Sea Salt with Chemical Additives?! Check for E535 & E536 Yellow Prussiate of Soda (YPS)

A food additive to AVOID: Yellow Prussiate of Soda

Just when you think you are eating a natural, whole and pure diet, think again. It’s crazy that we now have to even check the label of the salt we buy, but it’s a true sign of the times. Can food manufacturers save money but ‘cutting’ their food the same way drug dealers ‘cut’ their drugs with fillers? You bet! And can the fillers be dangerous, the same way they can be in drugs? Absolutely!

It’s an interesting story how I discovered the latest culprit in my food additive most ‘unwanted’ list.

E535 or Yellow Prussiate of Soda (YPS) as a Non-caking Agent in Salt…What is it??

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. 
It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition. 

A client of mine recently completed a 10-day green juice fast and colon detox cleanse under my care. He broke the fast by eating only fresh raw fruits for 2 days and he felt amazing. On the third day of eating, he ate only fruits in the morning and the went to a friend’s house and ate a plain organic baked potato with salt (no butter, no margarine, no herbs or seasonings). That night, he suffered terribly with hot flashes, restless sleep (insomnia), headaches, irritability and general unease. At no point during or after the detox did he feel this way so it was a real surprise to him and he contacted me first thing in the morning.

When we spoke, I was sure he had ‘snuck’ something else into his diet. He was adamant that he only had a baked potato and salt. To be clear, I asked about any allergies or intolerances and he confirmed that he has never previously had any problems at all. Finally, I said, “Ok, let’s find about more about the salt.” He want back to the friend’s house and found a Morton Sea Salt with the following ingredients: Sea Salt, Yellow Prussiate of Soda. What is Yellow Prussiate of Soda and why is it in salt? I thought salt was just salt?! Not anymore.

It only took a fast bit of google research to realize that the Yellow Prussiate of Soda was what affected him.

Just an additive in salt? Yes! (What we should really be asking is Why does even plain salt need an additive now too??) Well, remember what I said about ‘cutting the drug’ with cheap fillers to make more money? Yep, it’s a sad, sick reality that the food industry is in the business of making money (NOT food).

First, I checked on Wikipedia to understand what the heck this stuff is. Here is what I found:

What is Sodium Ferrocyanide (Yellow Prussiate of Soda)?

Yellow Prussiate of Soda is Sodium ferrocyanide in its hydrous form (which means Sodium ferrocyanide with water). This is how Wikipedia describes Sodium ferrocyanide: “Sodium ferrocyanide is a chemical additive known as E 535 in the EU. It is added to road and food grade salt as an anticaking agent. When combined with iron, it converts to a deep blue pigment called Prussian blue. In photography, it is used for bleaching, toning, and fixing. It is used as a stabilizer for the coating on welding rods. In the petroleum industry, it is used for removal of mercaptans. Sodium ferrocyanide is produced industrially from hydrogen cyanide.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that definitely doesn’t sounds like something that is safe for human consumption!

So I decided to search a bit further and look for the MSDS for Sodium ferrocyanide. Every chemical made by man has what’s called a Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) which by law has to list what the chemical is and what type of harm can be experienced if ingested, if inhaled or in exposed to on the skin. On, I found this:

Morton Salt MSDS

“Potential Acute Health Effects: Extremely hazardous in case of ingestion. Hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant), of inhalation.” Scrolling down a bit, I read this: “Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband. If the victim is not breathing, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Seek immediate medical attention.

Just to be sure, I checked the Morton’s Sea Salt label again. I didn’t see anything about any warning of ingestion.

Instead, the label claims, “Morton has selected a sea salt perfect for all types of cooking and seasoning.”

Well, it seemed pretty clear to me that my client suffered a serious side effect from the additive in this sea salt. Since he had just fasted for 10 days on juice, his body was even cleaner than most and I’m sure that’s why his body reacted. But how many people are reacting to this additive every day and have no idea that the cause of their troubles was in their sea salt? And how many children are affected, their bodies being so much smaller than an adult and therefore having the potential of a more serious reaction? I mean, a chemical additive made from cyanide?!?!

I had to do something. So I went to the Morton website and filled out their contact form. This was my comment:

As a consumer, I am asking you to reconsider your choice of toxic ingredients in your salt. Have you looked at the MSDS for Yellow Prussiate of Soda? I would not even take a bath in your salt for fear that the toxins would enter my skin (would you take a bath in arsenic???) Seriously, there is simply no need to add a chemical to salt. Salt is salt. This country needs more natural whole and pure and less poison. My client was awake all night last night with hot flashes, restless sleep and a headache after having potatoes with nothing but potato and your Morton Fine Sea Salt. I am so sad to see what so-called food companies are peddling as food.

I was so angry and I felt betrayed, because my client had trusted me, and I did not even think to warn him about eating salt!! It was an immediate reaction to the feeling that I want to protect people from this crap, and I didn’t expect a response. But, to my surprise, they responded immediately. They asked if I still had the sea salt and would I be willing to send it in for testing. A spark of hope entered my mind…maybe these food companies aren’t that bad, maybe they had a bad batch with too much of the Yellow Prussiate of Soda and maybe they are doing their best to resolve the issue. I really felt hopeful that somehow Morton was going to ‘fix’ this problem. I instantly replied, offering the sample and asking how it should be sent. They responded by asking for my address saying they would send a mail packet for me to return the sample to them at no cost. I was actually excited!

