wheat here, but they have not distracted me from seeing the truth.

The nasty hidden chemicals here will be in the yeast extract, herb extract, spice extract and flavor enhancer 635.

All spice, yeast, protein or even herb extracts can have MSG in them. Always watch for that term ‘extract,’ especially in salty foods.

And 635, well that is the mother of the Ribo Rash -in my opinion, it is the worst food additive of all time.

They are even nice enough to tell you that this product contains soy, wheat and milk, but they neglect to tell you about the cheap nasty chemicals in there too!

Be aware that the following additives contain MSG or free glutamate: hydrolysed vegetable protein, hydrolysed protein, hydrolsyed plant protein, yeast extract, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, hydrolysed oat flour. The following ingredients often contain MSG, even though it may not be declared on the label: malt extract, malt flavoring, stock, broth, natural beef or chicken flavoring, seasoning, spices.
– from the book ‘Avoid Chemicals in Your Food’, published by the Consumer’s Association of Penang

Ain't like it was back on the farm

Aint like it was back on the farm

In this example, we are looking at a can of Old El’ Paso Refried Beans. If you didn’t know the truth in food labelling, this one would completely pass you by.

But by now I hope you noticed the ‘yeast extract’ right away and also the ‘natural flavor.’ Again, both are legal terms used to hide MSG and the other flavor enhancers as well.

No - not the mac and cheese too!

No - not the mac and cheese too!

So much for the Chinese food guys….we are not anywhere near Asian foods and look at all the hidden nasties! Yes, it’s true, even the mac and cheese is chemically altered. See for yourself – ‘natural flavors, yeast extract, spice extract and flavor enhancer 635.’ And somehow it is ‘National Heart Foundation Approved.’ Hmmm. I wonder how many people have experienced an increased heart rate due to that 635. Are you starting to recognize the difference between good marketing and truth in labeling?

A bit of MSG with your Daal?

A bit of MSG with your Daal?

Man, they were doing so good up until the very last ingredient – MSG (E621), otherwise known as Monosodium Glutamate. In your innocent lentil daal!!

MSG is a major excitotoxin and is known to damage the part of the brain that governs many other systems in the body. This damage may appear as symptoms of the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system. Thus it can manifest in disrupted sleep patterns, food cravings, and persistent hunger, which often leads to obesity. MSG also induces migraine headaches, asthma attacks, behavioral disorders, depression, heart irregularities, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, sinus problems and many digestive problems including diarrhea.
– from the book ‘Is MSG Safe?’, published by the Consumer’s Association of Penang

UPDATE: A recent study from John Hopkins researchers published in the journal Neurology (26 April, 2013) found that a neurotransmitter involved in arousal known as glutamate is abnormally high in people suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). They saw that the more glutamate found in the brains of people with RLS, the worse they slept.

Why do you think people have high concentrations of glutamate in their brain? From Monosodium Glutamate!!!

This is an epidemic, and in my opinion, a form of genocide, to kill people slowly without any smoking gun while making lots of money from prescribing them drugs along the way. There is really no more time to waste. We have to wake people up and show them the truth!

Tricky Food Labeling at it's Best

Tricky Food Labeling at it's Best

Here is a classic example of sneaky marketing used to hide what’s really in your food. Look at the Spaghettir Bolognese – they say right on the label that it has ‘No artificial flavors, No artificial preservatives, No Hydrogenated Fat and No Added MSG.’

Of course when you read the actual ingredients, you will see ‘yeast extract’ right there. And you know what that means by now, right? MSG!!

For a full list of terms that can have hidden MSG, go to the TruthinLabeling.org.

100% Natural, Real Stock??

100% Natural, Real Stock??

Again, the masters of marketing are luring us in with the simple photo and tag of 100% natural. Then you look at the ingredients, and what do you see? Yeast extract, natural flavors and spices. Hmmm.

Teriyaki Marinade Yeast Extract Spice Blah

Teriyaki Marinade Yeast Extract Spice Blah

Once again, the dreaded yeast extract and spice tells us that there are hidden dangers here – could be any of the flavor enhancers, but most likely MSG and ribonucleotides.

