The reason why minerals have therapeutic qualities is because they all have different varieties of what they have called ‘mineral energy’. With Crystal Therapy, we use this natural energy in gemstones to clear, balance and energize the body’s natural energy field.

Crystal Healing allows us to re-align our natural energies using the power of the crystals and the natural frequencies of Mother Earth. When a person becomes toxic, deficient, imbalanced or stressed, the vibrational energy in their body decreases. Crystal Healing is a treatment that helps re-balance a person’s natural energy state, helping them to remove any tension or blockages in their body and infusing them with pure, positive cleansing energy. It is a wonderfully relaxing session which offers a natural balancing and aligning of the chakra centers.

Jennifer offers a 90-minute Crystal Reiki Healing session or a 30-minute Crystal Reading. The 30-minute Reading involves you choosing certain crystals when asked. From your choices, Jennifer makes an assessment of your subconscious energies, identifies your strongest and weakest chakras, and makes suggestions on how you can help to re-balance your energetic field. The 90-minute Healing starts first with a Crystal Reading. From there, Jennifer continues into a full re-alignment and balancing session using many different crystals directly on, around and above the body to clear any negative energies and return the body back to it’s natural, healthy energetic state. A person leaves the session feeling very relaxed and at peace.

Once a person has cleansed and detoxified their bodies and starts bringing in more natural, whole & pure foods, their natural energy, or vibration, increases. They are then much more sensitive to the subtle vibrations and energies around them. Jennifer has become naturally drawn to these energies during her own personal healing journey. She was first trained in Reiki and went on to study Crystal Healing in Australia. She believes that healing has to occur on all levels of consciousness, and with the power of the crystals, she can help assist you on the energetic side of your own healing journey.

Jennifer is now sharing her knowledge and experience in Crystal Healing by offering an 8-hour Introduction to Crystal Healing Course. Please contact her directly for more details.

Such a powerful vibration and healing energy hidden inside these precious stones from Mother Earth..

Read what others have to say:

Jen’s Crystal Healing treatment opened up paths and energies I never knew existed in my body. It was most beneficial in the middle of my cleanse and it helped me release and benefit so much more. She has a unique gift to open up your soul and see what imbalances are inside. Jen rebalanced my chakras and I immediately felt better! — Samantha J., USA

Jennifer’s Crystal Healing session was a beautiful experience and I would recommend it to anyone. I found her very knowledgeable on health and the spiritual side of things. She is a really beautiful person and I would recommend her to anyone. — Teya, Australia

Many thanks again for the inspiring session the other day. I’m so grateful to you and the universe for my introduction to crystals, thank you! — Simon W., United Kingdom

Thank you so much for everything this week – sharing your knowledge with me and offering such beautiful guidance I truly cherish every part of it….I did my first paid crystal reading this afternoon!! Woohoooo! – Natasha, United Kingdom

For more feedback and client comments, go to Jennifer’s Testimonial Page.

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