Days passed and I did not receive the mailer. 2 weeks passed. 3 weeks passed. I thought, hmmm..this is strange. So I emailed Morton again asking for an update on the mailer. And guess what?

They never replied. And they never sent a mailer. In short, they didn’t do anything.

Should I have been surprised? Not really. All of this only confirms and reaffirms what I have been saying all along: The food industry is in the business of making money (NOT food).

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in table salt in Bali

Even with ‘normal’ salt, you have to check the label. Look at this container of table salt I found in Bali, Indonesia at many ‘so-called’ health food and even raw food restaurants…yes the second ingredient on the list is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), and it’s right there in the label for the world to see. The third ingredient is a new way of listing Ribonucleotideas ‘Ribotide,’ another excito-toxin food additive and flavor enhancer that can give you the same reaction as MSG and an uncontrollably itchy rash to boot.

So if you got a screaming migraine headache after eating your hippie raw food salad next to the rice fields in Ubud, it was probably not from the spirits or the full moon.

Do you see Anticompactante YPS on this list of ingredients?

Here is yet another offending salt I saw when I was recently in Costa Rica. Do you see the ‘Anticompactante YPS‘ on this label? That sure sounds like Yellow Prussiate of Soda to me! Luckily I found this on my first morning in Costa Rica, and I avoided adding any salt to my salads for the remainder of my stay.

People think I am crazy for pointing this stuff out, but do you know how many people suffer from headaches, anxiety and insomnia and are on medications for it? What’s crazy to me is that I am the only one talking about this!!

For anyone who has done a detox, juice fast, colon cleanse, liver flush or raw food diet, please be aware that when your body is cleaner, you will most definitely be more sensitive to these types of chemical additives, and you may find yourself reacting to a food that previously you were able to eat with seemingly no problem.

Get into the habit of reading all of your food labels, including salt!

Ferrocianuro de sodio [E-535]: Yellow Prussiate of Soda

And again, another salt I found, this time in Colombia (and also Ecuador). In this salt there is added fluoride, which most expats in South America know is bad so many already don’t buy it. But, no one seems to be talking about the obvious offender.

Do you see ‘Ferrocianuro de sodio [E-535]‘ on this 130g. container of Refisal brand Sal? In Spanish, you may also see it listed as ‘amarillo prusiato de soda (YPS)’ on a label. Both of these are, yep you guessed it….Yellow Prussiate of Soda. E-535 is the universal food additive number for this chemical additive.

In some countries, the additive name – Yellow Prussiate of Soda – will be listed on the food label, and in other countries you will see the chemical additive number. As a number, Yellow Prussiate of Soda can be listed as E535, E-535 or 535. In the above example, they’ve listed both.

Yet another example is this so-called “heart healthy” salt sold in Israel. As you can see, it contains E535 right there on the label. (By the way, the “normal” unhealthy salt in Israel also contains Yellow Prussiate of Soda too!).

This “healthy” salt in Israel contains E535 or Yellow Prussiate of Soda!

Since I’ve been made aware of this additive, I have noted people’s reactions to it, anything from hot flashes, itchy rashes, red bumps on the skin, cracked skin rashes, irritability, increased heart rate, achy joints and insomnia to general malaise.

When removing the chemically-infected salt from their diet and replacing it with a Himalayan or pure sea salt with no additives, all symptoms disappeared, permanently.

Be sure to watch out for other derivatives of cyanide also used in salt: E536 Potassium ferrocyanide and E538 Calcium ferrocyanide. The most common one used is E535 Sodium ferrocyanide. In Europe, I’ve noticed that you will see E536 as an additive in the sea salt you find there. Below is an example of a sea salt purchased at a health food store in Holland. Yes, even in the European Union (EU), you will find additives in your food! (This salt also has added fluoride, another reason to avoid!)

Here is an example of a sea salt from Holland containing  E536 or Potassium ferrocyanide. (This salt also has added fluoride, another reason to avoid!)

Sea salt from Holland containing E536 or Potassium ferrocyanide.
(This salt also has added fluoride, another reason to avoid!)

I personally use medium/coarse Himalayan salt crystals in a grinder. The brand I recommend is called Sherpa Pink Himalayan salt, available for sale in 5-pound bags on amazon HERE.

As Dr. Fred Bisci, a 80-year old 100% raw food vegan wisely says, “When in doubt, leave it out!”

