40-Day Water Fast: Comprehensive Guide & Personal Journal

Recently I completed a 40-day pure water fast. It had been one of my goals for many years now, and yet I never seemed to have the time to set aside 40 days. Like everyone, I am very busy and just could not fathom cutting myself off from the world for so long. In the last few years, I’ve done a 3-day water fast and a 10-day water fast and I had very good results, feeling clearer in the mind and spirit and more balanced and peaceful after each fast. This year I planned to do another 10-day water fast and possibly 14 days depending on how I felt. When I saw the results on Day 8 which I will explain below, I decided that I had to continue no matter what. And that’s what led me to do 40 days.

Water fasting means to drink only water, in the same way that juice fasting means to drink only fresh juice. Only water is consumed during the fast and no food. Natural Hygienists agree that having small amounts of fresh lemon or lime in the water is ok; however in this water fast, I did not do that.

One week after the fast, enjoying fresh, delicious food!

Water fasting is not for the weak-minded. It takes a lot of mental strength, trust and faith to live on only water for an extended period of time. If one has prepared for the fast well and has a full reserve of minerals and vitamins, this type of detox is totally safe. It is important to prepare the body well in advance, cleaning the colon with some intestinal cleansing and then moving gently into pure water by drinking only juices for a number of days.

If someone is extremely toxic from a typical Standard American Diet and they have never done any type of detox before, then they are not a safe candidate for water fasting. They would need to do a lot of gentle cleansing first, build up their mineral and vitamin reserve and ensure an alkaline pH at the very least.

Water fasting is certainly not a new concept or some type of ‘fad’ diet. Almost all the great spiritual leaders including Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Gandhi practiced fasting.

This is the only type of cleanse where the body is not getting any food at all. For that reason, it can go deeper and is more powerful for healing.

I believe that a water cleanse is the best way to release toxins from the mind, body and spirit. It’s that simple. The body knows how to heal itself, it just needs a chance to do it. When you fast, you are directing the body to takes it’s energy inward. It can then start cleansing and healing itself.

40-Day Water Fast – The How & Why of this Pure Detox on Day 40

There are many different cleansing reactions that can occur during a water fast as the body releases toxins into the blood. Based on my experience, I recommend a daily water enema during the cleanse to help the body minimize cleansing reactions. Dry skin brushing also helps. It’s good to be in an environment where the body can have some exposure to sunlight and fresh air every day. Being close to nature is best.

An example of how you don’t want to feel from breaking a fast incorrectly…

In addition to taking care during the fast, having a plan for breaking the fast is absolutely essential. So many people make the mistake of bingeing on comfort foods after a long fast, and in the case of drinking only water, this can actually be dangerous. It is very important to gently ease back into solids foods and only 100% raw juices and foods to allow the organs to ‘wake up’ gently. In my eBook, I discuss in detail how to break a water fast safely.

As the saying goes, ‘Any fool can fast, but only a wise man can break it properly.’

My new book, A Comprehensive Guide to Water Fasting, is a complete guide detailing every aspect of water fasting. This book is currently for sale in ebook format and is immediately downloadable in either .pdf or .epub format. (To view this ebook on your iPhone or iPad, simply choose the .epub version and install the free iBook app on your device before downloading your ebook file.)

Just some of the topics covered include:

  • What is Water Fasting
  • Benefits of Water Fasting
  • Water Fasting vs. Starvation
  • How Long to Fast
  • Hunger
  • Preparation for a Water Fast
  • Pre-fast Cleansing
  • Finding the Right Location
  • Preparing the Body Nutritionally
  • Water – What Kind, How Much
  • Enemas
  • Warnings when Water Fasting
  • Emotional Cleansing Reactions
  • Weight Loss – What to Expect
  • How to Break a Water Fast
  • Information on Parasites
  • Follow-Up Cleansing
  • Affirmations
  • Energy Devices to Energize the Water

Water Fasting by Jennifer Thompson

In addition to that, I documented my 40-day experience and the entire journal is included in the book. The big surprise for me came on Day 8 of my cleanse. I saw an ascaris intestinal roundworm (parasite) released in my enema and it was a huge wake-up call that I had a possible worm infestation. Looking back, this actually made sense because I had been experiencing a lot of strange symptoms in the last 4 years, all of which is explained in the book. When I saw this worm on Day 8, I just knew I had to continue. And the amazing thing is, that they just kept on coming! I had worms and worms, all roundworms, released almost daily during the entire fast. There was no choice but to keep going!