Oyster Sauce - Beware of 621, 635 and yeast extracts!

Oyster Sauce - Beware of 621, 635 and yeast extracts!

Finally, I wanted to show you an example of a label in a non-English language. As you can see, the food additive numbers are universal, meaning they are the same everywhere in the world. Here, in the oyster sauce, we have MSG which is written as ‘Monosodium Glutamate,’ and we also have yeast extract, oyster extract (yet another hidden source of MSG) and if that wasn’t enough we have ‘Flavor Enhancer 631,’ which in Malay is written as ‘Penambah Perisa 631.’ This is the Disodium Inosinate, a most definite nasty additive.

This post tells you what to avoid. In a future post, I will be featuring what I consider to be ‘safe and healthy’ alternatives to get you on the right track to better health. Stay tuned!

If you think you are having a reaction to ribonucleotides or you want to ask me specific questions about my rash, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also please be sure to read Sue Dengate’s site and educate yourself on the dangers of all of the nasty additives.

For additional information, read my personal story of suffering from the ‘Ribo Rash.’
More information and a full list of foods to avoid: List of foods that contain 635, 627 and 631.
Learn more about processed foods and how to improve the quality of your food: Are you eating Processed Foods? Improve the quality of your food, your health & your life!.

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Are you eating Processed Foods? Improve the quality of your food, your health & your life!

It doesn’t matter how industrialized we’ve become in this modern world today, we are still organic beings that come from the earth. Our body needs foods from the earth in order to be balanced, healthy and pure. If you do not eat such foods, you cannot expect your body to give you any less than unexpected results. Don’t be angry at your body for not functioning well on devitalized foods – it was never designed to do that!

Quality in Food adds to Quality of Life.

Healthy Fridge = Happy Belly

Healthy Fridge = Happy Belly

It is difficult to control what you eat in restaurants, but you can control what you bring into your home. Try as much as you can to only bring in organic, natural foods with no additives, colorings or chemical preservatives. Even reducing the amount of these that you consume can make a huge difference to the body.

Many of my clients say to me, ‘Well, I don’t eat processed foods.’ I can tell you that EVERYONE is eating processed food!! Milk, cheese, yogurt, bread, meat, canned soups, airplane food, inorganic coffee, crackers, biscuits, white sugar, white rice, frozen foods, oyster sauce, mayonnaise and wasabi peas are ALL processed foods, just to name a few.

It’s important that you start to understand exactly what you are putting into your body.

You are worth it!

You are worth it!

Some of the items that I have in my kitchen for preparing foods are sesame seeds, flax seed, goji berries, mung beans, lentil beans, wheat berries, barley kernels, almonds, dates, dried apricots, sundried tomatoes, honey, cashews, cayenne pepper, cold-pressed olive oil, nutritional yeast, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh herbs, garlic, ginger and lime. Do you see the difference?

Every time you go shopping, always try to make a slightly better choice that is more natural, whole and pure.

Remember, if you don’t spend your money on your food you will spend it on a doctor! As the father of modern medicine Hippocrates said himself, ‘Let your food be thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food.’

If you are interested in learning more, this is a great series of books published by the Consumer Association of Penang that cover such topics as:

  • What’s in your Bread (Did you know that human hair is added to bread??)
  • How Toxic is Your Cup of Coffee (Did you realize that the coffee crop is the most heavily chemical sprayed crop in the world??)
  • Is MSG safe? (Are you aware of all of the foods that contain MSG, including some baby formulas??)
  • Avoid Chemicals on your food (Get informed!)
  • What you should know about Genetically Modified foods (Hidden dangers in our foods, Frankenstein foods as I call them!)
  • The Real thing in Soft Drinks (A must-read for anyone still drinking this poison!)
  • Your Immune System – Your best protection against illness

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Organic, Vegan & Macrobiotic Food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Woods Bio Marche

The Woods Bio Marche restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a little healthy oasis right in the heart of the city. They serve food which is 100% organic, macrobiotic, all vegetarian and vegan with no chemicals, flavor enhancers or MSG. What a gem! Don’t be fooled by the lure of Indian and Malaysian street vendors all over town selling cheap food from their stalls – you can be sure those foods are full of low quality vegetables and a lot of additives and flavor enhancers. Remember, you get what you pay for! The Bio Marche is very affordable for the quality of food that they offer and certainly the investment in your health is well worth it!