More on Food Additives:

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Jennifer Betesh has been working with raw food, juices, smoothies and detox for over two decades to help people heal. Today, she shares her expertise worldwide, offering lectures, workshops, training and one-on-one consultations at various health and detox retreat centers. She provides Iridology Readings & Health Coaching via Skype and Phone to clients and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains, power-walking along the sea or globe-trotting to a new and exotic health destination.
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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Thank you for sharing this info! I did not realize that Morton Kosher Salt now has this additive added into this salt. I have been buying this Kosher Salt for fermenting for many years. Old boxes of their salt used to have just salt as its only ingredient. I bought this new box of Kosher Salt last year. I should have looked at the ingredient list but I made the mistake assuming that the ingredient remains the same as the boxes that I bought in the past. I recently used this salt to make fermented vegetables. I have been feeling so sick since I ate this recent batch of fermented vegetables. It did a number on my digestive system causing severe damage to my gut and microbiome. I had terrible abdominal cramps, nausea, bloating and indigestion, and passing out very acidic stools. At first, I thought I had a stomach flu. But then I found that my symptoms worsened whenever I ate the fermented vegetables. That was when I suspected that something was amiss with the salt. I looked at the ingredient and was puzzled to see the Yellow Prussiate of Soda on label. I went online and looked into this. Fortunately, I found your website and post and that was when I realized that the cause of my sickness was this Yellow Prussiate of Soda. It’s been a couple weeks now and I am slowly recovering from my digestive issues. This substance is poisonous! I don’t know how FDA can approve such a substance as safe. I am really afraid and wary of all processed products with salt added these days. I just don’t know if the salt they use contain this YPS. I wonder how many people feel sick after eating foods prepared in restaurants, cafeterias, or other places that use salt with this additive and not knowing that their illness maybe caused by this nasty additive. This YPS needs to be banned from food preparation.

  2. Bert
    Bert says:

    I noticed the YPS in my salt (Walmart brand) and even Morton Kosher salt I keep on hand. There is nothing Kosher about YPS in the salt. I have Hain brand sea salt also and it has Tricalcium Phosphate as a freeflow agent. The tricalcium phosphate is probably the lesser of the evils in the salts. I have even seen an aluminate in salt as a freeflow agent. An Aluminum derivative, yeah that’s really healthy. Aluminum is in Baking Powders too, as Sodium Aluminum Sulphate. I have seen it in the ingredient list in cookies on the shelves in grocery stores too. Couple that with the high fructose corn syrup and one has to wonder what side effects your poor body will go through trying to eliminate it. Then there are all the other crap ingredients put into foods that people’s bodies have to try to eliminate. Like Jennifer said, the food industry is not in the business of making (wholesome) food. They are in business to make a profit. The same can be said of most “industries” that are corporations. The bottom line is all that is cared about. I have been reading labels since I was like 18 and it has always amazed me how most of these nasty ingredients get there start in the USA and then find their way into foods around the world. An exception would be MSG as it started in Asia, but I think the synthesizing of MSG may have started here. MSG was made differently long ago if my memory is correct. It is getting very very hard to find unadulterated food anymore. Even so-called organic is polluted by all the toxins sucked up into the jet stream and weather systems and dropped in rain around the world. These industries that are slipping these toxins like YPS into our foods are insidious. One has to think about these companies all being part of the Petro-Chemical industry which Big Pharma is also a part of and if the whole idea is circular. Use these kinds of additives in food and make more patients to treat for Big Pharma as people have side effects from the additives. Then they spend lots of money trying to figure out what is wrong with themselves. All in all we are being bombarded from all sides with these type of things.

  3. Jennifer Cepress
    Jennifer Cepress says:

    I bought Morton coarse Kosher Salt the other day. I used it in the water to boil noodles. That evening my son (7 years old) broke out in hives that covered his entire body including his face. I had to give him a week of Prednosilone, Benedryl and Zyrtec. I don’t like giving my kids medicine if I can help it but it was so bad. The only thing I had changed at that time is the salt. after 7 days it went away. I suspected the Yellow Prussiate of Soda but thought I might be crazy. At any rate, I put the salt way in the back of the cupboard and forgot about it. Just last night my son broke out again. I asked my husband if he had used that salt and he said he had just put it in the salt shaker. I am throwing all of my Mortons away, even the table salt and getting the pink coarse sea salt. It’s ridiculous how the US govt allows companies to use foods that will hurt us. I think Europe is much more stringent. I am so glad you posted this and it is crazy what it says on the data sheet. It should not be allowed to be put into food. Average people are not chemists and we believe our own government will protect us. I feel like going off the grid but since I have 4 kids, I can’t. I will, however, be reading and researching every single ingredient. I thought I was good at that but I see I have to be more vigilant. I am sorry my son had to go through a week of being miserable because his salt was poisoned. I am more than appalled. I agree with what someone wrote earlier, follow the money. People get sick, need doctors and pharmacists, no incentive for them to object. I believe Dr. Oz has publicly objected to things of this nature (i.e. cyanide in apple juice from the ground up seeds) and said children shouldn’t be drinking apple just (unless juiced yourself). He got a huge backlash from trying to protect children. Sad.