I learned many things about the ascaris round worm during my fast, including the symptoms of having intestinal round worms, which can include:

      - Fever


      - Nausea


      - Gas & Bloating


      - Abdominal Pain


      - Digestive Problems


      - Weakness/Fatigue


      - Allergic Reactions to Food


      - Crawling Sensation Under the Skin


      - Eczema


      - Chronic Cough


      - Weight Gain


      - Inability to Gain or Lose Weight


      - Anemia


      - Numbness of the Hands and/or Feet


    - Fast Heartbeat

Can you imagine how having so many parasites could affect your overall health and well-being? Even I was surprised and amazed to see the results, something I was never able to achieve with juice fasting, colon cleansing or parasite programs alone.

It is likely that countless individuals are suffering from ascaris round worms, other parasites and/or candida in their bodies and that their symptoms are being misdiagnosed as other medical conditions instead.

The book also includes a detailed section on follow-up cleansing and nutritional support to keep the body clean and free of parasites after a long fast or detox program.

My experience was so powerful that my neighbor became inspired, and she started a water fast too, about 18 days after I started. Throughout the book, I also detail her experience. In the end, it was great to have someone to share my stories with daily and certainly, we both benefited from the mutual support.

Breaking a 40 Day Water Fast – Eating on Day 41

Of course, in only drinking water for 40 days, I lost a lot of weight. In total, my weight loss was about 15 kg or 33 pounds. During the first 2 weeks, I lost most of the weight; after that, my weight seemed to stabilize and that was quite comforting actually, because my goal was to heal myself, not to waste away!

After the fast, I gained 5kg back rather quickly and I was very happy because I had really gotten too thin. Since then, my weight has remained stable. I crave less food in general and less high-sugar content fruits. For certain, with over 21 feet (6.6 meters) of worms out of my body, my metabolism has changed for the better and I am happy to say that my food is now only feeding me! Yes, 21 feet!!! It is an amazing story of healing.

The path to good health is so simple – trust that the body knows. Feed it well, think positive thoughts, bring love into your heart, and cleanse and detoxify your body and you will begin to feel superior states of consciousness and well-being that you never even knew existed!

Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician. Read full disclaimer here.

New and improved edition! This eBook is now available with the parasite photos or without parasite photos, with the same text in each version.



Water Fasting eBook: A Comprehensive Guide & 40-Day Personal Journal (.pdf)



eBook: Water Fasting (No Worm Photos) – A Comprehensive Guide & 40-Day Personal Journal (.pdf)



Water Fasting eBook: A Comprehensive Guide & 40-Day Personal Journal (.epub)



eBook: Water Fasting (No Worm Photos) – A Comprehensive Guide & 40-Day Personal Journal (.epub)


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Jennifer Thompson has been working with raw food, juices, smoothies and detox for over two decades to help people heal. Today, she shares her expertise worldwide, offering lectures, workshops, training and one-on-one consultations at various health and detox retreat centers. She provides Iridology Readings & Health Coaching via Skype and Phone to clients and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains, power-walking along the sea or globe-trotting to a new and exotic health destination.
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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Definitely not a good idea! I advise people to rest, rest and rest while water fasting. Any other approach is unwise, unsafe and not in a mindset of good health.

  2. Aquela
    Aquela says:

    I’ve been motivated to do water fasting for about a year now but I don’t if I should do it. I have school and I do a lot of school work. It’s not that tiring but is it recommended to do water fasting while having school?

