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You’ve Gotta Cleanse! by Scott Kalechstein at Sedona Raw Spirit Festival

Scott Kalechstein has an amazing gift for making up songs right in the moment. Watch him inspire us with his great lyrics, energy and inspiration at the Sedona Raw Spirit Festival in Arizona. See more of Scott at scottsongs.com. King of the Raw! Scott says it best! Enjoy 🙂 More good clips from the Raw […]

Raw Spirit Festival Sedona, Arizona – Raw Food Lectures, Speakers & Inspiration!

Well, it’s all over now, but it was a great 3 days last weekend in the magical red rock of Sedona, Arizona. The 3rd Annual Raw Food Festival was in full-force, and even though the turn-out was less than expected…there were perhaps 1,000 people instead of the predicted 5,000….it was still a great time had […]

After Your Fast, Cleanse or Detox – Stay Positive, Focused, Determined & Strong!

I just completed another fast/cleanse which was fantastic! Overall it went very well for me and I managed to clear a lot of imbalance and build-up that I still had in me even after the previous fast. As I always say, one can never have an ego with the whole cleansing thing – no matter […]

Green Smoothie Power and Tabouleh Raw Food Salad Recipe

I’ve found a new discovery in my healing journey….yes it is the GREEN SMOOTHIE! Wow, I am loving these things – so tasty and so packed with nutrition, and such an easy way to bring more greens into my diet! Green Smoothie Recipe: Greens Fresh banana, papaya & pineapple The stems from parsley (left over […]

Day 21: Juice Fasting and Detox in Koh Samui, Thailand

Cleansing is great, but eating after cleansing is even better, especially when you know and feel healthier and stronger in every moment!! Life is better than great for me right now. This fast was absolutely earth-shattering for me, in fact there is part of me that is missing the challenging aspects of the cleanse, in […]

Day 17: Juice Fast Detox in Samui: from Strength to Strength

There is a lot to be said for listening to your own body while you cleanse. It’s just so important. I try to feel what my body needs, and I react accordingly. My body is saying now ‘give us just a few more days we are nearly there.’ So I continue to fast, rest, meditate […]

Day 14: Fasting Detox in Koh Samui, Thailand

Been too busy to catch up on the last few days between working and fasting..it’s a hectic schedule to try to get everything done! The fast is going exceedingly well now, and it feels really good to have 2 weeks behind me. Day 1 seems so long ago looking back! So much has shifted; I […]

Day 8: Detox & Juice Fasting in Koh Samui, Thailand

Well actually I think the ‘breakthrough’ happened on Day 6 for me..but I’ve been too busy to write these last 2 days. Sunday was my 6th day on the program but technically my 7th day of fasting, and I decided to use the opportunity to treat myself for having gotten through the first week. The […]