  4. MM
    MM says:


    I contacted you a few years ago after you first posted about your client’s reaction to yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) in his salt. I had already traced my daughter’s horrible reactions to that additive, and your discovery validated my belief. Unfortunately, I have not seen any movement toward removing these harmful flow agents from commercial table and cooking salts. Additives in salt must be listed on the salt container’s label, but not on ingredient lists for prepared foods. Since removal of YPS from food products is unlikely, perhaps people should lobby for better labeling that requires disclosure of additives in salt used in processed foods; at least this would allow consumers to avoid purchasing products that are tainted with this chemical. I cannot tell you how often I have considered purchasing a bottle of gluten free tamari, cashew milk cheese, a salty snack, or other such item, but cannot because I do not know what is in the salt. The only good news is that YPS is NOT permitted in food items sold in the US that are certified organic. Unfortunately not everything we want to eat is certified organic, or only some items in a product are organic. I wonder whether it’s the because of the salt, but many gluten free products are not organic and vice verse.

    After 6 (six) years of contacting food manufacturers and begging restaurants for full disclosure of ingredients that even they aren’t aware of, I’m so sick of fighting this fight. My daughter is a teenager now; soon all her food decisions will be hers alone. Her reaction to YPS is horrible, but she’ll have to navigate around it on her own soon. The spreadsheet I’ve created of food manufacturers requires constant upkeep because sometimes a different salt can be used in the manufacturing facility. Quite frankly I’ve become slack in keeping up with it.

    How do we get the FDA to make it a requirement to include salt ingredients on food labels? Salt is ubiquitous, and for some it can be a landmine just waiting to be consumed.

    • TH
      TH says:

      So after some lengthy and deep research I found out that if there is a percentage of yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) (Don’t remember what that is) then they have to put it on the label. Here is the kicker. The food companies got together with our delightful law makers and raised the percentage bar so that they would not have to add it to the label and can boast about how safe it is

  5. Sylvia
    Sylvia says:

    Around 20 March this year I bought a new fine salt. I am in UK and this was SAXA. I wasn’t worried that it had anti caking agent in. I’ve never been sensitive to E numbers etc.
    March 27 I became suddenly unwell. Malaise, nausea, headache, shakiness, low mood, fluey feelings, reastlessness, hot and cold flushes, heart palpitations, terrible sense of unease. No fever. Low temperature.
    3 weeks later feeling no better I went to the doctor. He said it sounded more like poisoning than flu. Asked me what water I drank. I immediately changed my bottled spring water for another brand (organic) but didn’t get better. Weeks went on.
    9 weeks later a little better but still unwell. Deep Beau’s lines on my fingernails. I am never unwell, am usually fit and strong. This was hard to understand.
    I thought -if something is poisoning me it’s got to be something I don’t even suspect and which I use/eat etc every day.
    I checked the salt. Sure enough it has sodiumhexacyanoferrate. I checked that out….yikes.
    I left the salt at the back of my cupboard and decided to experiment. I bought a grinder ready-filled with coarse salt from another store.
    I began to feel a lot better, but still weak and not quite right. But as a couple or more weeks passed I got a lot stronger with only a few times I had slight symptoms but they were faint. But I was still slightly weak and exhausted.
    I could see the Beau’s lines starting to grow out down my nails and no new ones,
    I wasn’t sure if it was the salt or not at that stage.
    Okay so last night I was cooking potatoes (boiled) and I always add salt. My little grinder didn’t have enough in for a pan full of potatoes, so I used the SAXA again….kind of skeptical if it had any part to play after all in my being unwell before.
    Right. Three hours after eating dinner I felt a terrible shakiness, hot flushes again, fast heartbeat, palpitations, nauseous, an awful sense of unease and restlessness.
    Some brandy and a litre of water put me right but at one point last evening I was actually in tears I felt so bad.
    It seems I have got my answer. Himalayan salt or at least unadulterated salt of some kind for me in future!! I will buy some from the health store.

    • Jennifer Thompson
      Jennifer Thompson says:

      Dear Sylvia,

      I’m so sorry you had to go through this but I suppose knowing what it is and moving on is a great relief. I’m very impressed that your doctor commented on your symptoms sounding like poison. I don’t think that would ever happen in the US.

      Many blessings to your health and I wish you relief of all your suffering very soon. Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

      My best,


  6. Mike
    Mike says:

    In order to avoid the YPS additive in salt When you are someplace with a limited selection of brands, look for a package marked coarse instead of fine. The coarse salt does not have the clumping issue which fine salt has, and likely won’t have additives.

  7. Debra
    Debra says:

    Thank you so much for this article. Four days ago I purchased supposedly natural Mediterranean Sea salt. Been suffering headaches and hot flashes the last 3 days and couldn’t figure it out as I eat organic, very healthy. Just happened to look on this container that I just bought and sure enough it has this additive! Threw it in the trash. Thank you again so much for the information.

    • Jennifer Thompson
      Jennifer Thompson says:

      Hi Debra,

      I’m sorry you had to go through that, but at least you were able to figure it out quickly and not suffer too much. It’s horrible that this stuff is allowed in food. Keep up the great work eating healthy!

      My best,


  8. James Kelly
    James Kelly says:

    Maybe two decades ago Our Gov’t no longer permitted the use of potassium ferrocyanide in a product, Kasnite, commonly used for in small shops or for home heat treating. They also outlawed its use by Nicholson File, in their process of heat treating common files. Now we find Our Gov’t thinks it is acceptable for use in table salt.

