Feeling Gratitude & Abundance

The world we live in today is fast-paced, competitive and seems to be on a never-ending track. We work harder and have more material wealth than we ever did before, but we are more unhappy, lonely, unhealthy and depressed despite all of it. How did we end up so off-course and how do we start to get back to feeling good in life?

It is a lot easier than you may think.

Feel Grateful for what you have Now

We have to start actively thinking and talking about the good in life. This naturally brings us into an energy of gratitude, allowing us to fully feel and see all of the abundance around us. Instead of complaining about the lunch date with your mom or best friend, seek out the things that went well, the good that transpired, and only talk about that. If you catch yourself saying or thinking something negative about yourself or someone in your life, stop yourself. Instead, see the good in you or that person and focus only on that.

We all have good and bad qualities in ourselves that is what makes us human! But for some reason, all the bad in people today is what makes the headlines, both in news and in our personal lives.

Talking about the bad in life will surely bring about more negative situations. Focusing on the good naturally attracts more positive people and opportunities.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Simply by seeing the good in someone, you can feel grateful for having them in your life instead of spiteful for a mistake they may have made. If you look around your holiday home and complain because the view is not the best, well you’ve forgotten simply to feel happy for being on vacation, having the time to rest, relax and spend time with your family or friends.

Twenty years from now, what part of your vacation will you really think about when you look back?

A reminder to be positive

The next time you hear your friends or family complain about someone, be the one to point out the good in that person and stop the flow of negativity. Every morning when you first wake up, make your first conscious thought a grateful one. You may say Thank you for giving me another day to live on this beautiful planet with my family and friends and fellow beings, for giving me a chance to make the world a better place and for allowing me to give and receive the ultimate gift of love.’ Simply shifting your focus on the more positive aspects of life can bring about amazing results.

Happiness is right in front of your eyes take the time to see it today!

This article written by Jennifer Thompson for woman.ca

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