  3. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Hi Aquela, You could always try a 1-day water fast on a day off from school, and if it is easier, try to fast from 6pm to 6pm to split the 24-fast over 2 days. Anything more than that would not be recommended while having to go to school. I cannot emphasize enough how critical rest is for the success of a long water fast. You body simply does not have the caloric energy to run around like normal. One woman emailed me and said she was planning to move house, go to a wedding and work during her 40-day water fast. Well, of course she quit after only a few days. This is a type of cleansing meant for meditation and stillness. That is how the great religious leaders in the world used it, and they all honored the process of water fasting with great respect and humility.

  4. Allison
    Allison says:

    Your story has inspired me. I am on day 2 of a 21 or longer fast. Haven’t decided yet. I just wanted to tell you about something that I found recently that I have been taking now for 6 mos. Diotomaceous Earth (silica) food grade only for ingestion. it is fossilized minerals that you can drink and it removes toxins and metal as well as parasites and worms. The health benefits are off the charts. If you are concerned about more worms it will kill them. I had quite a bit come out when I began taking 4 tbsp a day. I am curious to see how my fast will go. I do not plan to do enemas. Maybe I should but I am so undecided. Check it out on the Internet. Thank you

  5. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Diotomaceous Earth falls under the category “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

    We really have to be careful about jumping on the next miracle cure bandwagon and remember to use common sense. Diotomaceous Earth is basically sand. Why would you eat sand, and why would you even pay money for it? This material is known to be extremely hazardous to the lungs when inhaled. Isn’t that alone reason enough to avoid?

    To be clear, I do NOT recommend Diotomaceous Earth to anyone. There are much better (and safer) natural herbs to be used for parasite cleansing which are extremely effective and do not have harmful side effects.

  6. Mariah
    Mariah says:

    I’m 21 years old and getting ready to start my first 40 day water fast! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for the past few years for Christian/spiritual and health purposes, but I’m really anxious about doing it. You really inspire me though and I’m going to buy your book after writing this.

    When I was a child I went on a 7 day fast and at 11 years old a 10 day fast. I did many more 7 and 10 day fasts over the years. Then when I was 18 years old I went on a 17 day juice/water fast. It actually wasn’t that hard for me because I had a very sedentary lifestyle. On that fast I found myself appreciating the smell of my family’s cooking. For me it was like it was as gratifying as eating.

    I have three questions:

    1) Do you know if a 40 day water fast would be good for someone who has depression? Or bad?

    2) Is it safe to drive much while on this long a fast?

    3) I have a routine of walking several miles every day and doing stretching exercises at a local gym. Will I be able to continue this?

  7. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Hi Mariah,

    To answer your questions:

    1) No way!
    2) No way!
    3) No way!

    The only thing you should be planning while doing a long water fast is REST, REST and more REST!
    I highly recommend that you read my eBook on Water Fasting…it’s available on my website at healthybliss.net.

    Thank you!

    To your health,


  8. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    I have completed several fasts. My longest being 31 days. I have found it very beneficial to exercise for thirty minutes to an hour daily throughout my fast. it actually increased my energy levels.

    I really struggle when breaking the fast, and find I eat excessive amounts of food or do not re-implement properly. Any advice?

  9. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Hi Katrina,

    It’s really great that you were able to achieve 31 days…well done! Certainly 31 days of water fasting is no small feat!

    As you now know, the hardest part of fasting is actually breaking the fast in a safe and healthy way. You should have a plan for breaking your fast well in advance. You must practice control because it can be very dangerous to break a water fast with excessive food. This is non-negotiable! I also think it is best to break a water fast with 100% organic food for at least 10-14 days. In my eBook, I discuss in detail how to break a water fast.

    Good luck and Many Blessings to your Health!


  10. Gry
    Gry says:

    Does the epub. work for kindle? :)
    I’m looking forward to reading this. you seem like a sensible person with your integrity still present.

  11. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    If you have a Kindle, you can read your ebook in .pdf format by using the Amazon application to send-to-kindle-from-pc or send-to-kindle-from-mac.

    Thank you!

    To your health,


  12. Peter Whiting
    Peter Whiting says:

    Thanks for your work. I’m really interested in doing a water fast but my job makes it hard (senior position in a global company). I’d have to take a long time off work to be able to rest sufficiently during the fast.