Woods Bio Marche, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Woods Bio Marche, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Macrobiotic concepts:

  • Food & environment are closely related

  • Eat food in it’s whole form

  • Pure food is medicine

  • Balance is the essence

Each dish on the menu is labeled with a specific health benefit, such as acid balance, bone health, anti-inflammatory, relaxation, digestive, good memory or high calcium, so you can plan your meal accordingly.

They have set menus for 26 RM and the average main meal costs about 12 RM.

The 5-Energy Salad with Miso Dressing

The 5-Energy Salad with Miso Dressing

I had the 5-Energy Salad with Miso Dressing, a nice salad made with organic shredded carrot, cabbage, seaweed and cucumbers with sun-dried raisins and soaked soy beans. Very nice!

I was quite impressed to see their ‘charged water’ or energized water from crystal minerals, selling for 4 RM per glass. Another great element to add to any healing diet!

Their health food store sells many different items including nutritional yeast, organic flax seed, raw cashew nut spread, Manuka honey, fermented miso, organic nuts and beans, celtic seas salt and fresh organic vegetables.

The Woods Bio Marche is located on Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (right across the street from the Low Yat Plaza). They have other locations as well.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.macrobiotics-malaysia.com/.

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Cooked Food vs. Raw Food Birthday Before & After Pictures

Losing weight is just one of the many benefits in a raw food diet. Every day I get compliments on my skin – how clear and healthy it is, my hair – how natural and clean it looks, and my eyes -how clear and vibrant they are…these are things I never heard when eating a cooked and devitalized food diet. Also my energy has improved and I have more passion about the things I do in life, something that I never expected from raw foods. I feel more connected to my body and to Mother Earth. I digest food better and I enjoy the flavors in food more, and believe me there are so many beautiful delicious flavors in raw foods – just try fresh tamarind, ginger, jack fruit, apricots, papaya, pineapple or mango and you will understand!

Here I am, age 34 ballooning out to cooked foods (Lizard Island, Australia 2005)

Here I am, age 34 ballooning out to cooked foods (Lizard Island, Australia 2005)

Looking younger & better with a healthy glow at age 38 thanks to raw foods!! (Thailand, 2009)

Looking younger & better with a healthy glow at age 38 thanks to raw foods!! (Thailand, 2009)

Keep in mind that you do not have to commit to a 100% raw food diet in order to enjoy the benefits of raw foods. Your body will be grateful to receive any natural vibrations from Mother Earth!

Good health and healing is a journey. There is no beginning and no ending, just a path to stay on and keep on. The other thing you need to do is walk on your path every day. I support you on your journey to better health and vibrant living and Mother Earth supports you too!

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The ‘New’ MSG – Is it even more deadly than MSG itself? Ribonucleotides & The Ribo Rash

I like to call this additive the ‘New’ MSG, or monosodium glutamate, because many food manufacturers want to be able to market their product as having ‘No MSG,’ but of course they have to add flavor somehow…so they are using these other flavor enhancers more than ever before. We are being led from one nasty chemical to another with these additives in our foods.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.
It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

This additive is salty and savory just like MSG. It is found in many of the same foods as MSG. The chemical name is Ribonucleotide, and often the reaction people get from eating it is an extremely itchy, irritable rash which we call the ‘Ribo Rash.’ Below is my personal story of suffering from the ‘Ribo Rash.’

In 2004 I arrived in Australia and I started to develop a very itchy red rash on my body. It started under my arms, in my inner arms, on my lower back, on my breasts and around my eyes.

An unhappy sufferer of the Ribo Rash - - - Reclaiming my health (no more rash!)

An unhappy sufferer of the Ribo Rash – – – Reclaiming my health (no more rash!)

