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Imagine starting the New Year with a Vitamix Blender…for FREE! Thanks to the generous folks at Vitamix, I have one FREE Vitamix Blender to giveaway this holiday season! This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the FREE Vitamix giveaway, so keep reading and be sure to add your comment below! In addition, I’m also offering a FREE online Iridology Analysis and a FREE Green Smoothie DVD and eKit to the lucky winner. This is our way of saying ‘Thank you’ to all of my loyal Twitter followers, clients and Facebook friends. If we are willing to offer you the chance of a clean, fresh start to your health and well-being for 2013, you better believe that we believe in what we do and we believe in you too!

Just in case you don’t know what a Vitamix is, it’s a blender. That means it blends the fiber and the liquid of whatever you put inside. It is not a juicer (a juicer separates the fiber from the liquid, leaving only the liquid for you to drink). A blender is very practical for busy people because it takes a just a few minutes to prepare your creation, is very easy to clean, and with a blender, you get all the nutrients from your food plus you get the fiber too. Most people are simply not eating enough fiber in their daily diet; the result can lead to poor digestion, acid reflux, arthritis, bad skin, weak liver, sluggishness, foul breath and even restless sleep. Getting fiber in your diet is so easy when you simply have 1 healthy smoothie a day. Add superfoods to your smoothie and you can really maximize the power of your foods to get the most fiber, nutrients, minerals and chlorophyll – all valuable tools for healing and all elements needed to make you feel that Healthy Bliss!

The ‘BMW’ of blender motors!

Now you know that the Vitamix is a blender. But I didn’t mention that it is the BMW of blenders. Well, it better be…for a price of $449.00 USD!! It’s the dream blender of every raw foodist and health enthusiast I know, including me! The reason why the Vitamix Blender is considered the best blender on the market is because it has an excellent motor, it’s extremely well made and it’s guaranteed for 7 years. You can blend anything in this blender thanks to that motor, even an avocado seed, it’s true! This is a blender that lasts for life; that’s why people pay a lot for it, because it’s really a long-term investment in your health. I am really excited to have the chance to give this away because I’ve seen the change that my clients have made, and I know that good food is the key.

The Vitamix Blender ($449.00 value): What it can do for you

Enter in the Comments below to Win!

Create every course of your home-cooked meal—from frozen drinks to creamy desserts—in minutes. The Vitamix 5200 is the universal tool for family meals and entertaining. A Vitamix blender is designed and built for outstanding performance and unsurpassed durability. You’ll enjoy:

  • Easy-to-use equipment paired with extreme versatility
  • The ability to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn, and more, with a single machine
  • Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water; just run on High for 30 seconds
  • 7-year full warranty – Industry’s best
  • Ongoing recipe ideas and community support

An Online Iridology Analysis ($99.95 value): What it can do for you

Iridology is the science of the iris, or colored portion, of the eye. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the brain and central nervous system through the optic nerve. The optic nerve connects to the central nervous system (CNS) which is the main communication link to everything that goes on in the body.

Jennifer Offers Iridology via Skype, Phone or Email

Jennifer Thompson is a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist (CCI) and offers a complete Iridology Analysis via Skype, email or phone. After taking your iris photos with a digital camera or iPhone, you will email the photos to Jennifer and arrange a time and day to discuss the results. During the reading, Jennifer gives you a good, clear understanding of where your body is at in terms of strengths, weakness, imbalance and any areas of toxicity or inflammation. She makes recommendations for improvement that may involve doing some form of a detox (colon cleanse, heavy metal detox, kidney cleanse, skin cleanse, etc) and a change in diet that may include adding certain foods to your diet and reducing/minimizing others.

  • The skype call is 1-hour in length and is recorded. The video file is sent to you by email after the call.
  • Any skype chat is also sent by email after the call so you have all records of any scientific terms discussed.
  • Follow-up Q&A by email is available for up to 2 months your consultation to ensure you have all knowledge and information needed to achieve your goals.

Green Smoothie DVD and eKit ($69.95 value): What it can do for you

The Green Smoothie DVD and eKit Course

Jennifer’s Instructional DVD will make you a Green Smoothie Expert! Find out for yourself why thousands of people are turning to Green Smoothies for more energy, better health, detox & weight loss! Are you not experiencing the level of energy and good health you desire? Green Smoothies could be your answer to start getting results. Jennifer’s NEW Green Smoothie Power DVD teaches you how!

