Are you eating Processed Foods? Improve the quality of your food, your health & your life!

It doesn’t matter how industrialized we’ve become in this modern world today, we are still organic beings that come from the earth. Our body needs foods from the earth in order to be balanced, healthy and pure. If you do not eat such foods, you cannot expect your body to give you any less than unexpected results. Don’t be angry at your body for not functioning well on devitalized foods – it was never designed to do that!

Quality in Food adds to Quality of Life.

Healthy Fridge = Happy Belly

Healthy Fridge = Happy Belly

It is difficult to control what you eat in restaurants, but you can control what you bring into your home. Try as much as you can to only bring in organic, natural foods with no additives, colorings or chemical preservatives. Even reducing the amount of these that you consume can make a huge difference to the body.

Many of my clients say to me, ‘Well, I don’t eat processed foods.’ I can tell you that EVERYONE is eating processed food!! Milk, cheese, yogurt, bread, meat, canned soups, airplane food, inorganic coffee, crackers, biscuits, white sugar, white rice, frozen foods, oyster sauce, mayonnaise and wasabi peas are ALL processed foods, just to name a few.

It’s important that you start to understand exactly what you are putting into your body.

You are worth it!

You are worth it!

Some of the items that I have in my kitchen for preparing foods are sesame seeds, flax seed, goji berries, mung beans, lentil beans, wheat berries, barley kernels, almonds, dates, dried apricots, sundried tomatoes, honey, cashews, cayenne pepper, cold-pressed olive oil, nutritional yeast, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh herbs, garlic, ginger and lime. Do you see the difference?

Every time you go shopping, always try to make a slightly better choice that is more natural, whole and pure.

Remember, if you don’t spend your money on your food you will spend it on a doctor! As the father of modern medicine Hippocrates said himself, ‘Let your food be thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food.’

If you are interested in learning more, this is a great series of books published by the Consumer Association of Penang that cover such topics as:

  • What’s in your Bread (Did you know that human hair is added to bread??)
  • How Toxic is Your Cup of Coffee (Did you realize that the coffee crop is the most heavily chemical sprayed crop in the world??)
  • Is MSG safe? (Are you aware of all of the foods that contain MSG, including some baby formulas??)
  • Avoid Chemicals on your food (Get informed!)
  • What you should know about Genetically Modified foods (Hidden dangers in our foods, Frankenstein foods as I call them!)
  • The Real thing in Soft Drinks (A must-read for anyone still drinking this poison!)
  • Your Immune System – Your best protection against illness

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Organic Raw Food Shopping in Koh Samui, Thailand

Have a look a a local Thai market at Lamai Beach, Koh Samui Thailand and see for yourself what kinds of fresh, local or organics fruits and foods you can buy. Jennifer shows you which fruits are imported and which ones are locally grown and also gives you an idea of how much each items costs so you are prepared for your raw food Thailand experience!

Also shown are some of the organic foods for sale at the market, including green mango, banana flowers, morning glory, fresh lemongrass, seeds, green papaya, gotu kola and more! Learn about the fresh fruits for sale including dragon fruit, Thai apple, pineapple, pomello, papaya, longan fruits and rambutans.

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Visions of the Big Island, Hawaii

Take a minute to enjoy the most amazing sights of Hawaii – the Big Island up close and personal.

There are 2 pages of pictures here so be sure to check out them all!

The aquaponics farm can be found at Be sure to check out their farm tour every Saturday on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is pretty amazing to see and not so hard to do yourself… The lettuce and taro growing from the trays looked pretty perfect and the best part is that there are no chemicals used! The fish in the system fertilize the water through their waste, a completely natural process with no depletion of minerals in the soils. This system could be the future of farming as we can continue to grow healthy food while giving Mother Earth time to regenerate and renew!

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Visions of Maui, Hawaii

Finally, some pics to share my from time in Maui, Hawaii! For one week, I stayed with my friends in Hana on their organic permaculture farm – it was so great simply harvesting our food every day, eating from the land and living so in tune with the earth! At that time, we had plenty of wild edible greens and fresh herbs so we made beautiful salads every day. We also had a lot of papaya and liliquoi – the Hawaiian passion fruit – my favorite! One day we even made fresh liliquoi juice concentrate…so much fun and yummy too!

I also taught Green Smoothie Classes in Wailea and gave individual Iridology sessions there as well. The response was overwhelming, and I was so happy to see people interested in their health, nutrition and natural healing. Hawaii is a fantastic destination for a healthy holiday and Maui especially has a lot to offer for raw foods and organic farming!

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Images of Natural, Healthy Hawaii…

An abundance of natural, healthy foods just waiting for you in Hawaii 🙂 Check pictures of the raw foods available, healthy restaurants, organic farming, aquanponics, vegan and vegetarian foods, local eateries, fresh fruits, farmers markets and even green smoothies.

All great reasons to go to Hawaii for a healthy holiday!

For 2 weeks of my time in Hawaii, I had a nice family vacation with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nieces. We satyed at a posh condo villa place – huge resort, full of tourists, and I couldn’t help but think what a perfect place this would be for a detox fasting spa. It’s ideal really, with beach, sun, pools, massage, nice views, relaxing time – if they offered a fasting program here I would totally do it!

Maybe in a few years the rest of the world will be ready for cleansing…certainly more and more people could use it!

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Life on an Organic Farm in Hana Maui, Hawaii – Video Tour!

I’ve got 7 clips up on youtube showing all the fun we had on the farm in Hana Maui, Hawaii! Check them out – I’ve got farm shots, chicken shots, unidentifiable bug shots, goat shots, pond swimming and a general tour of the farm. And, coming soon…the full how-to video on making kombucha at home! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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