Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Inspiring film, but is a 60-day juice fast safe?

Inspiring Film on Weight Loss

Wow! I was so inspired by this movie! Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead show 2 extremely overweight men do a 60-day juice fast, and the results are outstanding!

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.
It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

This documentary shows a real life regular Australian guy named Joe who, at 140 kg or just over 300 pounds, was sick with an auto-immune disease and a strange re-occurance of rash and hives. At 40 years old and feeling fat, sick and nearly dead, he finally decided to take his health in his own hands. Can you imagine, at only 40 years old, being so overweight and in pain from arthritis, that you have to use a raised toilet seat to even sit on the toilet? Or, maybe that’s already you? Then it’s definitely time for some change!

Yes, Joe took responsibility for his own health and decided to completely change his diet and lifestyle!

Joe Cross before his detox

He embarked on a 60-day juice only liquid fast and not only lost weight, but cleared the rash, gained energy and made a plan to continue with positive change after the detox.

In 60 days, he lost over 80 pounds.

It is phenomenal to see the transformation!

And, even better, Joe continued to make changes when he finished his detox. He started exercising, ate salads and juices, and after another 70 days, he not only maintained the original weight loss but lost another 20 pounds. He also managed to get off all medications – wow, now that is Mother Nature’s doctor at work for some real natural healing!

Along his journey of juice fasting and traveling across the United States on a road trip with the juicer set up to a battery in the back of his car, Joe met a lot of overweight Americans and many had different ideas on fasting. It’s worth watching just to see what they say!

Joe Cross after – transformation!

At one point, he meets Phil who is over 400 pounds and has the same skin rash condition as him. Phil gets inspired and eventually does the 60-day juice fast himself.

It’s really spectacular to see these normal people who were previously victims of fast food and prescription drugs and are now teaching people how to juice kale and apples! I love it!!

So, what about actually doing a 60-day juice fast yourself? Is it safe?

In the movie, both men get clearance from their doctors and also regular checkups during the fast. This is definitely a good idea, especially if you have never fasted before, are on any medications of any kind and especially if you are suffering from any medical conditions.

Was Joe constipated after his detox at all??

60 days is a long time to go without any bowel movements. The thing that Joe never mentions in the movie is whether or not he did enemas or colonics during his fast. Since he didn’t mention it, I doubt he did any. This does concern me, especially when I think of how toxic so many people are today and how they could easily lessen the effects of the detox reactions by doing a daily enema during their fast. I would also recommend certain herbs and supplements to support the body during the process.

Re-toxifying of Heavy Metals

The other issue that concerns me is that people doing a long fast with extreme weight loss can disrupt pockets of heavy metal accumulation in their body. Often times the body will safely store heavy metals in it’s fat cells. It’s a way for the body to try to protect itself from these toxic materials. If you have extreme weight loss in a short period of time, as the fat gets burned, the heavy metals have to move somewhere else…and they can potentially move into and do harm to the organs. In an Iridology reading, we can see if a person has the potential for heavy metal accumulation. It’s a good idea to get checked out, and to also consider doing a heavy metal detox as a follow-up to the juice fast. During the fast, it may also be a good idea to take zeolite as this is a natural chelator for heavy metals and toxins and can assist the body with the detox process.

I particularly like the doctor in the film, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He had some great quotes:

  • Permanent results only come from permanent changes in diet and lifestyle.
  • You don’t get permanently well unless you permanently change the way you live.
  • Fasting can be used as a time where you re-train your taste buds. If it helps you with healthy eating thereafter, then it’s done it’s job.
  • 61% of the American diet today comes from processed foods (predominantly oils, sugar & flour).
  • 70% of the diseases that affect us now are caused by our life choices: how we exercise, if we smoke and what we eat.
  • Total cost of a heart attack: $56,424 USD. Total cost of juicing for 1 month: $420.

Read more information on the liver and liver cleansing here:

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When you take care of your whole body, you get whole body health.

When you let your food be your medicine, you are always moving towards better health.

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More on Juicing and Smoothies:

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Jennifer Betesh has been working with raw food, juices, smoothies and detox for over two decades to help people heal. Today, she shares her expertise worldwide, offering lectures, workshops, training and one-on-one consultations at various health and detox retreat centers. She provides Iridology Readings & Health Coaching via Skype and Phone to clients and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains, power-walking along the sea or globe-trotting to a new and exotic health destination.
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    • Jennifer Thompson
      Jennifer Thompson says:

      Dear Moriah,

      Thank you for your eagle eye editing services! You are correct, and I apologize for an inconvenience that my spelling error may have caused. The error has been corrected!

