Jennifer has created her own personal style of guided meditation which she developed over a number of years of simply trying and experiencing different methods for her own personal practice. She now shares this unique style with individuals and groups.

The importance of having a regular meditation practice in one’s healing journey is not to be underestimated.

We must eventually address healing on all levels of consciousness. There is no use in having just physical health. Even if we eat the perfect diet, we can still manifest dis-ease from holding on to negative thoughts, not forgiving and not letting go of pain. Meditation is a tool which helps us begin the process of clearing the mind and spirit and filling the heart with pure positive healing energy.

‘All healing starts in the mind.’

Through working with Jennifer, you will impart a greater understanding of this simple yet profound notion.

Jennifer’s meditation can help both the novice and experienced meditator alike. For the beginner, it is a good practice because it keeps one focused and attentive throughout the session. For the more experienced individual, this practice is a useful tool to go deeper within oneself to the core of pure, positive energy, or simply, divine unconditional love.

Initially, Jennifer conducts 45-minute sessions, but she teaches her clients how to use this style of meditation for as little as 5-8 minutes per day, thus creating a realistic style of ‘meditation for busy people’. Her meditation sessions are guided and easy to follow, yet very powerful for releasing any distracting negative thoughts and bringing in more abundance of gratitude, love and perfect health.

    ‘As a man thinketh, so he becomes.’
    ‘As is above, so is below.’
    ‘The kingdom of heaven is within.’

Through practice of this style of meditation, one can eventually achieve a continual state of feeling an inner divine, all-encompassing unconditional love.

Due to an overwhelming demand, Jennifer is currently working on recorded versions of her meditations soon to be available on CD. Please contact her for details.

Read what others have to say:

I have been here for the last 10 days, working through the cleansing programme. During this time I have had the opportunity to listen to Jennifer’s meditation. Jennifer has the wonderful ability to impart knowledge and inspiration. I’m sure that some of the ideas will change my life and stay with me forever.— Helene K., Australia

Jennifer is no less than an inspiring human being, which I was blessed to have come into contact with during my fast in Koh Samui. Having taken her meditation class in the morning really motivated me. My direction in life, mentally, physically and spiritually have finally been put on the right path that I myself almost could not find. To recommend Jennifer to anyone, you are doing yourself a favor. A true gift. And the beginning of a new You. — Michelle T., Australia

Jennifer you are so inspirational – it’s very easy to feel the passion you put into your work. I particularly enjoyed the meditation with you with visualization, sending love, etc. — Paola Z., Dubai, UAE

For more feedback and client comments, go to Jennifer’s Testimonial Page.

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