With the DVD, you also receive 3 eBooks. Use the Quick Reference Guide eBook to get started immediately. Read the How to Make Green Smoothies eBook for inspiration and motivation. Experiment with 200 amazing recipes in the Green Smoothie Recipe eBook. You can be making your first Green Smoothie within minutes!

  • Green Smoothie DVD by Jennifer Thompson
  • How to Make Green Smoothies eBook by Jennifer Thompson
  • Green Smoothie Quick Start Guide eBook by Jennifer Thompson
  • 200 Green Smoothie Recipes for Your Health & Well-Being eBook by Jennifer Thompson
  • How to Sprout and How to Make Nut/Seed Milk book by Jennifer Thompson
  • Set of 2 Sprout and Nut/Seed Milk Bags (9.5×11″, 100% Cotton)

Sample Smoothie Recipe for the Lucky Vitamix Winner

Here’s a fun recipe to make in a your new Vitamix Blender: Hearty Selenium Boosting High Anti-Oxidant Smoothie! This Smoothie is so fast, easy and yummy! It’s perfect for a cold winter morning or after a workout when you’re really hungry and want something filling!

Now that’s some Healthy Bliss!

– 1 red apple, cut into slices and core
– 1 banana
– 1 large handful of fresh blackberries
– 1/3 cup raw walnuts
– 1 Tbsp. organic tahini (sesame paste)
– 2 Tbsp. ground flax seed
– 1 Tbsp. Fresh organic aloe vera juice
– 1/2 cup filtered water

Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Blackberries are very high in anti-oxidants (for immune system); Tahini is high in calcium (for the bones); Walnuts are high in selenium (for the brain); Aloe vera is great for the skin and digestion. Let your food be your medicine!

How to Sign-Up for the FREE Vitamix Giveaway

All you need to do is this:

1. Follow me (@rawfoodbliss) on twitter
2. Follow Vitamix (@vitamix) on twitter
3. Leave a Comment on this post, answering the following question:

What is one positive change that you’ve made in your diet and how has your health improved as a result?

Thanks for entering, and Good Luck!

That’s it, you will be entered in the giveaway.

All entries must be received by 25 December 2012 at 12 midnight USA EST.
The winner will be announced on 26 December, 2012 at 12 noon USA EST.

The winner will receive a FREE Vitamix Blender, a FREE online Iridology Analysis and a FREE Green Smoothie DVD eKit course.

This contest is open up to all entries worldwide. Please note: The winner will receive a blender with whatever voltage is required for their country (either 220v or 110v). Any import duties imposed at delivery (for an international winner outside of USA or EU) are the sole responsibilty of the recipient.

Answer this in the comments below:
What is one positive change that you’ve made in your diet and how has your health improved as a result?

Your comment will not appear immediately as all comments are moderated for spam before approval. The winner will be contacted by email, and will also be announced on my Twitter feed and Facebook page on December 26, 2012 at 12 noon USA EST. Thank you!

And the winner is…….
Lois and Earl Stokes of Volcano, Hawaii!!

Congratulations to Lois and here is her entry:

“My husband had a stroke and found out that he was a diabetic one year ago. We have turned his diabetes around (no more insulin shots) and have improved his blood work by limiting processed foods and drinking two green smoothies a day. I as a side benefit have lost 30 pounds and no longer suffer from bowel spasms. Mahalo (Thank You) for this generous offer and for the opportunity to become a winner. Actually I am already a winner because of our lifestyle change.”

Thank you to everyone who entered this amazing contest…I wish I had a free Vitamix to give to all of you…..your stories of healing touched my heart!!

