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eBook: Water Fasting by Jennifer Thompson

Water Fasting eBookWhether you actually do a water fast or are just interested in what the experience is like, this book details it all.

The first section covers how to do a water fast and what to expect from the experience. The second section is a day-by-day account of Jennifer's experience during her 40-Day Water Fast. It's an unbelievable story of healing!

New and improved edition - 125 pages! This eBook is now available with the parasite photos or without parasite photos, with the same text in each version.

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Iridology looks at the body as a whole, taking into account that a problem with one organ in the body will affect every other organ in the body. Jennifer makes realistic recommendations for improvement based on where you are at and where you would like to go with your health.

Are you struggling with digestive problems, skin conditions, lingering weight, social pressures, cooked food temptations and even boredom? Jennifer’s coaching is absolutely what you need to get out of your funk and back into the positive flow of raw.

Whether it's a raw food cleanse, juice fast, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse, candida cleanse, heavy metal detox, water fast, or just a general detox program, it's important to have an experienced expert guide you along the way.

Jennifer makes it clear that her work is a scientific means of discovering what your body needs to recover, and what it's missing that is essential to your health.

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Jennifer Thompson is developing a loyal following that extends far beyond the restorative shores of Koh Samui.

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