Water Fasting by Jennifer Thompson

Note: Jennifer is currently unavailable for private Water Fasting retreats. She does consult clients for fasting support via Skype.

Since the release of my eBook on water fasting, many people have been asking if I offer a water fast retreat or support for people wanting to do a pure water-only detox. The answer is ‘Yes!’.

If you are planning to visit the Asheville North Carolina area, I am available to support and guide you on your own water fast. I highly recommend having support especially for a first-time water faster.

The best results will be experienced with a 21-day water fast.

Please note: This life-changing experience requires serious commitment. I need to have a full and detailed understanding of why you want to do a water fast and what your goals are for doing such an intense detox. I only reply to serious inquires from someone who is already willing to explain why they are seeking out this type of healing journey. If you send me a quick email that says, “I want to do a water fast. How much is it?” then I may not actually reply so please do not be offended. Other fasting centers require a non-refundable application fee of $100 in order to even be considered for their water fasting program. I don’t do this. However, any inquiry in doing a long water fast is the equivalent of asking, “Hey, I’d like to climb Mount Everest. What do I need to do?” You can imagine that 99% of the people asking that are not really serious and will never do it. I’m looking to know if you are in that 1% or not, straight from the beginning. If you are unsure if water fasting is even right for you (which is totally fine!), then I highly recommend you do an Iridology Consultation first.

Disclaimer: For water fasting support, coaching or retreats – I do not work with anyone who has a history of eating disorders or psychological disorders. I am not trained or qualified to work with these types of illnesses. In these cases, it’s better and safer for you to go to a clinic that can give you the right professional care and support.

For guided water fasting for healing, both planning and preparation are important. You will need at least 5-7 days prior to the fast to arrive, energetically prepare and get grounded. A minimum of 7 days is essential after the water detox to be sure you are breaking your fast safely and slowly, and also to give the colon time to start moving again. Ideally, you should plan to take 5 weeks for the total experience. It’s also a good idea to budget one extra week just in case for any reason, you may decide to continue further than 21 days. In the last fast I hosted, for example, one client completed 21 days and the other person did 25 days.

Enemas will be self-administered using distilled water one time daily. If you have never done an enema before, please do not worry! Detailed instructions will be provided. You may also have the choice of doing one colonic per week at an additional cost.

Please contact me directly for more details, and definitely confirm your dates by email before making travel arrangements.

My role is to check on you daily, to provide adequate and clean water, to be “on-call” 24-hours per day for any emergencies, to have the correct supplements and foods on hand at all times in case you need to break the fast early, to provide a very structured and exact food integration program after the fast, to provide health books and health DVDs to help pass the time during your fast, to get you any supplies you need so you do not have to shop or drive too far and to support you emotionally and spiritually (sometimes the hardest part of the experience!).

This is the only type of cleanse where the body is not getting any food at all.

For that reason, it can go deeper and is more powerful for healing.

I believe that when you’re ready, a water cleanse is the best way to release toxins from the mind, body and spirit. It’s that simple. The body knows how to heal itself, it just needs a chance to do it. When you fast, you are directing the body to takes it’s energy inward. It can then start cleansing and healing itself.

The path to good health is so simple – trust that the body knows. Feed it well, think positive thoughts, bring love into your heart, and cleanse and detoxify your body and you will begin to feel superior states of consciousness and well-being that you never even knew existed!

To read about my personal 40-day water fast, please click here.

The eBook, A Comprehensive Guide to Water Fasting, is a complete guide detailing every aspect of water fasting. This book is currently for sale in ebook format and is immediately downloadable in either .pdf or .epub format.

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