The rash quickly got worse. It seemed to spread like fire actually, itching like crazy and making me mental. I had never experienced anything like it before, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to what would trigger it. Creams seemed to make it worse – somehow they felt like they were ‘trapping’ the rash inside of me. I could not control my desire to tear my skin off from the itching; I especially enjoyed scalding my skin with hot water – what a sick feeling of relief that provided!! I also started getting heart palpitations…at any time my heart-rate would increase from 60 beats per minute to 140, and I had no history of anxiety whatsoever. I was generally eating quite healthy (at least so I thought); I didn’t smoke, barely drank, exercised (obviously), so how could I be so sick?

Friends told me to meditate. Doctors told me it was a simple case of excema. I had a complete round of testing done and everything came up fine. I was tested for heavy metal poisoning, various viral infections, standard food allergies (milk, wheat, eggs, gluten, etc); I had chest x-rays and EKG’s done – and they found nothing. The only thing that came up suspect during that time is my URIC ACID levels were high. The doctor suggested that I go on medication to bring down the uric acid; he said I was in danger of having gout. (I now know that food additive #635 Ribonucleotide can cause uric acid levels to rise.)

At the best of times, the rash was mainly around my eyes

At the best of times, the rash was mainly around my eyes

Eventually, out of desperation, I started my own ‘elimination diet’ in an effort to narrow down the possibility of it being a food allergy. I just had this feeling that the rash was being caused by something I was eating. I had tried all the changes of soaps, washing powders, etc etc, and I felt like I had no other option to even try. It was at least 1 year of suffering with the rash at this stage, not always as bad as the photos mind you, but always present and always itching like hell. The elimination diet was worth a try.

I started off by telling people at my new job that I was a celiac (i.e. no wheat or gluten). I also started keeping a food diary, writing down what I ate daily and when I had an outbreak. The wheat and gluten-free diet helped tremendously, and now I know it is because ribonucleotides are often found in products containing wheat. About once a month or so I would still have an outbreak, but it seemed manageable – I kind-of got to the point where I accepted the rash as a part of my life and decided I could tolerate it in the small amounts I was getting.

Puffed out after a nice anaphylactic reaction to #635

Puffed out after a nice anaphylactic reaction to #635

At the same time though I started to get more of an anaphylaxis reaction in addition to the rash, so when I had an outbreak, my lips and throat would swell. I started to take anti-histamines and I carried them with me where-ever I went. It is crazy to think back now how I just carried on living through all of that!

Finally the day of reckoning came to me. I hadn’t eaten anything the previous day and I made a salad using the cheap salad packets at work. About an hour later I started to feel the itchiness start in my face, eyes and lips. Somehow I just knew it was the salad dressing. I quickly did an internet search on ‘food additives itchy rash’ and instantly found Sue Dengate’s site. Actually I sobbed tears of joy while I read countless stories of others who had suffered with the SAME EXACT symptoms as me, and I KNEW that I was not crazy, I knew at that moment that I had found the cause of my suffering. There was no doubt in my mind that I was suffering from the Ribo Rash. I noted the list of foods on her site that contain 635, and when I checked my food diary, EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAD A REACTION I had eaten #635. Even on the wheat-free gluten-free diet, I realized that I had eaten seaweed-flavored rice crackers, the veggie burger at Hungry Jack’s (with no bread), cheap salad dressings, and other flavored tofu products which were causing my outbreaks. Sometimes when I try to tell people what happened to me, they cut me off and say, well I don’t eat any of that crap…and I say YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE CRAP THAT YOU ARE EATING!!

I was not eating junk food. If you think seaweed crackers are healthy you are wrong!! If you think flavored tofu is healthy you are wrong!! We are being poisoned slowly by these additives. It was 9 months into the elimination diet when I finally made this life-altering discovery.

This additive, can be ANY of the following 3 names or numbers on a food label and they are universal, i.e. the same in every country in the world:

Ribonucleotide – #635 – E635

Disodium Guanylate – #627 – E627

Disodium Inosinate – #631 – E631

It is often used in combination with MSG, monosodium glutamate or #621 (E621).

Foods to Avoid, All Containing Artificial Flavoring

Foods to Avoid, All Containing Artificial Flavoring

It took about 3 months from the time I eliminated #635 from my diet for the rash to go away entirely. It did not itch whatsoever during that time, it just slowly but surely started to clear up.