More on Vitamix:

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Jennifer Betesh has been working with raw food, juices, smoothies and detox for over two decades to help people heal. Today, she shares her expertise worldwide, offering lectures, workshops, training and one-on-one consultations at various health and detox retreat centers. She provides Iridology Readings & Health Coaching via Skype and Phone to clients and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains, power-walking along the sea or globe-trotting to a new and exotic health destination.
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  1. julia aronov
    julia aronov says:

    As a yoga and martial arts instructor, I consider myself pretty healthy but i just starting a completely raw diet and it’s AMAZING how much energy and vitality i suddenly have! I never wake up groggy or feel phlegmy anymore! So empowering! The vitamix would be such a wonderful addition in my kitchen now that I’m exploring all these new raw recipes! I’m not only recommending it to all my clients, I’m asking Santa for one for myself! Happy Holidays to you my dear! You are an inspiration! xx

  2. Mary Gingg
    Mary Gingg says:

    In the last 2 years I have lost over 100 pounds. I started by making smoothies in my poor old dilapidated blender. I use fresh frozen organic fruit, almond or soy milk, & the smoothie blends by Navits including the superfruit blend, superfood blend, superseed blend supplemented with several other healthy additions such as Maqui powder, Acai powder, golden berries, & several other additives. I also use Super Seed by Garden of Life. Navitas is a locally owned company & all their products are organic. I usually drink a large smoothie at least 3-4X/week, sometimes more often. So, I lost weight by just eating healthy without any weight loss aids!! My dream for many years has been to own a Vitamix!! I live only on Social Security, so it is not in my budget.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Jameel Hull
    Jameel Hull says:

    Well since changing my diet to vegan I have lost 115 lbs in little over a year and I got rid of all weight related diseases such as g.e.r.d/high bloodpressure. With Jennifer and others encouraging tweets I will continue on this vegan journey.

  4. Henry Taylor
    Henry Taylor says:

    Well to name one (there have been a few) I started having at least one smoothie a day and it has improved my digestion (all that fibre in transit) used have random cramps and tummy aches but that all stopped. They were also quite filling so I unintentionally ate less and lost a few pounds as an added bonus :D.

  5. Charlyn FernandeZ
    Charlyn FernandeZ says:

    Love this! Thank you! I’d say taking toxic things out and adding healthy things I love in has been the most influential. Reducing chemicals in my food and on my body as well as in my home environment after educating myself on what is around and what I am paying for since I had my son changed so much for me. I was a “health nut” and after becoming a single parent found out I had precancerous cells and dedicated myself to using food as medicine and helping others do the same. I found juice plus and IIN and became a holistic nutrition counselor and healed my body and after many biopsies and tests have tested again recently as negative 🙂 you can heal your body! Invest in the tools to do so whether it be a vitamix or veggies, organic food or green cleaning or healing modalities like meditation or craniosacral therapy and don’t take a diagnosis as unchangeable. Best wishes in health and healing!

  6. L'lia
    L'lia says:

    It’s really hard to just pinpoint one change that I’ve made because since June of this past year I’ve actually made several changes to improve my health and well-being. The biggest change I made was integrating more leafy greens and fruits into my diet via juicing/making smoothies. I did a 30 day juice cleanse after watching the fat sick and nearly dead movie with 10 of those days being strictly juice. It was a great way to kickstart this new mind, body, and soul outlook. It was like a gateway to starting all of these other great health habits such as working out 5/6 days a week, it improved my consumption of water and how I sleep, and it definitely improved both my immunization health and appearance of my skin. Juicing/smoothie making is one of the best things I could’ve ever done for myself. Also, as a vegan, the vitamix is my dream blender because so many of the bloggers I follow use the vitamix in their recipes. I think having the vitamix as well as info on how to make more green smoothies would help me improve and even maintain my current health and fitness regiment. Thank you for the opportunity! It’s really great being able to read all of your helpful health and wellness tips. They’ve definitely made an improvement to my day-to-day habits.

  7. Ella
    Ella says:

    I read on @RawFoodBliss that. Jennifer was recommending starting just one day a week to be as a “raw food day”. That idea alone made me realize how much better I felt in terms of energy, digestion and irritation.
    I now have my Mondays as my raw food mondays and only eat fruits and veggies that day. It was a small step but had surprisingly substantial results!

    Good lick to everyone in the contest.

  8. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    I’ve started to eat only organic meats, produce, and dairy. I nurse my daughter so I eat a ton more greens and plan to try eliminating dairy from my diet. I can’t have any form of nut so it’s going to be a bit of a challenge, but I’m so up for it! I’ve never felt healthier eating the way I do now. In the last year I’ve been pregnant, had a baby, nursing, and now bettering myself!

  9. Michael Weber
    Michael Weber says:

    I really changed my diet became fit two years ago. The latest change has been to give up sugar. So, I have made that change and I don’t even eat substitutes for sugar. I have found I have more energy and feel stronger and more alert.

