Skin Detox

To detox or not when pregnant?
Fresh Aloe - Natural Botox!

Colon Detox

Arenal Volcano...Gorgeous!

Kidney/ Liver/ Lymphatic Detox

Raw Food Diet

Juice and Smoothie Recipes

A green juice is a high-boost of minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll

Raw Food Recipes

Get local organic produce delivered to your door & save money too!
Loni Jane 80-10-10
Beautiful mountains and vistas in Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Be creative with your wraps! Use different ingredients and dressings every time!


Beauty and nature at Lake Atitlan
Raw Carrot, Pumpkin & Avocado Soup
Be wary of all soups in restaurants and salad bars, 99% of them have MSG in the soup stock.
Jennifer Thompson in Seoul, Korea

Fermented Foods

Jennifer teaching at the Green School, Ubud Bali

Nasty Food Additives to Avoid

Healthy Fridge = Happy Belly

Nutrition Tips

Cut an onion in half to absorb bad smells & even 'pull' viruses/sickness from the air
The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer
The offending fruit and veggies in Boquete, Panama
Paradise found...view from the guest bungalow at Farm of Life

Spiritual Health


World Destinations for Detox, Juice Fasting, Healing Clinics
Banana Softie with Cinnamon Sauce and Cacao Nibs
Share good health with family & friends!

Traveling Raw

by Cash Peters
Dead Sea Detox, Israel

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