      To your health,


    • Jennifer Thompson
      Jennifer Thompson says:


      If you are only drinking juice (meaning no solid food), then I recommend 1 juice every 3 hours during waking hours of the day. 400-500ml per juice. That’s to keep your blood sugar levels even, which is very important while juice feasting. You don’t need to worry about nutrients…because believe me, you will be getting WAY MORE than you ever did before!

      To your health,


  1. margaret
    margaret says:

    Hi Joe Just watched your movie i love it when it finished went to the super market and brought some fruit and vegs I grow my own kale so I bended a lot of it and I will be starting tomorrow ,I want to lose at least 10 kilos thank you very much for your inspiration I will let you know how I went in 10 days .

  2. vera harvey
    vera harvey says:

    did anyone reply to Emmett Wayne McNeel’s question if he can use Joe Cross smoothies as he as an overload of iron (hemochromatosis) posted on July 12 21015 on

  3. Emmett Wayne McNeel
    Emmett Wayne McNeel says:

    Joe I am 69 years old with 2 children left at home ages 9 yrs and 18 yrs. I have a severe case of hemachromatosis so I put serious limits of iron on my intake. I have 50 millers taken out each month. I have had brain surgery due to over medication due to blood clots in right leg. This and several other injuries to neck with now has 4 titanium vertebrae and a rebuilt right shoulder, shattered teeth all happened at a VA hospital in Prescott Arizona on 4 Aug 2010. I was treated for sprains by the VA until last year when I was able to see specialist here in Texas using My medicare. I would very much like to get my health back and be around for my kids and grandkids. Am I able to use your diet without adverse effects, especially iron. Thank You

  4. Erin Smith
    Erin Smith says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on how to Juice on the road. I’m planning a 1 month long trip across the US and I’m wondering how to find farm fresh produce in different cities. As well as the simple logistics of running a juicer from a van. I’m currently using myfitness pal to track my calories and working on a balanced diet, and have lost 17lbs in 3 months, but I’m interesting in trying juicing as well. I’m 158lbs, my starting weight 173 in December. On challenge I find is eating at restaurants because of portion sizes and sauces. So when on the road I want to do juicing for 2 meals a day, but I’m not sure how to find produce along the way. Maybe a website?

  5. donna
    donna says:

    I am 244 pounds and need to lose weight i have never weighed this much started gaining weight when i had a full hysterectomy so how much weight should i lose if i follow this compaired to a low carb diet which one is better this one or the low carb?

  6. Ron L
    Ron L says:

    I did a 21 day juice fast and actually had BMs almost daily, mostly liquid form with the colour of the juices I was drinking. So one can have BMs on a juice fast, at least for first 3 weeks.
    Thanks for the great articles Jennifer!

  7. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    I have a question: I am 260 pound man who has a lot of muscle mass on my frame. I exercise 4-6 times a week riding a bicycle/spin class/kick boxing etc but still carry 50 pounds of unwanted weight. Im interested in getting that weight off!!!! My concern is after my high output workouts(intense 1 hour spin class/Cross fitness class) ill need PROTEIN! How can i get the necessary recovery nutrients from juicing ???

  8. Faye
    Faye says:

    I am on week 7 and I have lost 25lbs. I believe I would have lost more if I wasn’t constipated. I would do the enemas every other day and I am using a product I got from the health food store called, Cean Inside. Overall, the detox has been great! Lots of energy and no more pain.

  9. Grace
    Grace says:

    All those spendy luxury health spa that are pricey and when you do a juice fast there they have people take always do colonics or coffee enemas daily ( coffee enema get the toxins out of your body needs to be held for 15 minutes and it cleans the entire blood system four to five times)so you do not become Autotoxemia that is self poisoning from the fecal matter in the colon it has be cleaned out. I was amazed that the guy on fat, sick nearly dead never mentioned this very important aspect that Dr Airola Paavo , Max Gerson and spas etc are aware of my understanding is if you do a green juice fast wrong you can end up sick so colonics and enemas must be done so you can really benefit from the fast and it takes the stress off all the organs ,

  10. Lino
    Lino says:

    Hi ,
    I know some of you mentioned the possibility of BM problem ( or a lack of it)
    I work as a salesman(40% office and 60% road)
    When fasting should I be worried or is manageable

  11. Peta
    Peta says:

    I was sick of me, the way I looked and felt, and I knew that I was the only one who can fix me !! I have hit the nifty 50’s and my middle was reminding me daily of what is to come..YUK

    So, I went to the libruary to get a book on a different diet and there was a reserve on it by four people in front of me… so that meant a 4 month wait at least!!. This was not good enough I was ready. The librarian told me about Joe Cross and his 60 day juicing and the weight he lost!!. I was interested. I went home, googled him, liked what I read and purchased the book.