      • Laina T
        Laina T says:

        I usually buy a Mediterranean salt made in spain. The name has escaped me. Meanwhile, I bought Mormons sea salt yesterday for the shower, to help me heal my body and was horrified in the amount of itching I had..luckily I had some Epson salt in the house and showered with that. It took care of the red blotches. I don’t know how they get away with putting cyanide in their salt…thankyou for doing your research. I also checked on wiki .

  9. Charalambos
    Charalambos says:

    Dear Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing your truth with us and with those really wanting to know. I myself am a vegetarian for 26 years (am today 61 years old). Lately since I avoid alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and am not a coffee or nescafe user I tried the esspresso “coffee” which I used ever since. Today, (better late than never), I decided to check out, the ingredients and was shocked to find out the truth about the E535. More over I discovered that the sea salt that I have been using contains also the same stuff. Now the table salt preferred by my wife states in the ingredients an anti caking agent called Sodium Hexacyanoferrate II. Have you any idea or comments about this?

    • Jennifer Thompson
      Jennifer Thompson says:

      Dear Chara,

      Thank you for your message. Are you saying that the E535 was an ingredient in your coffee? That’s a new one for me as I never saw it there before!

      To answer your question, Sodium Hexacyanoferrate II is the same as Sodium ferrocyanide aka E535. My guess is that the food companies have purposely changed the ingredient name to Sodium Hexacyanoferrate II to hide the word “cyanide” since anything with cyanide in it would make a person raise an eyebrow more than Sodium Hexacyanoferrate II.

      By the way, I gets TONS of trollers trying to add super high tech replies to this article in an effort to confuse readers and to debunk me. They always introduce themselves as a scientist or engineer but interestingly, all of their email addresses are always fake. What chemical engineer would surf the internet looking for food ingredients that people are discussing for health reasons? Um, none. Real engineers have better things to do with their time, I can assure you that! Government trolls, however, all all over this stuff. Not to worry, I delete and block them every time. Ah, the joy!

      To your health,


  10. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Hi Jennifer, I have some containers of Morton Sea Salt and all it says on the ingredients is Sea Salt. In the reading it says, Morton All-Purpose Sea Salt is 100% Natural Sea Salt… etc. If it had added ingredients, wouldn’t they be listed? Thank You.

    • Jennifer Thompson
      Jennifer Thompson says:

      Dear Cathy,

      Please check out the example I have in the article above. There is a photo of the Morton Sea salt showing the front and back of the salt. Do you see it? If not scroll back up and have a look. On the back of the salt, you will see the word “INGREDIENTS:” after that is where they list the actual ingredients.

      If you still can’t find it, please email a picture of the front AND back of your salt and I will have a look for you.

      Thank you!

      To your health,


      • Lucy
        Lucy says:

        Jennifer, I am pleased to see someone is listing the horrible side effects of this additive. This additive gave me screaming fits. Silicon dioxide fit the same thing. My husband and I both have cleaned out our systems and each of us has trouble now with additives but Silicon dioxide is the worst and YPS has given me the same results, screaming fits.
        I searched for years for the problem and once we cleaned out our systems and ate something w/these additives it was clear what was causing the screaming fits.
        Thanks so much for all of your information. WOW I finally feel there is hope and help.
        Thank you Thank you Thank you

        • Jennifer Thompson
          Jennifer Thompson says:

          Dear Lucy,

          Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so important to get this information out there so people know they are not alone (or crazy) in their suffering. Definitely there is hope!

          Thanks again. Wishing you and your husband all the very best in health,


    • Cliff
      Cliff says:

      Cathy based FED regulations and guidelines, the yellow prussiate of soda only represent 0.1% of the total volume of the product; therefore, they don’t have to listed in the ingredient deck. It is a free flowing agent so that your salt pours and keeps its granular structure instead of dissolving when it comes in contact with moisture.

  11. Skeptikc
    Skeptikc says:

    Most people don’t know this or don’t want to know this:

    Our world is not as it seems. Do we have a democracy? NOPE. All western countries are beholden to a group called the Illuminati who consist of Zionist Satanists, Druid-style satanists and others who are the very rich elite and who subvert society. The leaders and elections that happen are all contrived dog and pony shows, for the general public to consume. Those in powers have puppet strings to this group of leaders, which for most of history, has been subverting society and serving evil masters. The sham democracy which we appear to have has been found to be the most profitable system for these parasites to leach off: ie. give the serfs the notion of freedom and they will produce the most wealth believing that freedom is what they have.

    The poisoning of the food supply is completely intentional because the Illuminati also control the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. In so doing, they create the problem: poisoning, provide the solution: doctors, provide the cure: pharmaceuticals to eliminate the poison. All the while, laughing all the way to the bank.

    Unfortunately most people do not want to face the truth and will do everything they can to stay on track with the media to ignore the truth of their society. They don’t really care that their children and grandchildren will be poisoned, caring only about who’s marrying who, and who’s sleeping with who and about unimportant power couples such as Brangelina (really, who cares!). They do so at their own, peril, however, because, as much as the Illuminati control the press, making you think their way, but are also orchestrating a much more devastating future for all, to cause more suffering and death… But do you really care? After all what Brangelina does is far far more important than essentially your life or that of your children, isn’t it???