After 3 months I finally contacted Sue Dengate personally to thank her and tell her my battle with the Ribo Rash so she could include my story on her site. She told me I had one of the worst cases she had ever seen. Since then I have worked with her to help educate people to the dangers of this chemical. My photo is on her site and is also in her DVD entitled ‘Fed Up with Children’s Behavior – How Food Additives Affect Behavior.’

When the DVD was released in Australia in 2006, I was featured on Today Tonight, a 30-minute news program, to discuss my story.

NO ONE should go through what I went through. It it so obvious to me now that I was suffering from an extreme allergic reaction, and it angers me that doctors are so completely ignorant! How could any medical professional shrug off such an extreme reaction and say it was stress?? I went to many different doctors during that time. It is unfortunate that they are not being educated about the dangers of food additives.

It’s been 5 years now since I eliminated #635 from my diet. I have no rash whatsoever, not even the tiniest spot anywhere on my body. People often compliment me now telling me I have ‘amazing skin.’ Sometimes I tell them, ‘You have NO IDEA how much that compliment means to me.’ I think they think I’m crazy, but they just have no idea what I’ve been through. For 2 years I was embarrassed to go out in public; I felt unattractive and uncomfortable all the time. Now I have beautiful skin which radiates from the inside out.

I still have to watch labels and always be aware of what I am eating.

Eating Natural, Whole & Pure means NO RASH for me!

Eating Natural, Whole & Pure means NO RASH for me!

You can now imagine why the thought of an all-raw food diet started to appeal to me. Perhaps this allergy was a blessing in disguise for me because it was really after this whole experience that I decided to try eating all raw. In fact, I started to see the raw food diet in a completely different way – to me it now represents safe and healthy eating in a way that I could have never comprehended before. I now understand first-hand the poison that is in our processed foods and I am so happy to be able to make the choice to not continue to poison myself anymore.

On occasion I have been accidentally exposed to some ribonucleotide, especially when eating out at restaurants. It happens less and less to me now as I learn from experience what foods it is in and what foods are ’safe.’ But if I do have a reaction, I go home and immediately take about 10-12 charcoal tablets. That seems to absorb the toxins and chemical and usually after about 30 minutes I started to feel better. If after 45 minutes I still feel itchy or hot, I take another 3-4 tablets. It is much more natural on the body to do this rather than even think about taking any anti-histamines.

If you think you are having a reaction to ribonucleotides or you want to ask me specific questions about my rash, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Also please be sure to read Sue Dengate’s site and educate yourself on the dangers of all of the nasty additives.

If you know anyone who has a child suffering from ADHD or Autism, please refer them to this site as well; we are only now just discovering the links between food additives and behavioral problems in children.

If you have been affected by the ribo rash, please leave a comment and include your story below so that we can continue to educate others and hopefully prevent more suffering!

More information on what foods to avoid: List of foods that contain 635, 627 and 631.
To learn about food labeling, go to: The Truth in Food Labeling – Food Additives to Avoid & Hidden Sources of MSG

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Cooked Food vs. Raw Food – Giving Traditional Chinese Medicine a try

Traditional Chinese Healing Zen

Traditional Chinese Healing Zen

Yes, yes…it is true – you are reading that correctly! I have been humbly trying a different approach on my healing journey for the last week or so and that is by reducing the raw foods and increasing cooked foods in my diet. I’ve been seeing an acupuncturist and he has told me that my stomach and spleen energy are very low and that in order to increase them I have to add more cooked foods to my diet, even if it is on a temporary basis. So I thought about it for awhile and then finally decided well, what do I have to lose really? 34 years of cooked foods didn’t kill me so what’s wrong with a few weeks or even months at this stage?

