The ‘Detox’ Craze – Is it good, bad or just hype?
by Jennifer Thompson for
Everyone these days seems to either be on a detox, just done a detox or is planning a detox. People are talking about the ‘Master Cleanse,’ fasting, cleansing and colonics like never before. Is it normal or even healthy for someone to consider not eating for a few days up to a week?….


How Food Additives Nearly Ruined My Life
by Jennifer Thompson for
Six years ago, I began to suffer from a horrifically itchy rash that started around my eyes and under my arms but eventually covered my body from head to toe. After 9 months I was able to identify the cause of my rash to….


How to Meditate in 3 Easy Steps: 7-minute Meditation Practice for Busy People
by Jennifer Thompson for
Imagine taking time everyday to sit in silence and allow your mind to rest, relax and recover from the entourage of daily thoughts and distractions. Learn this fast and easy 7-minute practice that fits into anyone’s schedule….


Law of Attraction & Power of Gratitude: How to Feel Happy Now, Not Later!
by Jennifer Thompson for
The world we live in today is fast-paced, competitive and seems to be on a never-ending track. We work harder and have more material wealth than we ever did before, but we are more unhappy, lonely, unhealthy and depressed despite all of it. How did we end up so off-course and how do we….


Postcards from Maui
by Jennifer Thompson in August 2009 for Australia’s Living Raw Magazine.
With a wonderful variety of fresh tropical fruits and amazing veggies and greens, Hawaii is a fantastic holiday destination for raw food enthusiasts. Perhaps the most established restaurant serving raw food in Maui is called….


Getting Back to The Basics: Life on an Organic Farm in Maui
by Jennifer Thompson for
It’s amazing to realize how little in life you actually need, not only to survive but to live an abundantly rich and rewarding life. Most of us will never live a life so remote and basic. But we can still benefit from….


How to Eat Well on a Busy Schedule
by Jennifer Thompson for
If you struggle with finding ways to eat and be healthy while living on the go, fear no more. There are better choices all over the place – it’s just a matter of integrating them into your life. Simply remember this….


Can Your Hairdryer Actually Make You Sick?
Understanding how Positive and Negative Ions Affect Your Health

by Jennifer Thompson for
Winter-time means cold weather and that means using the hair dryer again. Ever wonder why you feel more tired and depressed in the winter months…


The Ancient Science of Iridology Is Making a Big Comeback in Natural Healing
by Jennifer Thompson for
Yoga, meditation, proper diet and nutrition are gaining popularity more than ever before. The science of the iris of the eye, or Iridology, is also…



Singer Jason Mraz on a Raw Food Diet: Sexy Inside & Out
by Jennifer Thompson for
Getting healthy is going mainstream as singer/songwriter Jason Mraz promotes his raw food vegan lifestyle while on his latest world tour. “If it seems costly it’s not. I think about the cost my body pays for…


Crystal Energies and the Seven Chakras
by Jennifer Thompson for
Crystals can help relieve stress, improve concentration, practice forgiveness, improve communication, attract a sexual partner & increase fertility…


Green Smoothie Inspiration: A New healthy habit
by Jennifer Thompson for
Time to experience the Green Smoothie Power! General recommendations for Green Smoothies: – Blend 60% fruit to 40% greens. – Use 2 varieties of fruit and up to 2 types of greens. – Blend different fruits and greens….


Powerfully Magnetize Your Life
by Jennifer Thompson for
As energetic beings, we react to the energies of people, places and frequencies around us. At the same time, we are affecting energies in our world, because the power of our thoughts and feelings create….

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