    • David
      David says:

      Who are these illuminati? Name some of them. Rothschild?, Rockerfeller? What system would be better? Should we do something about it or is it the best system that the naked ape is capable of? Is lowering the testosterone level evil or better for us to reduce our killer instinctive ways that will not help us anylonger even though they got us to where we are now. What recommendations do you offer to het us through the next 1000 years. This is the challenge and scaring everyone into a fear of the illuminati might be educational but how does it help us to get through the next 1000 years. Since there is no God then there is no satan so we do not need to fear satanists any more than the pope. However the Pope is dangerous as so many sheeple listen to him thereby giving him power. What are your recommendations?

    • Patrick
      Patrick says:

      You’re not kidding it’s scary. I bought “Fine Mediterranean Sea Salt” from the grocery store thinking I was eating healthy, but after using it, I couldn’t stop urinating.. Like every 10 minutes my bladder felt full to bursting so I kept drinking water because I didn’t want to become dehydrated.. It was a ridiculous circle that lasted all night long. After that (too late, I know) I looked at the ingredients and found the cyanide anti caking agent and found out it takes 20 x more water to dissolve salt with those chemicals added. That is why eating salty foods makes you so thirsty. It’s not the salt, which is very soluble, its the chemicals. Since they are insoluble, they tend to build up in your system causing a whole host of physical problems.. including, of course, hypertension, so it’s not salt, it’s the chemicals… I’ll never get lazy or just assume somethings healthy again!

  12. V B
    V B says:

    I discovered this additive after starting a batch of organic cabbage ready to make sauerkraut. I was mystified when it didn’t start to wilt or make its own juice. In seeing that the sea salt my husband bought in place of the usual one I buy (small town no good options in food) read the ingredients of what I thought was just plain sea salt and read Yellow Prussiate of Soda. Not impressed that I just had to dump out my organic cabbage. No way will this process the same way. Sorry for all of us that the chemical onslaught continues and builds. Thank you for your information that helps at least the few of us who care to try to clean up our diets.

  13. Teodor Paul
    Teodor Paul says:

    I am trying hard to live healthy, and I am investigating all labels on food products and want to get rid of all these poisons in the foods. MSG, YPOS, Aspartame, Preservatives, Carrageenan. “Sea Salts”, Sulfites etc. etc. are just poisons for our bodies. Very disappointing that our country / government does not do anything against the criminals poisoning us daily with chemicals.
    I took 3 equal amounts of water in 3 cups combining them with table salt, sea salt (1 teaspoon each) and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. I tested the ph levels of each cup and guess what????? The sea salt and table salt waters were acidic, while the backing soda turned to be very alkaline. So… we do not get the salts we should get in our foods, but acidic poison. Period.
    Any comments?
    Respectfully, Teodor

  14. Al
    Al says:

    Fortunately we have some food label laws in this country that make us aware of the ingrediants. What I very leery of is the ingrediant ‘natural flavors’. You call the consumer line and they say it is a trade secret. Oh well.

  15. Sergiu
    Sergiu says:

    They take the salt sample to avoid a trial and to destroy any evidence! You should sue the company instead to return evidence ! Sergiu from Romania

  16. Dianne
    Dianne says:

    I also noticed the additive in morton’s salt. I have found plain sea salt at a few stores. The coarse is good because it doesn’t clump, the fine seemed to clump. I’ve also found sea salt with iodine. I have an above ground swimming pool with a saltwater pump. The pool water goes thru the pump that has a filter and then it goes thru the saltwater pump which has a set of titanium blades in it. If the ph of the pool is correct, and the right amount of salt is correct the salt water is converted to chlorine which keeps the pool sanitized. When buying salt, it states NOT to use salt with yellow prussiate of soda. It has to be pure salt like water softener salt. So you know if it causes problems with pool sanitizing, it probably does cause body problems. I think I bought the coarse salt at Big lots or May’s drug store (which is no longer).

  17. Kari
    Kari says:

    I recently bought Windsor Sea Salt thinking Windsor was a well respected brand. The product was made is Spain. I read the label at home and was troubled by the inclusion of the word cyanide in sodium ferrocyanide decahydrate. So I went on line to find out more about the additive listed as an anti-caking agent. I found an article published by the EU down playing the effect of sodium ferrocyanide decahydrate but when I found this article and a few others, I immediately threw out the salt. I can’t believe companies use something containing cyanide and get away with calling it something so insignificant sounding as anti-caking agent or yellow prussiate of soda.

  18. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    At band camp, we were eating lunch. In the individually wrapped plastic wear, there was little packs of salt and pepper. I lazily read over them and saw “contains black pepper” then “contains salt, yellow prussiate of potash”. I was thinking, what IS that, so I asked around. Of course no one knew, so I looked it up and found this. I agree with you, humans are slowly poisoning ourselves, and we as a whole are being idiots for letting psychopaths do this. We need to stand up.

