Getting healthy is going mainstream as singer/songwriter Jason Mraz promotes his raw vegan lifestyle while on his latest world tour. Not only is Jason an amazing musical talent but he is also living an eco-friendly and healthy life behind the scenes.

Mraz decided to go on a raw food vegan diet in April 2008 when his friend discovered he had diabetes. He has maintained the diet ever since and now raves about the benefits of eating a healthy diet.

Raw Food Vegan Singer Jason Mraz

“I will likely keep this up for a long time. I don’t crave any other foods anymore. Anything processed just doesn’t seem real. I may as well eat cardboard if it has the same nutritional value. And I’ll keep getting creative with food. That’s the best part. I’m starting to see myself in the meals I make. And I have no trouble spending hours in the grocery store reading the labels and talking with other customers. Plus, hot girls fresh from yoga hang out in natural food stores. And I suspect they’re horny. More and more people are getting excited about health and we’re all tired of being offered cheap replicas of food. We want change and we believe we CAN have it.”

It’s not easy making healthy choices on the road, but Jason is committed.

“I bring along a Vita-Mix blender, a powerhouse of a tool. I start each day with a crazy ass Superfood Smoothie that most people refer to as, the Green Sludge.”

His songs like ‘I’m Yours’ are honest, open happy statements of love that can only come from someone who is healthy and in balance. And he looks amazing too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty convinced that the raw food vegan lifestyle is working for Mraz.

“If it seems costly it’s not. I think about the cost my body pays for eating processed food and immediately I’m happy about the investment of time finding these natural alternatives. ALTERNATIVES? How did we let nature’s supply take a back seat and become so hard to reach? You are what you eat.”

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