  10. Catherine Zirkle
    Catherine Zirkle says:

    I have been on a food journey for the past 5 years since finding out I am a Celiac. Since then I have learned of other foods that make me sick. I have tried to go raw a year ago and am learning to prepare foods in a delicious way. A Vitamix will help me take my health to a better level. Thank you for this opportunity!

  11. Tyson
    Tyson says:

    The positive change I’ve made in my “diet” was to become a raw vegan. A lot of people are surprised that I was able to make this change cold turkey but it hasnt been easy. i still watch certain videos on raw vegan living every morning to make sure I stay on track.

    The effect on me from the change of “diet” has been tremendous. I’ve become like my old self again. I use to play college football so I have a few lingering injuries and this way of life has helped me live again. Im losing weight and feeling good. i also truly enjoy telling other about this lifestyle.

  12. Melida Greene
    Melida Greene says:

    Drinking a less 10 oz. of green juice everyday, fell more energetic to keep up with my three years old son.A vitamix will be great to help my husband lose weigth and get rid of all the medications. Thank You.

  13. Jo
    Jo says:

    Eliminating all processed foods and sugar was the best thing I ever did for myself. Not only do I feel much better and lighter but I also learned how to make everything at home from scratch. No longer dependent on big corporations and no longer eating food made by machines!

  14. eddy sanchez
    eddy sanchez says:

    it would be awesome to win i could make awesome soothies ,,, i really would like to know more on raw food diet and can you still workout on a raw diet ??? 🙂

  15. John
    John says:

    I reduced my eating at restaurants by 90%. This has helped me lose weight and increase my productivity. A Vitamix would be an AWESOME addition to my kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. K Louise
    K Louise says:

    What is one positive change that you’ve made in your diet and how has your health improved as a result?

    At the end of 2011 my brother passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack. Even thou I’m 15 years younger than him, I knew I had to change my unhealthy diet or I’ll be having the same cardio issue. My 2012 New Resolution was to try to be healthy vegan. After a month or so I feel in love with fruits & veggies, research everything online about nutrition. It’s now 12 months later and my cholesterol dropped 60 points to 157 and HDL is up 80. yay

    The reason I’m entering this contest, I had bought a Vitamix which I use daily making everything from smoothies to soups. I introduce my the Vitamix to my niece by making her a blueberry smoothie with Kale in it. She was surprised how she didn’t taste the kale in it. She said she couldn’t afford a vitamix but will try to do better. I haven’t heard if she was really interested in it until this week. My sister in law just had her small intestine remove due to cancer tumors. The first thing she said to me, “what is the name of that blender you got, I gotta do better”. As I answered Vitamix, and I thought Aw, my niece told her mom about my Vitamix. I would like to win this Vitamix to give to my sister in law causes she going to find a way to get high nutrition foods to absorb with loss of small colon. It will also help the entire family financially with high medical cost they are facing.

    My 2013 resolution, eat high raw 80% and min 3 days a week at the gym or do some form of cardio exercise, walking etc

    Thanks for this opportunity to win this Vitamix.

  17. David Ramm
    David Ramm says:

    My daughter got me to add at least 8 oz. of green juice per day several months ago and as a result I have become less tired and more alive and aware during my waking hours.

  18. MiLynnGarde
    MiLynnGarde says:

    What is one positive change that you’ve made in your diet and how has your health improved as a result?

    I have always been interested in treating my body with the best care; however, knowing what ‘best care’ practice meant was different from what I was taught growing up. Although food, in my family, meant fuel, the choice of what to eat was quite vague. White rice and meat are the staples I have grown to depend on for home cooked meals and fast food was considered a weekend ritual or special treat.

    After years of fighting against my weight (and gaining my freshman 15), I took small steps in being proactive about my approach. My journey, like others, started out slow. I cut out fast-food and sodas and ate smaller portions during social dinners and dates, then moved toward the grocery stores for meals.

    I later learned more about our American culture of food, and quickly altered my shopping route into laps around the perimeter of the grocery store. In the past three years, I was able to absorb more knowledge about food for fuel and learned to identify the differences between quick fixes and solutions.