  19. Robert
    Robert says:

    I just noticed this on the label of a salt packet from a restaurant. As a biochemist, this is very worrisome to me. It isn’t an extremely toxic additive (you can have up to around 40mg/kg before you see any side effects) but it certainly isn’t good for you! It evolves hydrogen-cyanide gas in the acidic environment of your stomach; that’s the same gas used to kill people in the Holocaust. I am deeply troubled by the direction the world is headed.

  20. katie
    katie says:

    I had to up my sodium intake due to a deficiency. I’m a hardcore label reader, organic, preservative free person. This exact same salt got me!!! Bad bad people at morton!

  21. Emily
    Emily says:

    For the past 4 months I’ve been broke out with an itchy rash on my chest and hips. I just found your post, read it, then went scouring through my cabinets… My “McCormick Fine Grind Mediterranean Sea Salt” has the YPS stuff in it and I also found that my Morton Iodized Salt has Dextrose in it! Why on earth would salt need sugar/glucose in it?! Lets see if replacing those two salts will help. =) Now I will ALWAYS check the labels!

    Thank you for your post!

  22. Megan
    Megan says:

    Here’s something that I do at the store.

    First, I read everything. Every label. Every Single time I buy a product.

    They change ingredients all the time. Keep an eye on it.

    When I find items that have dangerous additives….aren’t food, I make the undesirable for purchase. Hopefully, raising the price of that item in the future, so as to make healthy items more desirable.

  23. Megan
    Megan says:

    For a long time I had not eaten ANY food from my brother’s house, because that family is basically the unhealthiest family I’ve ever seen (among intelligent people). ie, the mother used to shoot cool-whip into her kids’ mouths for “fun”, and they had every kind of “sandwich” cookie known to man at their constant disposal.

    Anyway, my brother has been having problems iwith his heart lately and that concerned me, but it didn’t really put it into perspective as much as when my sister brought some BBQ chicken home and told me that it was ust chicken and nothing else. And since living in Eastern Europe (where chicken seems to still be edible) I’d been eating small amounts of chicken.

    That night I was certain that I was dying. i had such a headache (which I can count on one finger in my life), and my heart was beating like it was going to explode, I developed a fever and was so faint I couldn’t get to my feet. Obviously my body was detoxing something.

    Of course…to all of the “proof” seekers out there (who are no doubt just drones for the “greater dereliction” of our species…I have no proof that it was from either the meat, or the charcoal, or the fact that the chicken was no doubt riddled with something. I really don’t know. But it was something. Because that had NEVER happened to me previously and never since.

    I can now completely understand why my brother has turned into an old, fat man so quickly. And yes, I love him, but I can’t even get him to change one iota of his diet, because his wife (who has already had a double hysterectomy – if that’s the one for removing boobs) had cancer. No doubt from shameless consumption of that which isn’t food.

  24. Jen
    Jen says:

    For the last 2 weeks I have been daily breaking out in an itchy rash on my chest and my husband has been getting headaches. It always seemed to happen after eating but we could not find a common food culprit… until I happened to glance at the back of the Morton’s sea salt we purchased exactly 2 weeks ago. HOW INFURIATING, especially to me as a pregnant woman who always reads food labels carefully, that the food industry could so catch me off guard with something like sea salt. My husband and I will never NOT read a food label again. THANK YOU for your exposé!!

  25. Carla
    Carla says:

    I am just thoroughly disgusted that I have to read the label on a box of salt! I am an avid label reader but sad to say, this had never occurred to me. Apparently, nothing is sacred. Thank you for the information.

  26. Ron
    Ron says:

    Have your read Morton salts moto…”when it rains it pours”. I will assume you are to youg to have lived without airconditioning. Having salt that would actually come out of your salt shaker in humid weather was a blessing. And not all of us then or now can afford fancy imported salt or a salt grinder.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Ron,

      It’s always interesting to read people’s comments and reactions. Thank you for your insight! Actually I lived in Thailand for 6 years without air conditioning (and 2 years without a refrigerator and 4 years without hot water), so always be careful before making assumptions! One pound of “clean” salt might cost me $6 and the grinder costs about the same and it’s reusable for years; that one bag of $6 salt will last me 2-3 months. I think you are splitting hairs to say that it’s unaffordable. Of course, you can do what you want! As long as you are making an informed choice, I’m happy and I feel that I’ve done my job. Thanks again!


  27. Rich
    Rich says:

    I’m not sure why you keep harping on the partial word, “cyanide” in the chemical name for Yellow Prussiate of Soda. Perhaps just to elicit panic on the part of an unknowing or uninformed consumer Many chemicals are dangerous in bits and pieces, but when combined an bound in other chemical compounds become perfectly safe. Also, implying that E535 is a “cutting” agent that is cheaper just isn’t true. Salt by itself, particularly in a humid environment can stick together and clump up, making it difficult to use. E535, when added, prevents that from happening.

    If you want to flash “toxic” chemical names around how about SALT! Sodium Chloride. The element sodium by itself is toxic, and so is the chloride (would you like to go sip on a nice cup of chlorine) yet bound together they make, if not over done, a perfectly safe and tasty ingredient in many food items.