Balance, Forgive, Heal

Balance, Forgive, Heal

So, I’ve been eating mainly steamed veggies every day and also an occasional salad or some fruit. I try to stay away from the rice even if it is brown rice because I noticed that the rice really brings my energy levels down. I have also been told that there is too much ‘damp’ in my body and the best way to combat damp is with cooked foods. I don’t mind being the guinea pig here, it if works I shall let all of you know. I think we have to be flexible on our healing journeys and also be open to receiving the right information when it is needed for us. For many of you it may be the perfect time for a raw food cleansing diet and I fully support you on that path. But I have been suffering with some lingering bacterias in my body and all of the raw garlic and raw food in the world has not sorted it out for me yet, so I’m gonna give this 5,000-year old Chinese thing a try. With the change in diet and over 3 weeks of acupuncturist so far, I have felt a difference but I can’t really tell where the big picture is taking me just yet.

I do hope that I will balance out the energies and get back to 90-100% raw food soon!

That’s enough on the body for today…how is everyone doing in mind and spirit?? Here’s a little loving nudge to work on forgiveness in your life, LET GO of any lingering negative emotions and tell everyone in your life whom you love that you love them! When you work on your meditation today, focus on the gratitude that you feel for all of the abundance in your life and visualize yourself in your perfect state of health, whatever that means to you.

We must have the powerful energies of gratitude and love flowing freely through us in order to reach our full healing potential!

Much love from a sunny corner of Koh Samui…

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How to Deal with Social Pressures on a Raw Food Diet

I consider myself very lucky to have a few raw food vegan friends (ok, 2)…but it really helps when you try this new path and way of living to try to find others around you doing it too, mainly just as an avenue to share thoughts or ideas and also to help inspire and motivate.

Often I find if I am in a ‘normal’ group of people, they immediately begin to defend and preach about why they think eating meat is essential or why eating cooked foods is necessary, and I find it, well to be honest, exhausting sometimes. I am never judging others for what they eat or don’t eat, and in that respect I find it quite harsh when I feel people judging me. What’s da dilly guys?? Can’t you just accept me for who I am where I am on my life’s journey? I accept you unconditionally, regardless… so why all the fuss???

What a wonderful world it would be if we all had more love and compassion for each other. Friendship should be about support and acceptance, yes?

Where's the Love??

Where\’s the Love??

One time last year while I was on a 100% raw food diet, I went out with friends for a meal. I mainly went out to appease my one friend – her other 2 friends I didn’t even know…anyway my friend at the time knew I was eating raw foods, but mentioned nothing of it at the meal and I proceeded to order a salad without a hitch, also not mentioning any special dietary requirements myself. All safe and cruisy on the down-low. My friend then ordered a Bailey’s shake made with coconut and banana…when she tried it she said ‘Jennifer you must try this it’s amazing…’ so I said ok, and had a sip. At that VERY moment, her friend immediately commented a ‘Oh, so much for the raw food diet!’ I said’ ‘Excuse me? There isn’t any milk in the shake…’ And she said’ ‘Um, Bailey’s, DAIRY, Hello???’ I mean, can you imagine???? In front of a group of people having this stranger try to humiliate me? If I had any ego whatsoever about the diet, maybe, maybe, I could see that response, but never did I ever mention it to anyone….I was horrified to know that I was being watched like a hawk when I was simply trying to experiment with a healthier way of living.

The whole ‘healthier than thou’ tactic to me is quite elitist, condescending, and ultimately self-defeating.

These are some of the obstacles you may face when transitioning to a better diet and lifestyle.

Celebrate your differences!

Celebrate your differences!

And this is why I mention how wonderful it can be when you meet others who are already on your same journey and who help to uplift, love, support and inspire you – it is very important to find a few people like that on your journey! When you find them, stick together!!

True friends will love and support you no matter what you eat or don’t eat, but they are rare gems in this world today, and when you find them, keep them!

Anyway, my 2 raw food friends had recommended some books for me to read and I am so grateful that I asked because I am now reading them and have learned so much new information already!

Based on the one, I am going to try more green vegetable smoothies and see if I can feel a difference…up to this point I was having my ‘standard’ smoothie but with more fruit mainly and just spirulina as a green…now I see that I must add the whole green veggie as well – spinach, kale, bok choy, etc….today I made my first one and it was great!

Green Smoothie Recipe:

  • Fresh Kale
  • Fresh pineapple, banana, & papaya
  • Ground Flax Seed
  • Probiotics
  • Water

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