Crystal minerals contain subtle vibrations and energies that can be used to bring balance back to the body’s natural energy state. Different cultures around the world have used crystals for healing for centuries. With Crystal Healing, we simply add Mother Earth’s natural energy in the crystals to help re-align the body’s chakras, remove any negative energy, pain or any blockages in the body and fill the individual with a state of inner peace, relaxation, joy and love.

You can use crystals in your daily life to help relieve stress, improve concentration, meditate, receive more love, practice forgiveness, improve communication and even to attract a sexual partner or increase fertility. There are 7 main chakra centers in the body; if one of those chakras or energy centers is weak, a crystal may help to re-align that chakra back to its natural energetic state. If our bodies are healthy and balanced, it is always our natural tendency to feel gratitude, acceptance and love. If you are feeling anything less than that, like fear, anger, worry, guilt, sorrow, or lack of self-love, and especially if you are having a difficult time letting go of these negative emotions, you could benefit from some chakra balancing from Mother Earth’s love through the power of crystals.

Finding the Right Crystal for You

When you choose a crystal for yourself, always take some time to relax, breathe, feel gratitude for all the abundance in your life in this moment, and then ask the Universe to help guide and assist you in finding the mineral energy that your body needs. I believe that crystals have a consciousness. When working with this amazing power, we have to respect that and never look for a crystal from a place of fear or greed.

Choosing Crystals as Gifts

Crystals also make wonderful gifts for friends and family. If someone you love if going through a difficult time, you can help them so much by giving them a crystal to support them on a deep, subconscious energetic level. Always think about the person when choosing a crystal for them. Usually you will instinctively find the exact crystal that they need.

The Seven Chakras and their Crystal Energies

To focus on a specific area or intent with your healing, you can choose a crystal specific to one of the 7 main charkas in the body:

Crown Chakra

At the top of the chakra system is the crown chakra. It has the highest vibration of all of the chakras. This is our connection to our Source energy and a very powerful chakra to help bring spirituality into our physical world. If you are trying to seek out a more spiritual path in life, it is important to strengthen the crown chakra.

Crystals for Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz, Selenite, Diamond, Howlite, Clear Topaz.

Third Eye

This is our energy door to the spiritual world. The third eye, when it’s strong, allows us to focus the mind and control the thoughts. If you have trouble sleeping at night, concentrating on projects, difficulty with meditation or find yourself thinking too much, your third eye might be weak.

Crystals for Third Eye

Amethyst, Purple Flourite, Purple Kunzite, Opal.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is our energetic communication center. If we are able to say what we really want to say and also be heard in a clear and open way, the throat chakra will be strong. Remember that you are loved no matter what, so don’t be afraid to communicate!

Crystals for Throat Chakra

Sodalite, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Sapphire.

Heart Chakra

This is the energy center of all types of Divine, unconditional love – love for self, love for others, love without defining it or controlling it, just allowing the beautiful energy of love to be. The heart chakra is the center of all the energy centers in the body, so it is an important chakra to keep strong. When we come from a place of love, it is easy to forgive.

Crystals for Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz, Green Flourite, Aventurine, Kunzite, Chrysoprase.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is our center of courage if it’s strong. If it is weak, we are usually distracted by fear. Always remember what fear really is: False Evidence that Appears Real. Stay focused on your inner courage, continue to honour yourself and your solar plexus will remain strong.

Crystals for Solar Plexus

Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Herkimer Diamond, Orange Moonstone, Amber.

Sacral Chakra

Also called the Sexual Chakra, the sacral chakra is the center of our sexual energy, attractional energy, nurturing qualities and fertility. If you are experiencing problems with your sexual partner, fertility or even have general issues meeting compatible partners, your sacral chakra might be a bit weak.

Crystals for Sacral Chakra

Carnelian, Red Jasper, Rutilated Quartz, Red or Orange Calcite.

Base Chakra

This is the lowest vibration of all the chakras; it is the energy that grounds us to Mother Earth, gives us stability and strength. Usually three things in life help to create a solid base chakra – home, job and sexual relationship. If any of those three become unsettled, a person may start have weakness in their base chakra energy.

Crystals for Base Chakra

Black Snowflake Obsidian, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Tiger Eye, Smokey Quartz.

I believe that when you combine a raw food diet with crystal energies, you can increase your energy awareness even more. When people are doing a detox, they are also more sensitive to the subtle energies in crystals. If you are currently a raw foodist, start experimenting with different crystals and see how you feel. If you are high raw or doing a detox or cleanse, try a crystal healing session and experience the power of the crystals for yourself.

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