    I agree that it is a good idea to avoid additives and keep things pure, but I also think it is irresponsible to label something as bad that isn’t. Yes,the MSDS says not consume E535, but that is referring to a 100% concentration, not the amount used in salt as an anti-caking agent.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Rich,

      The MSDS for Sodium Chloride (i.e. table salt) lists it as a safe and stable chemical. There are no toxic indications. The only warning is that it may cause skin or eye irritation (which is obvious because it’s salt)!

      There is nothing on the MSDS of Sodium ferrocyanide that says it is perfectly safe. If something says “extremely hazardous if ingested,” how can you NOT consider it to be toxic? With all due respect, I stand behind the truth in my article.

      Thank you!

  28. margaret
    margaret says:

    The human body can handle low levels of cyanide; it’s found in apples, for cryin’ out loud. Your client’s reaction sounds like my symptoms when my blood sugar gets too high. A potato is a hefty dose of carbohydrate, so maybe your client needs a glucose tolerance test. Diabetes is no fun.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Margaret, I will admit that it can be difficult to accept the idea that dangerous chemical additives are used in foods, but it is a sad and very real situation happening in our food supply today. Currently, there are over 4,000 additives used in foods and the regulations are outdated and not enforced. Since I wrote this article, I’ve hard from hundreds of people who have also reacted to this additive in salt, and I have noticed my own reaction to it when eating simple, organic raw lettuce, zucchini and cucumber with a salt containing 535. I personally do not eat potatoes and I minimize fruits in my diet; as a scientist, I also like to test everything on myself. I can tell you that I have reacted with hot flashes and trouble sleeping. Those are not atypical reactions to glucose intolerance. A pure salt with no additives is different that a tainted salt cut with chemicals. Why would you even resist that idea? Logically speaking, it is quite obvious that a pure food would be better. On that note, the natural cyanide in fruits is in the seeds and they are not recommended to eat in large doses (for example, eating too many apricot seeds can actually be very toxic for that very reason). Powdered concentrates used in salt are neither natural or whole foods. That is where the danger lies!

      • Becky
        Becky says:

        Check again on the number of chemical food additives — it’s over 15,000 — and that’s as of whenever Kevin Trudeau wrote his “Natural Cures…” books. New chemical additives are being invented all the time, so I’m sure the number is higher. And that’s the number of additives that the FDA does NOT require to be put on our food labels! These are the baddies that they don’t want us to know about!

        Yes, I’ve heard all the bad stuff the media says about Trudeau, but hey, the “corporate establishment” has to discredit everyone who tells the truth about them. They can’t stay in business, if we know what they’re really up to. I asked my Naturopathic doctor if what Trudeau said was true — he replied, “Every single word.” ‘Nuff said…

  29. Jason
    Jason says:

    I think you’re wrong about this.

    I also think you’re wrong about juice being safe and what it claims to be. I gave up juice when I read about flavor packets and discovered brands were adding sugar without putting it on the label.

    I am in the middle of a seven day fast, consuming only unsweetened coffee and tea and I ingested some sea salt with yellow prussiate of soda in it today and I felt fine like I did the other day.

    I do not think your client suffered problems from eating this additive. However, I would prefer to avoid all additives, if possible. When I am eating, I only eat organic food.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Jason, Thanks for your comment!

      The juice we ingest for a juice fast is always FRESH! Never used refined sugar or flavor packets for a juice fast, yuck!

      Yellow Prussiate of Soda is in fact dangerous. Would you ingest cyanide? We know that will kill us. Certainly a derivative of cyanide added to human foods should arouse some question and concern.

      I actually react to this additive as well now that I have had a chance to be exposed to it in Central and South America, and I can tell you that the effects are real. While true that not everyone will feel an immediate reaction, it is also true that most people are so toxic they don’t even know what makes them feel good or bad. The more we get these unnecessary additives OUT of our food, the better our health will be. Of that, I am sure!

      Be sure to check all food labels, because for sure, Yellow Prussiate of Soda is NOT organic!

  30. celia bjork
    celia bjork says:

    I am from Sweden have lived in Colorado since the 50s though traveled all over. USA. I was having an open face sandwich with good cheese organic avacado and tomatoe with fresh ground pepper and my friend wanted one also. He then brought his morton sea salt to the table. As we are drinking our coffee I read the label yellow prussiate of soda and googled it. Did not like what I found out. That is how I found you. I am glad for all your imput. It is awful what is in or on our food. I am a very picky eater and find that even whole wheat bread has junk in it. Well Thank you for your information. I hope my friend stops using his sea salt for rinsing out his mouth. I would not ever eat mortons sea salt. I to will contact mortons and see if they respond to me. One other thing I had found when accidently I bought egglands best eggs. I read the label with the red die on top of eggs. So I called them to ask what kind of die it was they said the same thing as mercurichrome (not sure I spelled that right) anyway I got mad and said that’s not healthy he said well you don’t eat it I responded yes if you boil eggs it gets in the water. Anyway I won’t eat those eggs. Thank you again for your time. Sincerely celia

  31. Elena
    Elena says:

    Dear Jennifer, thank you so much for this info about salt, thank you for your research, thank you for doing it for all of us. I will spread it to all my friends. You are wonderful! Thank you!!!


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