    The most positive change I’ve made in my diet was when I decided to consume more knowledge, and since then I’ve dramatically started seeing a change in my clarity. My health has improved because I’m my mind is less foggy and my anxiety has tapered down; with regards to sense of taste, I’m starting to lose the palate for meat and animal-based by-products, and process grains are now a condiment choice rather than the base for a meal.

    Excitingly, I’m learning how to live a straight-up raw lifestyle and tantalizing my taste-buds with veggies of all sorts, as I patiently saving for a chlorophyll releasing blender.

    MiLynn Garde

  19. Karen
    Karen says:

    Giving up the bad guys – for me that means sugar, wheat and dairy. I was struggling with IBS, endometriosis and candida and this year have made a huge effort to clean up my diet. Quitting sugar has made the biggest difference. I have much more stable energy, my skin glows, no more brain fog, my stomach is flat and my symptoms have massively dminished. At first I felt deprived but now I focus on all the yummy things I can eat, like beautiful green smoothies and delcious homemade soups. My little hand blender is on its last legs so having the Vitamix would be amazing! Taking this journey has inspired me to help others and so in the new year I am training to be a health coach so that I can support others wanting to make positive changes.

  20. Jen
    Jen says:

    The positive change that I’ve made in my diet and how my health improved as a result is eliminating dairy, meat, eggs, sugars, and gluten. At first that may sound difficult to maintain or drastic, but with the right support and tools at your disposal, anything is possible! My energy has skyrocketed, my nagging gastrointestinal symptoms are gone, and my skin is clear, bright and glowing! Thank you for the amazing community and resources! Happy holidays and good luck to everyone!

  21. Alicia Ching
    Alicia Ching says:

    I have recently started my journey to eat more healthily because I have been diagnosed with SLE. I have started to drink vegetable and fruit smoothies and I noticed wonders that raw food and vegetables could do to my body. My fatigue is totally gone and I actually crave for more green smoothies when I am hungry. I have also gotten rid of my sweet tooth and stop craving for sweets and also foods like bread and biscuits. I felt so much healthier and lighter. I am still waiting for my big examination and will have blood tests which will be done in Feb 13 and hoping that eating raw will improve my health further. Thanks for making this giveaway!

  22. Andrea Lussing
    Andrea Lussing says:


    I became vegan a year and a half ago and eat mainly plant based while foods with very little ‘indulgences’. My cravings for processed foods have virtually gone away. I lost 10lbs, my skin became clearer and I became way more energized and passionate about life!

    Hoping to win this great prize pack.
    Happy Holidays!

  23. cecelia p
    cecelia p says:

    I was obese my entire life and then at the age of 20 I decided I’d missed everything and wasn’t happy so I made a change and lost 110lbs. I’ve kept it off for 2.5 years so far but I still didn’t feel 100% healthy. So 2 years ago I became a vegetarian and then 9 months ago I became a dedicated vegan. I’m actively trying to put only healthful, nutritious things in my body because I only get one and I’m the only person who can control how it behaves. I try to stay high raw because it simply feels healthier.

  24. Stefanie Moir
    Stefanie Moir says:

    i am 19 years old and i have taken a life long lifestyle change in my diet from sugary, processed, greasy foods to eating as much clean and whole food as possible and i really feel the benefits! i have so much energy and i can workout better, i am genuinely enjoying what i am eating rather than just eating for the sake of it, i have even helped my family to make healthier changes! i plan to live this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. the next investment was to get a vitamix so hopefully i can win one for me and my family to continue a healthy lifestyle together!

  25. Amanda Cartwright
    Amanda Cartwright says:

    it’s the little things that make a difference for a happier life. I am only in my young 30’s and was suffering from severe dry eye that was extremely annoying. my eye doctor told me I would have to suffer with it the rest of my life. I started making smoothies in my blender & getting better nutrients into my body & the dry eye completely went away!!!! ever since then I have been drinking smoothies daily & strongly believe that so many health problems are a result of lack of nutrients in the body. however, my biggest issue since then is that I have “burned up” quite a few blenders from daily use, even what I thought were expensive ($175-$300 blenders) & have REALLY wanted to invest in a Vitamix. I have learned that you can “hide” so many foods in a smoothie. I have never learned to cook & would only eat foods you can eat without cooking in recipies, so it was always hard to figure out how to eat certain foods, such as ginger & flax seeds . but amazingly, you can even put ginger in your smoothies. I can only imagine the possibilities of recipes I could drink with a Vitamix. an enthusiasm for healthier eating is one of the greatest things you can have in life for the benefit of yourself, your family & friends and even strangers. 🙂