    I didn’t do just juicing , I chose to juice breakfast and dinner and eat salads, low carb no sugar lunches, that way I hoped the bowel side of things would hopefully stay as normal as possible.

    I will give it a month, this was going to be my journey. Well I am proud to say that this was exactly one month ago, I have lost 10 kilos and several inches, and I love the new me. I am not stopping here!!

    However, I am at a plateau at the moment and feel a bit dispondent, but as a nurse I knew I must NOT be taking in enough juice, I was only having 2 or 3 juices a day… so after reading Joe’s tips on what to do when you hit the plateau…. I was reassured. I will now up the juices, increase the healthy snacks and when this weather permits I aim to start some serious walking. I LOVE TO WALK.

    So here I go, I have decided to go for it for another month and hopefully I will reach my goal which is another 5 kilos.

    Thanks Joe, this is such a sensible way to live, and a very healthy one. I have never felt so healthy, my skin looks fantastic and my out look on life and things are far less stressed than ever before. I love cheese and milk products and ate them daily, but now I find I don’t even miss them. My love for fresh fruit and vegies, the power of positive thinking and the want to look better than I did, is my inspiration.

    I encourage anyone who feels like I did, jump on board Joe’s train and give it a serious go. It works, it’s easy and it is affordable.

  12. Jason
    Jason says:

    Hi Lea.
    My wife and I bought a blender for £30. We purée fruit or veg, whichever we fancy. It works fine. We also put some yoghurt with honey in and some apple juice to aid the blending. Both lost weight, skin is much better and lost that”bloated” feeling. I recommend it but would check with your GP if you have a lot of weight to lose or have any pre existing medical conditions.

  13. Lea
    Lea says:

    i want to start this to loose 4 stone. do you just put the fruits & vegs in a blender & puree it? can somebody help!

  14. Arlene
    Arlene says:

    My son is encouraging me to start this juice diet. Once he leaves I won’t have a support system. Is there any thing you would recommend that would be helpful.

  15. kay hatton
    kay hatton says:

    i am a 68 year old woman who had brain tumour removed 3 1/2 years ago which has resulted in me putting on 2 1/2 stone even though i walk everyday eat lots salads no bread , i eat a reasonably healthy diet but cannot move a Ib ,so im waiting for my juicer to arrive ,and il probably juice every other day and see how it goes

  16. sam
    sam says:

    The first day of the diet, I felt well in the morning, end afternoon a massive headache with chills, and I non stop threw away all the juices, so miserable until the day after I decided to stop the diet, same symptoms as if I had a gastro or a hangover, any ideas where this come from is it normal can this happen with that type of diet?

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Sam,

      Of course, before starting any cleanse, you should have a complete check-up by your medical doctor to make sure that you are fit to do a juice fast. It’s possible that you have some intestinal parasites. When my clients are nauseous or vomiting, I advise them to stop fasting immediately and do a full parasite cleanse, then resume doing their cleanse.

      Blessings to your health and be well!


  17. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    Hi, Joe, I hope this gets to you. I was wondering if you would consider another documentary on people who are misrable with Arthritis. I have bone degeneration, and I noticed that when I eat no gluten and manage the acid in my system I feel better. My problem is that I have not been too motivated due to being bullied for a couple of years on the job, so my self esteem is lowered and other stress related issues. I love your philosophy in the movie regarding the simplicity of the body healing itself if given the right foods. I f you want to use me as a subject for a documentary on helping me not be sick anymore through the same process–and show it even helps people with horrendous pain in joints I will be happy to sign a waiver and just would love someone like you to motivate me. I am so tired of feeling sick and having pain, and having so many pills. The documentary would serve to help others with the same issues. I do hope you would consider using me as the subject, and I would love to show the world that even arthritis inflammation can be controlled through the combination of acids that are balanced.

  18. Darren Smith
    Darren Smith says:

    By chia seeds for fibre at any organic food store, put a teaspoon in your juice glass stir! Also buy the aloe Vera gel and add to your juice glass a teaspoon a day! Does wonders for your skin. Once you do this for awhile you almost feel sick if you eat bread or packaged goods which is good! It’s your bodies way of saying yuk! Much like if you quit smoking for awhile then go back it tastes different and you get dizzy and light headed your body saying yuk! Keep juicing and you will never wait in a drive thru again! Thank you Joe!

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