    My subconscious is also a bit scared about something going wrong. Sometimes I feel like I’d be happier to go off to some sort of health farm where I could do this with some supervision.

    Would appreciate any advice you have to give.

    I’ll certainly buy your ebook and read it.

    Thanks again.

  13. Gladys
    Gladys says:

    Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Not sure if that would have detected worms, but am curious if that many worms would be noticible to an ordinary person and if organic foods would have been a cause?

  14. Paola
    Paola says:

    Hi dear Jennifer,
    We want to have another baby, do you think it’s a good idea to start a water fast?.
    I’ve been vegetarian all my life but I started to have allergies after having my daughter (alnost 4 years old) and now I’m almost 100% raw vegan, I just want to be healthy.
    Thank you and greetings from Barcelona Spain ♡♡♡

  15. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Hi Paola,

    Your body needs nutrients to make a baby, lots of them! Doing a water fast before pregnancy is not a good idea. You could even still be deficient in certain minerals from your last pregnancy. Please see for for a private Skype consult and I will prepare the best fertility and pregnancy diet for you…details can be found here: http://healthybliss.net/consultations/iridology/

    Thank you!


  16. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    I just came across your story so I haven’t read your book but I just wanted to say kudos to you on the things I’ve read. I’ve read so much garbage from people doing water fasts and then going on about how they took supplements, drank coffee and teas, smoked cigarettes, etc. I’m on day 10 of a water fast and I can feel the huge improvements. I can only get to 20-21 days because I have to leave town so I need time to break and get back to “normal” before I travel. I also have a lot of gastrointestinal problems which really limits my foods as an organic raw person so I’m hoping 20 days will help remedy that. Cheers

  17. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Shaking hands, petting animals, not washing hands before meals, eating meat or unwashed veggies – all of these can be the cause. This is not just a problem with veggies, but definitely washing vegetables correctly is important too! (Then wash your hands again before you eat of course!) Here’s how to wash fruits and veggies ….which I now do religiously! http://healthybliss.net/how-to-clean-fresh-fruits-and-vegetables/

  18. Acacia
    Acacia says:

    I’ve read all through this and it is something that I REALLY want to experience. I have done a couple water fasts in the last couple years for about 10 days. This sounds like it would be an all around amazing experience, my only concern is that I’ve read your previous responses saying not to exercise and just REST REST REST. I go to college full time but it’s only twice a week and also work part time but it isn’t any type of strenuous work whatsoever. I know that only consuming nothing but water for this long will give me a lot less energy, but my question is, if I were to still work and go to school would there be a risk of passing out or fainting?

  19. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Hi Acacia,
    I don’t recommend that you try to work or go to school while doing a water fast. You are setting your body up to be under too much stress, and defeats the whole purpose. This type of fast has to be done as a “time out” from the world, to rest and take your energy inside, and be able to use what energy you have on healing. You could try to do 1 or 3 days if that’s all you have time for, and it’s always a good ice to slowly build up to doing a longer fast anyway. In a few months or even a year when you have more time to set aside, then you can try to go longer. Of course, you should get medical clearance before trying anything like this at home. Many blessings to you!

  20. Jonny
    Jonny says:

    I am surprised at the part of the worms. Does it mean that the fasting had no effect on them? I would have thought that the fasting could have become a starvation to the worms.

    Also, what kind of worms crawl under the skin? I used to feel something like that but I dismissed it thinking it must be my blood vessels.

    Regarding the water fast, I tried one and was squashing small madarin in hot water and drinking, does that turn it into a juice fast? I did that because I am quite slim and almost fatless (good weight though) and was trying to prevent too much weight loss.

    Also, was there an end to all your worm expel before the end of the fast or it was until that 40th day, which could imply they may not have been fully expelled?

    I am really encouraged to go for it, too!

  21. David
    David says:

    Hi, Jennifer. I have been practicing water fast for many years now. I do 6pm-6pm fasting daily for at least 4 times in a week. I also do total water fast for about 3 days. My question is these; i have been managing to fast for this short periods with stomach ulcers. Can i go on a longer water fast and not be hurt?

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