  26. Chris Allen
    Chris Allen says:

    One positive change I’ve made in my diet has been eliminating meat, diary products and processed foods. This has been really helpful in making me feel a lot better, improving my digestion and giving me great energy. In the last year I got rid of excessive weight and my overall health has improve dramatically since my motor vehicle accident in 2011 . My goal for 2013 is to become a 100% raw vegan an improving my under-privileged community with the knowledge an information I attain in the last two years..

  27. Madhur Patel
    Madhur Patel says:

    I have been a lifelong vegetarian. However, I’ve been overweight for most part of my life. In fact, I was the fattest kid in my high school. All I loved eating was junk food. 2 years back I gave up dairy. I now eat a lot of raw foods. This has totally transformed my life. I feel so much more energetic and happy! I want to live by example and inspire others to adopt a raw vegan lifestyle!

  28. Steph
    Steph says:

    After struggling with allergies, asthma, cystic acne, and digestive issues for years and years, I decided to eliminate dairy (among many other things, but dairy appeared to be the biggest culprit for my particular case). I used to rely on an inhaler for my asthma multiple times a day, was severely constipated and had horrible insomnia.

    I can happily say that after 6 years of cutting out dairy and other allergens, and focusing on a vegan whole foods diet I no longer even own an inhaler (this is HUGE for me!), my digestion runs smoothly, I sleep much better, and I haven’t had acne since! Life changing!

    Because I immediately noticed the healing powers of a whole foods lifestyle, I enrolled into the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and am now a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant. I’ve committed to coaching others to shine their brightest and absolutely loving every minute of it!


  29. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    One positive change I’ve made in my diet has been eliminating soda ( regular & diet). As a result I drink much more water, and have been less dehydrated. If I have a sip of it now, it just tastes like chemical syrup-water!

  30. Monique Therese Solomons
    Monique Therese Solomons says:

    As an occupational therapist specializing in paediatrics and working with children diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, add, adhd, pervasive developmental disorders, sensory processing disorders etc. I FINALLY started practising what I have been preaching for years which has been advocating the importance of proper nutrition for children so they are able to reach their highest level of independence in all areas of their life, regardless of their age, diagnosis or learning difficulties… I have seen the profound impact it had on the clients I worked with, even subtle dietary changes (such as eliminating either wheat, dairy etc.) even before receiving therapy the results were so instant and profound. Up until a year ago the life I lived after working hours and weekends was not the same as the therapist as many came to know… I WAS LIVING A LIE AND IT WAS CATCHING UP!!! I became frustrated with myself, the way I looked, how I felt about processed foods (but still ate it anyways), always tired, always miserable and sick and tired of being sick and tired! It was then after speaking to a total stranger that I decided to promote health promotion in my own life. Almost immediately I got rid of all the processed foods even the organic ones 😉 I researched veganism then raw veganism and became a raw vegan since January 2012 🙂 I believe this journey had made a tremendous impact upon my life spiritually in that I feel more connected with myself and God, my professional life as I am such a happy and motivated therapist (the last time I felt this way was when I just graduated in 2006). I am now ready to take my career further and study nutrition as I have seen a profound impact it had on my life and the clients I worked with (even before receiving therapy) and finally the impact it had on me personally. My thoughts and the way I live my life have become more positive and more in alignment with who I am and I am now learning the importance of living my truth which I believe transfers to my spiritual and professional life. Although I wish I made this change years ago I believe these are all lessons that God would have us learn. I am truly greatful for this experience, as I continue to learn and grow 🙂

  31. shalena trammell
    shalena trammell says:

    The one positive change I have made in my diet is cutting out caffeine which helped with my headaches. I went on a raw diet back in March for 2 months and it was the best two months of my life. My headaches completely went away, I was sleeping all through the night and waking up at 6am with tons of energy . I was drinking green smoothies everyday and eating as much raw food as I could. I try to go raw every few weeks but its hard to avoid regular food with my 3 young boys who like to leave leftovers. I love smoothies and making them is fun too. I would absolutely LOVE a Vitamix to help keep me on track and try different smoothies with fruits and veggies I could blend instead of juice!!

  32. Candace Sharp
    Candace Sharp says:

    The biggest change in my life was becoming a raw vegan. I follow the 80/10/10 diet and consume most of my calories from ripe juicy fruits. My health has been forever changed and improved for the better! Too many benefits to list in fact! 🙂 My parents have noticed the huge improvement in my life and I would love to provide them with a vitamix so they can too behin to experience the life I am loving to live!

  33. Linda Lande
    Linda Lande says:

    I went from a vegan to a raw vegan and follow Doug Grahams 80/10/10. I have lost a great deal of body fat and gained more muscle without a great deal of effort. I have a great deal of energy and look as well as act much younger than 64. Linda

  34. Cornelia
    Cornelia says:

    The best thing I’ve done was switch to a plantbase lifestyle 90%. I now can say I have regular bowel movements… before it was 1 every 2 weeks… plan on cutting out sweets and cheese next… what perfect timing 2013 right around the corner…

  35. C.M. Cole
    C.M. Cole says:

    The positive change I’ve made in my life occured last December – when I decided to eliminate the “junk” and increase my consumption of fruits and veggies. Since then, I’ve changed things, and become so much healthier.

    Years ago (around 25+) I saw a Vitamix ad in a VT magazine, and thought it would be so wonderful to have for my (at the time) small children. I still don’t have one. Whatever happened? Life got in the way; finances were tight; and my priorities were put on the back burner. Guess that’s why it took so long to get back in gear and decide to eat healthier.

  36. JF Ferrer
    JF Ferrer says:

    One positive change that I have done with my diet is to stop drinking soda. I have started that a year ago and I have coupled that step with making sure that I drink enough amount of water daily. That has been really helpful in making me feel a lot better, improving my digestion and giving me great energy. I love dance and yoga and being conscious with proper hydration has helped me a lot in my favorite activities.

  37. Tsvetomira Yotsova
    Tsvetomira Yotsova says:

    The most positive change I have made in my diet is going Raw and Vegan two years ago!!! And I can’t describe the whole and enormous effect on my health, lifestyle, self-esteem and look :)! Actually now I live and I have a health :)! I lost some weight, improved my skin, feel more energetic and strong, positive, no more ilnessess and health problems! It’s like my body and mind are reallly working properly and in harmony!!! And this is all thanks to cutting meat, dairy, cooked food and all the refined and processed foods at all and starting to excercise more!
    One of the basics in my current lifestyle and diet are the green smoothies and juices!

  38. Donna Forbes
    Donna Forbes says:

    For years, I had the most horrible heartburn. I mean, BIG TIME DISCOMFORT! At least one large bottle of Extra Strength Tums a week! Who knew, that a simple change in diet ( going vegan! ) would eliminate this for ever! Its not always the spicy food that causes the heartburn! In my case, it was the dairy.. so while I was already eliminating this irritating thing.. I dumped the rest of the animal out of my diet!
    Its been 4 years, not one ounce of heartburn since!

  39. Thankful Grace
    Thankful Grace says:

    Eating better and taking care of my body have made me feel so great, I have more energy, my skin is beautiful, my mind is alert, I look more young, my whole life is better & I can teach other people now to take care of there body too!THANKS JENNY

  40. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    I’ve shifted to a highly plant-based diet. I also track my food intake on myfitnesspal to keep my total calories in check. Down 8 lbs so far! 🙂

  41. candice manzer
    candice manzer says:

    I have started to try to eat clean most of the time and I cut out my morning pop and alot of sugar….I try to drink green juice daily as well as exercise three to five times week!

  42. Bill
    Bill says:

    Dropped sugar, wheat and dairy four weeks to clear up skin issues and am amazed. Next step is more juice, wheat grass and elimination of ribonucleatide and other preservatives. Oops…got to go get some more kale!

  43. Patricia L Schryver
    Patricia L Schryver says:

    Two weeks ago I was told that my blood work showed I was pre-diabetic.!! I was devastated!! Two days later I started making VitaMix smoothies to begin each day. The psoriasis patches that I had on both elbows is completely gone already!!
    I feel so much better, have so much energy, and require much less sleep. I’ve already lost weight and I LOVE the smoothies!!


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